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It's time to get serious about having more fun.

It's time to get more serious about having more fun and take the travel writer's and the photographer's pledge.

More free stuff without fluff...

We're making a lot of changes in the Great Escape Publishing this year. One change that I already told you about is that we're branching out from straight "travel-related" opportunities to bring you other, related ones too -- more ways you can make life fun and interesting (and get paid for it) -- like food […]


Wanderlust is a British travel magazine with eight issues per year ( They cover independent and semi-independent travel, as well as special-interest travel. They love local culture angles… and want writers to go soft on adventure.

Five quick fixes for a slow PC computer

When your computer is running too slowly -- taking forever to do what you've told it to do -- you can make it work faster by "cleaning it up." How? If your computer runs on Microsoft Windows, "free up some space" on your hard drive. Here's what to do:

FEATURED PUBLICATION: The Artilleryman Magazine

If you have an interest in, or have visited fortresses, museums, or fortified castles that have lots of old cannon lying around, you could easily send a story about them to The Artilleryman Magazine.

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Microstock: 3 Places to Sell Your Photos

If you've been following this eletter and the weekly photo tips, you're probably familiar with the term "microstock photography."
But just to quickly clarify: Microstock photography refers to royalty-free images that people can search for and buy on what amount to photo-broker websites. For a buyer, it's a quick and easy way to find images for brochures, websites, album covers, and more. And it usually costs only a dollar or two per image.