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3 Ways to Repackage (and Resell) an Article

Once you've invested the time and energy in researching, writing, and editing an article, it's a pity to get just one sale out of it. Now, if you maintained some rights to the piece, then you can resell it as-is in non-competing markets. (We've written about this option before. Go here for an article by […]

How to Get Workshop-Quality Pictures

Today: *** Pictures from Charleston... Portraits in Paris... and How I Met Professional Photographer, Rich Wagner *** Introducing: Workshop-Quality Pictures without Attending a Workshop *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Good-Value Sells *** Reader Feedback: Announcing the New Wall of Fame Dear Reader, On the last day of our photo workshop in Charleston, SC […]

Unique = Saleable, Here's My Advice...

How to Use Framing in Your Composition to Capture More Memorable Images It's true -- if you can make your photographs more distinctive, you'll make them more saleable. There are millions of pictures of the Eiffel Tower for sale, for instance, so if you want yours to stand out among them, you'll have to find […]

How to Make the Most of Motion

Expressing Motion in Photographs By Riley Caton I have had the opportunity to shoot a number of sporting events, from professional basketball to skiing, even the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. During these events, I have used a number of TIPS FROM RILEY C. Panning is one of them. Panning is a photographic technique that […]

Legs and Necks and What to Do about Them

Today: *** Cutting Off Legs and Necks *** Special Reduced Press Rate on Two Summer Trips *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Turn a News Item into a Travel Story *** Reader Feedback: You Helped, and I Landed a By-line (and a Check) Dear Reader, I learned a lot today. I'm in Charleston, South […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: France for Freebooters

=================================== Featured Publication: France for Freebooters Website: =================================== An Outlet for an Independent Traveler's View of France By Roberta Beach Jacobson in Karpathos, Greece It's alleged that if the corks from wine bottled in France during a single year were set end-to-end, they'd go around the world three times. This is the sort of […]

The Ubiquitous Snapshot

THE SIMPLE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A "SNAPSHOT" AND A SALEABLE PHOTOGRAPH It seems we had a slight technical glitch earlier this month, which prevented all the photo- challenge entries from posting properly on our website. But I checked today, and lots are posted now under this month's theme, "Hospitality and Welcome." (My apologies if you panicked […]

Reader Reveals: The Truth about Online Stock Agencies

Get this reader's in-the-trenches advice about the smartest way to get started...Certain types of photos sell better on certain stock-photo sites -- so, depending on the photos you're peddling, you'd be wise to target your efforts.

Birthday Parties and Baptisms: Where to Sell Your Photos

Today: *** Birthday Parties, Weddings, and Baptisms: How (and Where) to Sell Your Special-Event Photos *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Avoiding Airport Lines *** Reader Feedback: Thanks to what I learned, I am now a regularly published freelance journalist for the Sunday Times of Malta -- the largest circulation paper in the country. […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: A Treasure Trove of By-Line Opportunities

Gain Great Exposure to Editors through Travel Post Monthly Travel Post Monthly, an online travel magazine, does double-duty as a travel content wire service. It means you get more than the usual "bang for your buck" as it were, when you land a by-line or photo credit there. Not only do you gain an attractive […]

How to Communicate "Theme" and "Concept"

The first week of this month's photo challenge has been a quiet one. It was a holiday weekend. Or perhaps you're struggling with this month's theme, "Hospitality and Welcome." Theme and/or concept shots -- like ones representing hospitality and welcome -- can be some of the more difficult to capture... to capture well, at any […]

Five Query Letter Strategies That Work

Arguably the most important writing you'll do when you're working on an article isn't your text at all -- it's the query letter you write to sell it. You've got about five seconds to catch an editor's attention. That means you must use your first two sentences wisely. Don't waste them by introducing yourself, telling […]

Graveyards and Ghost Tales

Today: *** April Means October: How to Turn Your Spring-Time Months into Saleable Articles this Fall *** Electronic Guide: How to Find the Best Story Ideas and Where to Publish Them *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Writing Funny Travel Stories *** Reader Feedback: Published in Common Ties Dear Reader, It's April, but here […]


Turn Your Family Vacation into Cash at FamilyFun Magazine [EDITOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately this site no longer exists.] A road trip... an insider's city weekend... a themed round-up of attractions... you have lots of options when creating a family travel piece for FamilyFun Magazine. But do keep in mind: The readers (with children ages 3-12) are […]

March Winners: "Communication"

Last month's photo challenge theme was "Communication." We received all variety of photos representing that theme, everything from walls with messages on them... to people on cell phones... to animals (some exotic, some domestic) communicating with each other. Communication, as a word, may not conjure up a clear visual for many people. But it's definitely […]