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How to Sell Your Stories Beyond the U.S.

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Beyond: How to Increase Your Income by Writing for Foreign Markets Today's advice is about targeting markets outside the U.S. -- not about headlines. But how could any editor resist reading an article titled, "Termites Ate My Bed?" This tale of India appeared in the travel section of The […]

Writer's Diarrhea -- And Six Ways to Cure It

Sometimes the problem isn't constipation (writer's block), it's writer's diarrhea. The first drafts of my articles are often as messy as an encounter with a broken sewer pipe. Writer's diarrhea? At times it's more like dysentery. When faced with a 2,500-word assignment, I'm powerless to prevent at least 5,000 words from cascading forth. If my […]

Steenie's Dirty Little Secret

Can you write under a pen name and if so, how do you get paid? Steenie Harvey's answer ... her run-in with lunatics... and a confession... below... Lori Appling Director, Great Escape Publishing STEENIE HARVEY'S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET: DEALING WITH LUNATICS... AND HOW TO GET PAID IF YOU'RE USING A PEN NAME One question that […]

10 Great Adventures for 2007

Until you're established as a freelance travel writer or photographer, your global adventures will likely be funded out of your own pocket. So use your time and money wisely. If you're planning a Big Trip for 2007, but can't decide where to go, take a look at the following destinations. All offer a plethora of […]

Sell Everything But This..(A Lesson on Buying Rights)

MONEY FOR NOTHING: DON'T GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT TO BE REPETITIVEBy Steenie Harvey in Ireland $100. Is it worth getting out of bed for? Well, it might sound utterly paltry. But you shouldn't reject low-paying markets out of hand. You see, it's possible to sell the same story an infinite number of times. Effectively it's […]

A Straw, a Pillow Case, and a Garbage Bag Twist Tie

Three must-have travel tools every traveler should have.

No Poodles...No False Teeth...No Travel Articles - Eight Reasons Why Good Articles Get Unwanted Rejection Slips

Eight Reasons Why Good Articles Get Unwanted Rejection Slips.

Halloween Articles: Where To Find Fodder For Frightful Tales

  Today: Summer: Time to Think about Pitching Halloween and Holiday Articles Where to Find Fodder for Frightful Tales More Opportunities and Resources for Writers     Dear Reader, I just signed up for a gargoyle tour in Washington, D.C. at the National Cathedral. When I think of D.C., I don't think of gargoyles. In […]

Writing Reviews: Trash the Checklist and Look for What's Unique

Tips from freelance writer Steenie Harvey on how to write better and unique reviews.

Want a Few Dollars More on Every Article You Write?

Want to earn an extra $300-$1,300 on every article you write? Here are two things you can do with practically no added effort.

Little White Lies and The Travel Writers Who Tell Them

Once you start trotting the globe as a travel writer, you'll find that locals are always eager to talk to you. They'll want to know what you REALLY think of their country...its people...the food...the culture. Should you tell the truth and risk causing offense - or should you smile and lie? No question about what […]

When (And How) To Sell and Resell Your Specialty Story

Do you send your article to many publications at once, hoping for a taker? Or do you target one at a time and wait for a response before you peddle it elsewhere? It depends, is my answer. WHEN YOUR ARTICLE HAS NICHE APPEAL… Say your story is "specially focused" toward a particular, niche audience. In […]

What To Do About Gender...And 8 More Tips for Dealing with Editors

The question of how to address an editor of dubious gender can be tricky. I know an Adrian and a Micky who are both women... and a Jocelyn who is a man. Rather than go down the Ms/Mr. route, address the recipient by his or her full name, i.e. Dear Steenie Harvey.

11 Ways to Kill an Editor

Strychnine...a stiletto dagger...an AK 47. Texas chain-saws...hit-and-run...the toxic liver of a Japanese blowfish. A noose dangling from cross-beamed rafters...manual strangulation...suffocation by plastic bag. Quicksand...cut brake pipes...hairdryer in the bathwater. Stampeding herds of wild elephants...poisonous spiders...man-eating Bengal tigers. When starting out, many writers experience rejection. Although it’s tempting to fantasize about the monster behind the editorial […]

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