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The details of how to write travel articles

Details--they're what every good story needs. Here's how to write travel articles that are useful to your readers.

Unique travel destinations to go in 2014

Sometimes the most interesting photos and stories lie in places less traveled. To inspire you, here are some unique travel destinations to think about visiting this year.

Add It to Your List: The Five Travel Destinations You Can’t Miss

Travel writers need places to go. Keep these travel destinations in mind for your next, get-paid-to-travel vacation...

Writing Unconventional Travel Stories Will Catch an Editor’s Fancy

No one follows her “weird side” better than travel writer Steenie Harvey... and when it comes to selling travel articles, it really pays off for her.

Seven Travel Destinations for 2013

Before you plan out your trips for this year, check out travel writer Steenie Harvey’s seven top travel destinations for 2013...

Selling Travel Stories: 4 Tips for Turning Your Next Vacation into a Paycheck

As you get ready to leave on a trip, it’s not what you pack that matters, says freelance travel writer Steenie Harvey. It’s what you read before you leave…

Live the Dream… Become a Travel Writer

Read from Steenie Harvey, learn a few things you could do in a town near you with story ideas you can sell to magazines editors, newspapers, and websites.

How Travel Writers Stay Young

Read freelance travel writer Steenie Harvey's thrilling stories on what you can experience by being a travel writer.

Top Seven Trips in 2012

Check out the top 7 destinations that freelance travel writer Steenie Harvey is hoping to travel to and write about in 2012.

Steenie Harvey’s Top Picks: Trips to Take for $1,000 or Less

Freelance travel writer Steenie Harvey has been all around the world. So I asked her where she’d want to go on a limited budget and she sent me the below four destinations you can explore for $1,000 or less…

Eat It So Your Readers Don’t Have To

In Chicago, Steenie told a funny story about some of the different foods she’s tried around the world. It makes for good cocktail conversation, that’s for sure. But these things have also earned her a nice check. “Eat it so your readers don’t have to,” she said. “And editors will pay you for it.” See her article below about travel stories based on odd foods and torturous pilgrimages…

How to Get Paid Twice for the Same Story

Repackaging your travel articles is a great way to sell the same story to different publications—and it’s a lot easier than you might think. There are a few simple rules to follow in order to make sure your articles are different enough to submit to multiple publications. Read what Steenie Harvey has to say, here...

Working with Monsters

Working with Monsters

Here is an article by contributor Steenie Harvey, a successful travel writer who has been paid to tell her story about everything from a horse fair in Ireland to a movie-themed tour of New Zealand.

How and When to Follow-Up with an Editor

Travel Writer, Steenie Harvey, gives her advice on how to follow up, and when, with editors after submitting an article for submission. Read her insights here!

Confessions of a Travel Writer: 10 Cool Trips to Take in 2011

Steenie Harvey, freelance writer and co-editor of International Living Magazine gives her top 10 picks on where to travel in 2011.

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