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Swap Coffee For Plane Tickets

Cut out the venti lattes and you can easily pay for a hotel room in a good-value destination or for your next European plane ticket...

Last-Minute Gift Ideas For The Traveler

Today: *** Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Traveler... Writer...Photographer... and Reader *** Practical Writing Prompts of the Week: Write about How Other Cultures Celebrate Holidays and Life Passages, or Your Own Family Reunions *** Reader Feedback: What to Charge for Your Article Dear Reader, Christmas shopping was particularly hard for me this year. Normally, […]

Chickens and Travel Writing

Today: *** Michelle vs. the Chicken: Where Can You Sell this Story *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Writing about Your Misadventures *** Reader Feedback: How to Sell Yourself to an Editor (or Photo Buyer) with Little or No Experience Dear Reader, Michelle Sedita is a very lucky woman. Or maybe it's not luck. […]

Five Hundred Bucks For A Photo... Fast

Today: *** Reader Feedback: How Shannon Earned $500 for One Photo *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: You're An "Insider" Where You Live - Turn Your Expertise into $$$ Dear Reader, She took her camera to Appalacia in September and sold two of her photos for $250 a piece... I just got this email […]

How to Write about a "Discovered" Spot

A few tips from freelance writer and editor Jennifer Stevens, how to write about a "discovered" spot.

Finding The Best Hotel Deals

Tips on how to fund the best hotel deals. Here are four things you can do to uncover new gems with less risk...

Announcing: A New Place to Get Published - The Travel Post Monthly

Next week we're launching our very first issue of a new travel publication we're developing with the International Travel Writers & Photographers Alliance Members. I'll include the link below so you can get a quick sneak peek. The Travel Post Monthly, as it's called, essentially functions as two things: 1) an online travel magazine where […]

Zero to Hero With A Quart-Sized Ziploc Bag

Today: *** Being a Hero Takes Two Seconds and a Quart-Sized Ziploc Bag *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Side-Trip Articles Are Fun and Easy to Sell *** Reader Feedback: Congratulations Pat Jennings! Dear Reader, There I was... proud as punch that I remembered to put all my liquids -- including toothpaste and sunscreen […]

Turn Your Pictures Into Postcards

Today: *** Turn Your Pictures into Postcards *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Dear Reader, I'll never buy another postcard again. The United States Postal Service has a cool feature you might not know about... If you go to: http://www.usps.com/createmail/welcome.htm, you can upload a picture and they'll create, print, and mail a postcard for […]

Old, Expensive, Impractical... and Entirely Worthwhile

Today: *** Greece: Old, Expensive, and Impractical -- Yet Worth Every Penny *** Photographs Sell Articles; Here's How... *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: How to Turn Those Coffee Photos Into Saleable Articles Dear Reader, People keep asking me: How was Greece? My reply: It was a lot like this bedspread I bought when […]

Photo Lessons Relearned in Greece

Today: *** Cloudy weather doesn't have to mean poor photos *** Everything you need to know about the business of writing *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: What to do when it's raining Dear Reader, We started this, our third day of the Ultimate Travel Photographer's Expedition in Greece, on the water. The wind […]

Writing for Dogs (Oh, and Other Pets Too)

Traveling with pets and papering your pet are two of today’s hottest trends.

AWAI's $2,000 Photo Challenge

ANNOUNCING: AWAI’s $2,000 Photo Challenge Dear Reader, We just made it a lot easier for you to make your first $2,000! As a reader of The Write Way to Travel, you're invited to take part in the  AWAI $2,000 Photo Challenge.  This is a great opportunity to earn thousands of dollars and lots of cool […]

Pretend You're in an Egg

Today: Pretend You’re in an Egg: The Difference between Creative Writing Exercises and Practical How-to Tips Practical Writing Prompt Your Questions Answered: How to Land More Paying Assignments Dear Reader, “Pretend you’re in an egg…” said Jen Stevens in response to my suggestion that we start including "writing prompts" in our e-letters… “Pretend you’re in […]

Rejection Letter Humor

Today: A Little Rejection-Letter Humor: Laugh Now… But  Don't You Make the Same Mistake Later What to Do With Those Travel Stories Editors Reject? Congratulations Sara Chute: Published in 10 Days   Dear Reader, I’m not mean. Okay, on occasion I hide my fiancés underwear so that he's forced to do the laundry himself if […]

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