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Three Tips For Submitting Successful Query Letters

This week, we’re talking about techniques to help you sell your travel articles faster and easier. And, today, I’d like to focus on the query letter – the letter you send to editors pitching your story to their publication.

My Boss Told Me to Hurry Up and Fail

When you’re first starting out, you don’t know what will sell and what won’t. The only way to find out, it's for you to just get out there and try. Hurry up and fail so you can learn, build, and move on!

How Much Money Does It Take to Start Your Own Import/Export Business?

Learn how you could sell low-priced goods from home, and sell them for a fat profit.

How To Make $1 Million With An Import/Export Business

Read about Kevin and Lisa's story, how they started their own online business from home.

The Story of the Flying Alarm Clock…

Looking for an income replacement? Learn how you could be running an import/export business -- shopping online for products made overseas and selling them for a handsome profit back home.

How to Make Money with an Import/Export Business

Ever saw things abroad that you thought you could sell? Learn how you could do it from home!

How Anybody Can Turn into a Successful Travel Writer

Read about three travel writers who succeeded, even without having a writing background.

How Lucy Brown Got Her Start in Travel Writing

Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop attendee Lucy Brown landed a gig writing a travel guide and several bylines in International Living Magazine. Click here to see how she did this, and now lives on her own terms.

English Teacher Turned Travel Writer

Read how Great Escape Publishing Workshop Attendee Lucy Brown became a successful travel writer. Click here to read more..

2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Great holiday gift guide for travelers, travel writers, and photographers. Click here to read more...

2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers

Holiday gift guide for photographers

2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Writers

Great gift ideas for travel writers and photographers (or for yourself!)

Japan’s Tourism Agency Plans to Give Away up to 10,000 Free Flights

Japan’s Tourism Agency is planning to give away up to 10,000 free flights to Japan. If Japan’s parliament approves it, and you’re selected, you could see yourself whisked off to Japan as early as next summer. Click here to read more...

Fly to Hawaii for Free: How to Use Frequent Flyer Miles to Your Advantage

Every airline offers different reward programs and credit cards that will give you enough free miles to fly to Hawaii. The trick is finding a deal that can be booked in first class and picking dates that are far enough in the future that you can get a seat. Click here to read some creative ways to accelerate your mile reward earnings if you’re not a frequent flyer...

How to Get Priority Boarding Privileges (Even if You’re an Infrequent Flyer)

Not a frequent flyer? There are still ways you can beat the crowds and qualify for priority boarding. Click here to see your best options...

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