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Buying a PC: The Photographer's Edition

“Something in this world must change faster than the Windows PC laptop market…,” my friend Mark Kellner, a 20-year computer columnist for The Washington Times said to me, “but I can’t seem to think of what it is.” Read what he has to say about buying a PC as a photographer...

Which is Better for Photographers – Mac or PC

A fan club exists for Macs, members are called “fanboys” and they’re hiding all across America behind white and silver laptops, most often with ear plugs in, an iPhone in their pocket, and a house full of white computer gear.and several of our writers and photographers here on staff and out in the field are part of it. I might even join them before the end of the year. Here’s why…

Now This is a Good Gig…

Jen Stevens describes her experiences in Nicaragua this week as she works on her latest travel writing assignment. She gives details about the benefits her career allows her and gives simple tips to get started.

Does This Look Like Work to You?

Does This Look Like Work to You?

Jen Stevens provides examples of published travel articles while working from Grenada, Nicaragua. She focuses on advice to help those interested in travel writing get started writing articles that can be published by magazines and other publications.

How to Sell Travel Articles: Step Four

Bonnie Caton provides insight into the fourth step for getting your travel writing articles published: sending your article to an editor. Following the editor's specifications will help your article get noticed. Click here to find out more.

How to Sell Travel Articles: Step Three

Bonnie Caton reveals the third step to selling your travel article: abiding by the writer's guidelines. Reading a publication’s Writer’s Guidelines -- and then following those guidelines exactly -- will quickly push you ahead of the competition. Click to read more ...

How to Sell Travel Articles: Step Two

Bonnie Caton, Editorial Director, continues providing advice on travel writing in the Get Started Travel Writing Series. In this article Bonnie provides easy and practical tips to writing articles that can help you sell your articles to magazines and newspapers.

How to Sell Travel Articles: Step One

Bonnie Caton, Editorial Director, writes mostly about how she sells her photographs. But I asked her this week if she could take us back to the beginning and talk about how she sold her first few travel articles. Below is her advice for getting started -- the very first thing you should do if you want to travel and sell your travel stories to magazines and newspapers.

I'm on the List...

I'm on the List...

Ever wonder why travel writers are able to take advantage of free trips, meals, accommodation? Jen Stevens will let you in on the secret. Hotels … tour organizers … cruise lines … airlines … even local governments are willing to spend big bucks on travel writers in hopes that they’ll have a positive experience and write about it favorably in a magazine, newspaper, or newsletter.

Working with Monsters

Working with Monsters

Here is an article by contributor Steenie Harvey, a successful travel writer who has been paid to tell her story about everything from a horse fair in Ireland to a movie-themed tour of New Zealand.

Photo Captions Can Help Sell Photographs: Here’s How to Write One

Photo Captions Can Help Sell Photographs: Here’s How to Write One

Most travel articles today won't sell without a photo to accompany it. Learn how to properly add photo captions

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