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How to Arrange Free Trips as a Travel Writer

Click here to read the three main ways to take advantage of the perks of a travel writer or photographer’s life.

How to Sell Your Hobbies for Profit

Learn how you could start your own business working from home spending just a few hours a month, selling things you are already interested in.

Fund Your Vacations by Selling Imports

Fund your vacations by selling imported goods on a small scale from home!

Import a Fortune from Home

Always wondered how you could start your own import/export business? Read about Jane Evanov and how she got started selling lingerie for pregnant women.

How to Sell Imports for a Profit without Leaving Home

How to Sell Imports for a Profit without Leaving Home

Read about how you can get started making some income from your own house, whether you're interested in ponchos, electronics, or anything inbetween.

Where Can I Sell My Travel Stories? Roy Stevenson Will Tell You...

Where can you sell your travel stories? The answer in today's interview with Roy Stevenson -- a classic from our archives -- may surprise you. Click here to read more...

Simple Stories That Editors Are Desperate For

There’s a certain kind of article that travel editors are desperate to find. They pay for this kind of article. They need this kind of article. But they just can’t get their hands on it. Lucky for you... we have the inside scoop. Read about it here.

How To Travel For Free (Or Close To It) As a Travel Writer

Today, travel writer Steenie Harvey (a.k.a. the "The Freebie Queen") told us about how to travel for free. Read what she has to say, here.

Three Travel Writing Myths Debunked

International Living editor Jen Stevens is the source of all of the smiling this morning in Chicago at the Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop. The reason is that she just revealed the truth about whether or not the average person with no writing experience can really make it as a travel writer. Read more here...

How to Sell Travel Articles: Step Four

Bonnie Caton provides insight into the fourth step for getting your travel writing articles published: sending your article to an editor. Following the editor's specifications will help your article get noticed. Click here to find out more.

How to Sell Travel Articles: Step Three

Bonnie Caton reveals the third step to selling your travel article: abiding by the writer's guidelines. Reading a publication’s Writer’s Guidelines -- and then following those guidelines exactly -- will quickly push you ahead of the competition. Click to read more ...

How to Sell Travel Articles: Step Two

Bonnie Caton, Editorial Director, continues providing advice on travel writing in the Get Started Travel Writing Series. In this article Bonnie provides easy and practical tips to writing articles that can help you sell your articles to magazines and newspapers.

How to Sell Travel Articles: Step One

Bonnie Caton, Editorial Director, writes mostly about how she sells her photographs. But I asked her this week if she could take us back to the beginning and talk about how she sold her first few travel articles. Below is her advice for getting started -- the very first thing you should do if you want to travel and sell your travel stories to magazines and newspapers.

Three By-lines and a Travel Blog: Interview with Workshop Attendee Diana Russler

Bonnie Caton, Editorial Manager, interviews attendee Diana Russler about her road to success as a travel writer.

Reader Lands Published Articles and Cover Photos

Bonnie Caton interviews Great Escape's travel writing workshop attendee Caroline Maryan about her recent success as a travel writer and photographer.

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