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Why The World Needs Travel Writers

The majority of travelers book their vacation based on a travel piece that they read. This spells big opportunity for the travel writer, as articles are always needed.

Free Travel Opportunity: How Dan Has Sailed to 81 Countries for Free

Dan travels the world for free aboard cruise ships. Learn how he does is and how you can do it too.

Reader Success: No Limit to the Things You Can Blog About

Reader Success: No Limit to the Things You Can Blog About

There really is no limit to the things you can blog about. House-sitting, travel, cooking, fashion, art, adventure… there is room in the blog-o-sphere for whatever makes your heart sing.

Learn Basic Spanish the Easy Way, No Problema

We need an easy way to learn Spanish... Happily, our friends over at International Living have found one.

Let Online Shopping Fund Your Next Trip

Let Online Shopping Fund Your Next Trip

Take a look at this photo and tell us what you see...

How to Start an Online Import Business and Fund Your Travels

More than half of the world’s billionaires are involved in import/export.

How to Make $1 Million with an Import/Export Business

What if you could supplement your travel income with an extra $3,000 a month... without leaving the chair you’re sitting in right now?

Holiday Travel Tip #12: Translate a Foreign Menu with Your Phone

This final holiday tip is a must-have for all travelers with an iPhone.

Holiday Travel Tip #10: Spend Less on Meals Abroad

Eating out on trips can be a huge cost. Use these tips to save money on food during your next trip...

Holiday Travel Tip #9: Reusing Bread Bag Clips

Keep those bread clips when you’re done with the loaf, as they can come in very handy when you travel, too...

Holiday Travel Tip #8: Remove Red Wine Teeth in a Pinch

Use this on-the-go tip and enjoy your red wine this holiday!

Holiday Travel Tip #7: Cross-pack with a Travel Companion

Every year, one in 150 people lose their baggage on an airline. You can help your odds by cross-packing.

Travel Tip: Luggage Tag Lint-Roller

Travel Tip: Luggage Tag Lint-Roller

When I was in Dubai I saw a woman in the hotel lobby use the super sticky luggage tags airlines put on your checked bags as a lint remover.

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