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    Nine readers turned travel writers

    People always ask me: How realistic is it for someone who takes the Great Escape programs to really find success? To answer, I followed up with 12 of our past workshop attendees last year and posted their stories in a video. This year, I followed up with 9 more…   Traveling is one of life’s […]

    The details of how to write travel articles

    Details--they're what every good story needs. Here's how to write travel articles that are useful to your readers.

    From wannabe to real freelance travel writer

    From helicopter rides around Mount Rushmore to river tubing in Panama to snorkeling in the Bahamas, the life of a freelance travel writer is a romantic one.

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    Priceless trips for travel writers

    Many trips for travel writers are priceless -- not because they may be free but because they don't exist for anybody else, at any price…

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