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Another Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop Success Story

When reader Shelley Huskey attended our Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Chicago last month, she was attracted to the idea of setting her own hours, doing something that sounded more like fun than work. Shelley had never tried to write a travel article before. But after attending the workshop, she submitted the piece she worked on in class to a local paper, and they accepted it for publication just four days later. You'll find her story here...

Check out these videos from our readers...

Attendees at our live event in Chicago learned everything from how to craft stories that sell… to how to land free vacations and discounts at hotels, restaurants and resorts around the world. They heard from seven different editors what it takes to break into their glossy pages and a half-dozen travel writers on how to […]

Get Paid to Travel: $3,000 for Travel Stories

Reader Roy Stevenson attended our Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop back in 2007 and, since then, has been published over 550 times across a wide-range of publications. Below is his advice for turning a typical $140 travel assignment into $3,000. Click here to read more...

Spit and Shine Tips That Give Your Articles an Extra Edge

Jenn Stevens Spit and Shine tips to give your articles an extra edge of professional polish. read what they are, and how you can apply them to your articles

Simple Stories That Editors Are Desperate For

There’s a certain kind of article that travel editors are desperate to find. They pay for this kind of article. They need this kind of article. But they just can’t get their hands on it. Lucky for you... we have the inside scoop. Read about it here.

How To Travel For Free (Or Close To It) As a Travel Writer

Today, travel writer Steenie Harvey (a.k.a. the "The Freebie Queen") told us about how to travel for free. Read what she has to say, here.

Three Travel Writing Myths Debunked

International Living editor Jen Stevens is the source of all of the smiling this morning in Chicago at the Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop. The reason is that she just revealed the truth about whether or not the average person with no writing experience can really make it as a travel writer. Read more here...

In Russia, Sit on Your Luggage… and Other Strange Travel Superstitions

Do you know any other strange travel superstitions? See what other people had to say...

Money Can Buy You $75,000 Worth of Happiness

Money can buy you $75,000 worth of happiness, reported the National Academy of Sciences last September. What does this mean for travel writers and photographers? Read more here...

Chicago Scene Magazine Editor Robert Luce on Being Original

There’s a theme in all the editor interviews I sent you this week: Originality sells. Robert Luce, Editor of Chicago Scene Magazine, says originality is one of the most important elements of a standout story. Read the full interview here...

Go Magazine Editor Orion Ray-Jones on the Kinds of Travel Articles that Glue an Editor to the Page

Travel editor Orion Ray-Jones says he’s looking mostly for stories he doesn’t want to put down. Stories that glue him to the page and have him repeating details to his friends and family the next day.Can you write a story like this? I’m willing to bet you can. Read the full interview with Go Magazine Editor Orion Ray-Jones’ here...

Chicago Tribune Travel Editor Ross Werland on Pitching Travel Stories to Newspapers

The editorial staff at large newspapers is shrinking (and has been for years). What does this mean for you as a travel writer? Click here to read an interview with travel editor Ross Werland at the Chicago Tribune, and listen to his advice on how to get started.

The Best Job in the World: Spa Writing Is More Than Just Writing About Spas

Writing for spa magazines is one of those niches that’s often overlooked. Everyone, of course, wants to review a spa for a travel magazine. But the real niche is in writing about all the other aspects of health, wellness, and relaxation. Click to see how far your writing can take you in this niche. And what it means in terms of perks on your vacations.

Trip Planning for Travel Writers: How to Decide Where to Go and What to Write About

It's not unheard-of to get 100 articles published in seven months. Roy Stevenson (who you’ve been hearing from this week) is the perfect model of the success you can have when you write about subjects you know well and enjoy. Today, I asked him how, specifically, he plans his trips and the articles he gets from them. You'll find his article here...

How Much Can You Make as a Travel Writer? How One Trip Turns into $2,800

I asked travel writer Roy Stevenson, a former attendee at our Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop, to show us the math on one of his most recent trips to see how the numbers compare. You’ll find details below.