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How to Write about a "Discovered" Spot

A few tips from freelance writer and editor Jennifer Stevens, how to write about a "discovered" spot.

Finding The Best Hotel Deals

Tips on how to fund the best hotel deals. Here are four things you can do to uncover new gems with less risk...

Announcing: A New Place to Get Published - The Travel Post Monthly

Next week we're launching our very first issue of a new travel publication we're developing with the International Travel Writers & Photographers Alliance Members. I'll include the link below so you can get a quick sneak peek. The Travel Post Monthly, as it's called, essentially functions as two things: 1) an online travel magazine where […]

Zero to Hero With A Quart-Sized Ziploc Bag

Today: *** Being a Hero Takes Two Seconds and a Quart-Sized Ziploc Bag *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Side-Trip Articles Are Fun and Easy to Sell *** Reader Feedback: Congratulations Pat Jennings! Dear Reader, There I was... proud as punch that I remembered to put all my liquids -- including toothpaste and sunscreen […]

Turn Your Pictures Into Postcards

Today: *** Turn Your Pictures into Postcards *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Dear Reader, I'll never buy another postcard again. The United States Postal Service has a cool feature you might not know about... If you go to: http://www.usps.com/createmail/welcome.htm, you can upload a picture and they'll create, print, and mail a postcard for […]

Old, Expensive, Impractical... and Entirely Worthwhile

Today: *** Greece: Old, Expensive, and Impractical -- Yet Worth Every Penny *** Photographs Sell Articles; Here's How... *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: How to Turn Those Coffee Photos Into Saleable Articles Dear Reader, People keep asking me: How was Greece? My reply: It was a lot like this bedspread I bought when […]

Photo Lessons Relearned in Greece

Today: *** Cloudy weather doesn't have to mean poor photos *** Everything you need to know about the business of writing *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: What to do when it's raining Dear Reader, We started this, our third day of the Ultimate Travel Photographer's Expedition in Greece, on the water. The wind […]

Writing for Dogs (Oh, and Other Pets Too)

Traveling with pets and papering your pet are two of today’s hottest trends.

AWAI's $2,000 Photo Challenge

ANNOUNCING: AWAI’s $2,000 Photo Challenge Dear Reader, We just made it a lot easier for you to make your first $2,000! As a reader of The Write Way to Travel, you're invited to take part in the  AWAI $2,000 Photo Challenge.  This is a great opportunity to earn thousands of dollars and lots of cool […]

Pretend You're in an Egg

Today: Pretend You’re in an Egg: The Difference between Creative Writing Exercises and Practical How-to Tips Practical Writing Prompt Your Questions Answered: How to Land More Paying Assignments Dear Reader, “Pretend you’re in an egg…” said Jen Stevens in response to my suggestion that we start including "writing prompts" in our e-letters… “Pretend you’re in […]

Rejection Letter Humor

Today: A Little Rejection-Letter Humor: Laugh Now… But  Don't You Make the Same Mistake Later What to Do With Those Travel Stories Editors Reject? Congratulations Sara Chute: Published in 10 Days   Dear Reader, I’m not mean. Okay, on occasion I hide my fiancés underwear so that he's forced to do the laundry himself if […]

Fall Foliage Shots Needed

Today: Do You Have Any Fall Foliage Shots?  If Not, Can You Take Some in the Next Few Weeks? Dear Reader, In yesterday’s issue, our Featured Publication, Wendy VanHatten made a very good point when she said: If your goal is to write for big-name magazines like Budget Travel, you’d be well advised to have […]

How to Use Buying Rights and Copyright to Your Best Advantage

Advice from Lori Appling, what rights is a publication buying. When you agree to sell your travel article, you grant a publication the right to use it. But you don't have to give away the right to use it exclusively. Sometimes you can reserve the right to sell it again and again.

Copulating Buffalos and Jelly Fish Stings on the Scrotum: How to Get the Germans and the Brits to Pay for Your Travel

I'm here in San Antonio with a panel of experts in travel writing, photography, and import-export... and I can't stop laughing. Neither can the other attendees. Really laughing... I mean get out the Kleenex and wipe the eyes laughing. It's freelancer Steenie Harvey's fault. Her beat is travel writing... but I'm beginning to think she […]

Understanding Writer's Guidelines: How Travel Writers Get Paid

Can you make a full-time living as a travel writer? Yes, you can. Some established travel writers we know log annual earnings of $50,000 or more working full time. Can you get super-rich working strictly as a freelance travel writer? Probably not. This kind of writing is more about the lifestyle, the freedom, the travel […]

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