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How to write a travel article: keep it practical

Want to know how to write a travel article that will sell? Skip the lengthy narratives, go practical, and follow these three tips...

What’s the why statement in your article?

Many writers neglect to give their reader (early on) a strong reason why he should continue. Here's how (and why) to include a why statement in your article

It’s not about you: how to avoid using “I” in writing

Sometimes you, the writer, are the biggest distraction in your story. Here's how to avoid using "I" in writing--and ultimately get that article published.

How to get an assignment letter and score a press trip!

You need to write an editor and ask for one. And if you have a firm article assignment, then it's perfectly natural for you to do so. You simply get in touch with your editor and say something like: "Hello, Jim, I'm working on that article we discussed -- on non-Disney travel in Northern Florida -- and I wonder if you might write me a quick letter of assignment to flash around to PR folks and whatnot? Thank you."

How to Land Free Press Trips with Assignment Letters

Click here to see International Living Executive Editor Jennifer Stevens’ simple formula for getting an assignment letter -- your golden ticket to all-expenses-paid trips.

3 Quick Tricks to Sell Travel Articles

Stories are the best way of pulling in your reader. Here are some tips to enhance your stories and help sell travel articles.

How to Find out What an Editor is Really Looking For

Read the Writers Guidelines that belong to the publication you want to sell your travel story to. Typically, these guidelines are found online. But sometimes they’re not. What do you do?

How Much Money Can You Make as a Copywriter?

We're switching gears this week to talk about copywriting -- a way for you to use your travel writing skills to bank six-figures a year. Jennifer Stevens is a copywriter. Scroll below for what Jen thinks is the key to getting started as a copywriter. If you can tell a good story, she says, you can do this.

How to Write about Your Hometown for Free Perks and Profit

Read from Jennifer Stevens, start thinking about your hometown and articles you might write about sights and attractions near you, it’s easiest to get started when you start locally.

Get a Travel Article Published This Week in Four Steps

Click here to see International Living Executive Editor Jennifer Stevens’ four simple steps to getting your first travel article published this week.

Five Travel Writing Predictions for 2012

Read Jennifer Stevens', the International Living Magazine Executive Editor, advice and predictions for this years travel writers.

How to Sell Travel Articles: The Key to Finding an Editor Who's Looking to Buy

If you haven’t yet sold your first travel article, perhaps you’re sending it to the wrong editor. Today's tip from Jen Stevens (architect of our Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop and author of The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program) will help you find the buyer you're looking for. Click here for more details...

Now This is a Good Gig…

Jen Stevens describes her experiences in Nicaragua this week as she works on her latest travel writing assignment. She gives details about the benefits her career allows her and gives simple tips to get started.

Does This Look Like Work to You?

Does This Look Like Work to You?

Jen Stevens provides examples of published travel articles while working from Grenada, Nicaragua. She focuses on advice to help those interested in travel writing get started writing articles that can be published by magazines and other publications.

I'm on the List...

I'm on the List...

Ever wonder why travel writers are able to take advantage of free trips, meals, accommodation? Jen Stevens will let you in on the secret. Hotels … tour organizers … cruise lines … airlines … even local governments are willing to spend big bucks on travel writers in hopes that they’ll have a positive experience and write about it favorably in a magazine, newspaper, or newsletter.

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