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How to Publish Travel Stories about Unsafe, Less-Traveled and Sometimes Unruly Destinations

Travel writer Steenie Harvey explains that you can write great travel articles no matter where you are. Some locations are more desirable than others, but you can still write saleable stories about places most people don't want to visit.

They Laughed When I Started Travel Writing... Now I'm a Billionaire!

For advice about travel writing, look to web sites aimed at travel writers? Yes, but you'll often discover inspirational tips in other places, too. For instance, I came across an article on a copywriting web site. It was titled "The 12 Most Popular Headlines of All Time." An attention-grabbing, must-read article? For a professional writer, […]

10 Travel Hot Spots for 2008

Some people salivate at the phrase "luxury travel." But what is luxury? Ramping prices to exclude the proletariat doesn't indicate desirability to me. Even with a lottery win, I wouldn't want to ski at Gstaad, play roulette at Monte Carlo, or blow $400 in a Michelin-starred restaurant. I get my share of travel writer freebies, […]

No Poodles. No False Teeth. No Travel Articles.

Eight reasons why good articles get unwanted rejection slips. Don't be disheartened if you're still waiting to see your name in print. If you're both professional and persistent (and learn from your mistakes), your hard work WILL pay off eventually.

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