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Can You Pitch Multiple Article Ideas in One Query Letter?

Pitching a whole bunch of article suggestions to an editor is definitely a bad ideas. For starters, a well-thought-out query letter shouldn't really be any longer than a page.

Know Before You Go: Five Tips for Getting the Most Out of Every Trip

Getting organized before a trip can make your visit not only more efficient, but more enjoyable, too. I spoke with Lori a few weeks back, as I was preparing to leave for Porto and northern Portugal, and she asked me to share with you what I was doing to ensure my time on the ground […]

How and When It's Ok to Lie In Your Articles

You don't want to go completely over the top. If your story starts reading like a plot-line for a Jaws remake, there's a danger you'll lose credibility with your readers (and your editor).

How to Turn Your Previous Travel Experiences into Checks

Read some tips from Steenie Harvey on how to turn your previews travel experiences into checks.

Halloween Articles: Where to Find Fodder For Frightful Tales

When writing scary stories, the dictionary is full of glorious words that help conjure up that shivery atmosphere you're trying to convey. Here are a few ideas from freelance travel writer Steenie Harvey.

How to Turn One Story into Three

Get into the habit of thinking up different openings. Do that, and you can get paid twice, or even more times, without doing more research.

How to Get Paid if You're Using a Pen Name

Regarding pen-names, changing your name legally isn't necessary. Your byline, the name an article appears under, can be whatever you choose.

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