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Day 4: Travel the world on $0 a day…

Tips from our guest editors in San Francisco on how to get yourself on the right side of editors and landing assignment after assignment, so you can travel the world for free...

Day 3 in San Francisco: How Long Before You Sell Your First Travel Story?

Top tips from freelance writer Roy Stevenson, how to get published in 30 days or less.

Day 2 in San Francisco: Quick Tips for Great Story Starters

Top tips from our guest editors today in San Francisco... what need to do to grab your reader’s attention, you need a compelling lead—something that draws your reader in.

Day 1 in San Francisco: Can You Write Stories Like These?

Top tips from our guest editors today in San Francisco... things you should bear in mind when you want to win over a travel editor with your writing...

Workshop Attendee, Caren Abdela, Landed Two Articles in International Living. Here’s How…

Read from one of your fellow readers, Caren Abdela, how she walked away from a six-figure income and how she got started as a travel writer right after she attended our Ultimate Travel Writers workshop in Chicago last year.

An Alternative to Retirement: How Travel Writing Can Breathe New Life into Your Retirement

Read from one of our past attendees Wendy VanHatten, and how she went from being a health care professional to a travel writer.

The Luxurious Lifestyle of a Spa Writer

All week I’ve been telling you about our newest program, The Pampered Traveler: How to Take Luxurious Trips and Turn Them into Paychecks… … and about the great trips and perks your fellow readers have received when they travel like a Pampered Traveler.  Below, you’ll find Diane Covington’s story. Sure, I hope it entices you […]

Break Into Spa Writing for Fun and Perks

We’re introducing a new product this week, The Pampered Traveler: How to Take Luxurious Trips and Turn Them into Paychecks, so I asked a few of your fellow readers who have landed really great travel perks – like free spa treatments, room and board at expensive luxury hotels and free meals – to tell us […]

How to Break into Spa Writing and Cash in on Perks

Read about a few of our reader's success travel writing and how they were able to get great perks, they are living their dreams!

Another Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop Success Story

When reader Shelley Huskey attended our Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Chicago last month, she was attracted to the idea of setting her own hours, doing something that sounded more like fun than work. Shelley had never tried to write a travel article before. But after attending the workshop, she submitted the piece she worked on in class to a local paper, and they accepted it for publication just four days later. You'll find her story here...

Congratulations Janet Grosshandler

Congratulations Janet Grosshandler!  She writes: “Thought I’d send you the good news about The Ultimate Travel Writer’s program!  I am happy to tell you that since I’ve been working my way through the program and the bonus items, I have had 70 travel/destination articles published on Examiner.com along with my own photos in the past […]

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