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If you’ve ever lived in the Western United States, you probably know Sunset Magazine. It’s colorful, glossy, and full of stories and photos of picturesque homes and gardens across the West. But did you know that Sunset Magazine has an active travel and food section, and they’re looking for freelancers to fill it up? Turns […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Photographers Direct

Photographers Direct is an online photo marketplace that can help you sell your photos in four ways. First, like microstock agencies, it has a searchable online database of photos so buyers can find what they’re looking for easily and buy directly from you. However, unlike microstock sites, with Photographers Direct you negotiate the price with […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Washingtonian Magazine

Washingtonian Magazine's no-nonsense, no-fluff style wins over the hearts of 150,000 highly educated, well-paid readers each month. It's been around since 1965, and ever under the same editor, Jack Limpert. Through over 40 years of publication, the magazine brings Washington-area residents and visitors meaty articles about art, culture, food and dining, travel, news, politics, jobs, […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Executive Travel Magazine

Executive Travel, a subscription print and online magazine, is tailor-made for the business traveler. Inside, you'll find airport round-up articles, business profiles of major international cities, and style tips for looking sharp at your next meeting. It even runs adventure articles, like "Heliskiing: The Ultimate Chairlift," in case you have an extra day or two […]


by Roberta Beach Jacobson OffbeatTravel.com is a fun e-magazine to read, so it's not surprising to see it gathering media attention. Editor/publisher Neala Schwartzberg runs the entire monthly magazine herself, pegging it as "Your travel guide to offbeat places and unusual destinations world-wide, with a fresh look at old favorites." Right now, she's in need […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Microsoft's Easy Website Builder

Overall, I really like this new tool from Microsoft (http://smallbusiness.officelive.com). It's easy. It's free. And, it's great for people with no web experience. If I had one gripe, it'd be that you can't name your own links. The system decides your URL ...and it's not pretty (or easy to remember). The site I created is […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Microstock: 3 Places to Sell Your Photos

If you've been following this eletter and the weekly photo tips, you're probably familiar with the term "microstock photography."
But just to quickly clarify: Microstock photography refers to royalty-free images that people can search for and buy on what amount to photo-broker websites. For a buyer, it's a quick and easy way to find images for brochures, websites, album covers, and more. And it usually costs only a dollar or two per image.


No more waiting. No more thinking about it, talking about it, or dreaming about it. If you want to be a published writer or photographer, now is the day to do it. Because it's not going to happen on its own... And today I'm going to make it very easy for you. You see, we've […]


If you’ve ever secretly yearned to become a photo journalist, (or even if you haven’t) now’s your chance. Using a site called Scoopt.com, you can sell your photos to magazines and newspapers without having any experience or connections. You just need to be in the right place at the right time… and have your camera handy.


"A passion for living well" -- that's how the editors at Vezeo.com define the word "vezeo." This online guide to "'superior' restaurants, hotels, resorts, day spas, and wineries" around the world doesn't offer star or dollar-sign ratings like other guides. Instead, as the editors put it, "If it's on Vezeo, it's worth making the journey."


If you like to be involved in community events, you could write a short weekly column for the community section of your local newspaper. It's probably not as hard to break into as you suspect. Plus having a by-line there means getting published regularly -- and paid weekly, in some cases. One of our past […]

Don't Hesitate: Do What I Did and Get Paid For Your Stories

How to beat procrastination and nerves so you can sell your stories. Do what Bonnie does and get paid for your stories.


[EDITOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately this site no longer exists.] Though we've covered a wide variety of publications where you can get your first clips published, it's not often that we talk about places to send already-published stories. Syndicates are a valuable resource to you once you're a little more established as a writer, offering exposure -- […]


How to Write for Your Local Tourism Site and Land Great-Looking Clips Getting your first paying clips can be tricky, especially if you don't have the budget to whisk off to exotic destinations every third weekend. That's why -- as we've said before in these pages -- writing locally is often the easiest, fastest, and […]

Hitting the Road for the Holidays

As travelers begin to plan their holiday excursions, websites and blogs fill with advice on how to better travel by air. Rarely, though, does anyone talk about road travel, so here are nine tips hitting the road for the holidays.

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