Turn Your Family Vacation into Cash at FamilyFun Magazine [EDITOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately this site no longer exists.] A road trip... an insider's city weekend... a themed round-up of attractions... you have lots of options when creating a family travel piece for FamilyFun Magazine. But do keep in mind: The readers (with children ages 3-12) are […]

Are You a Scaredy-Cat Writer?

Are You a Scaredy-Cat Writer? Four Steps to Conquer Your Fears and Set Yourself up for Success this Week If you have yet to find success as a travel writer, odds are, it's not because the three articles a week you're sending out are all ill-suited for the publications to which you're sending them. No, […]

Turning a Bad Hotel into a Good Travel Article

In yesterday's newsletter we answered this question from one of our readers: "If you're sent to do a piece on a specific location, such as a hotel, and it turns out to be terrible, do you still have to write the article as promised? If so, what do you say? If you don't feel you […]


California... Mexico... Bali... those are the destinations where Broughton Hospitality manages its collection of chic boutique hotels. Naturally, those are the places the editors tend to focus on in Broughton Quarterly, the firm's glossy magazine.

Special Report: How to Fund Your Travels - Day 2

Travel writing is just one of the get-paid-to-travel skills we're focusing on here at our Lucrative Traveler's Conference in Fort Lauderdale this weekend. But, as it happens, it's something you don't have to get on a plane to practice. In fact, in today's Free Special Report, below, freelance writer Jennifer Stevens makes the compelling argument […]

How to Read an Editor's Mind

Knowing what an editor is really looking for... that's the secret to selling your story. Knowing. And then delivering exactly that. Often, you may think you know. After all, you've read the guidelines. You've flipped through a couple of back issues. But, often, your understanding falls just short (or maybe well short, but I'll give […]

The Hidden Truth Behind Articles that Sell

Positive coverage sells. That's the bottom line. When you're defining your articles and when you're deciding what to include in them, think positive. There are two simple reasons for this: ** 1.) People don't buy travel magazines to find out where NOT to go. They buy them because they want to learn about wonderful and […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Parenting Publications

How to increase your potential audience by breaking into parenting magazines. Here is the featured publication for this week: Parenting Publications.

Two Higher Paying Niche Markets...

Blessed with travel-writing perks, you can find yourself gallivanting around the world like a millionaire... an invite to a luxury resort here... complimentary theater tickets there... And, of course, if you're writing about your travels, many of your expenses are likely tax-deductible -- savings that can add up to a fine stack of greenbacks at […]


GAIN GREAT EXPOSURE TO EDITORS THROUGH TRAVEL POST MONTHLY Travel Post Monthly, an online travel magazine, does double-duty as a travel content wire service. It means you get more than the usual "bang for your buck" as it were, when you land a by-line or photo credit there. Not only do you gain an attractive […]

How To Do Article Research Before You Leave Town

No matter where you're headed familiarize yourself with your destination before you pack your bags. Learn how to do article research before leaving town.

Travel Writer: Which of These Story Ideas Will Sell Best…

How to Turn a Ho-Hum Story Idea into a Brilliant (and Salable) One.

How To Write A Bargain Travel Article

FOUR PROVEN "BARGAIN TRAVEL" ANGLES EDITORS LIKE Everybody likes to save a buck. Editors know that. And so writing about smart ways to travel for less makes a lot of sense. You'll see articles about saving money in just about every travel publication you pick up. Point is: There's a market for this stuff. How do […]

Assignment Letters, Here's How to Get One...

Advice from freelance travel writer Jennifer Stevens. Why do assignment letters open doors and how can you get them?

Never Been Published? Don't Worry

Advice from freelance writer and editor Jennifer Stevens. If you're sure your article is perfect for a publication, then you should send it -- the full article, not just a query. Don't be deterred by the need for credentials.

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