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Travel Writing for Pay and Other Perks (Hershey, PA)

Everyone has to start somewhere. And reader Tanya Montgomery got her start as a travel writer with our Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program. See her story below about how she trades travel writing for free trips, chocolate and more…

Day 4: Travel the world on $0 a day…

Tips from our guest editors in San Francisco on how to get yourself on the right side of editors and landing assignment after assignment, so you can travel the world for free...

Day 3 in San Francisco: How Long Before You Sell Your First Travel Story?

Top tips from freelance writer Roy Stevenson, how to get published in 30 days or less.

Day 2 in San Francisco: Quick Tips for Great Story Starters

Top tips from our guest editors today in San Francisco... what need to do to grab your reader’s attention, you need a compelling lead—something that draws your reader in.

Day 1 in San Francisco: Can You Write Stories Like These?

Top tips from our guest editors today in San Francisco... things you should bear in mind when you want to win over a travel editor with your writing...

My Boss Told Me to Hurry Up and Fail

When you’re first starting out, you don’t know what will sell and what won’t. The only way to find out, it's for you to just get out there and try. Hurry up and fail so you can learn, build, and move on!

Workshop Attendee, Caren Abdela, Landed Two Articles in International Living. Here’s How…

Read from one of your fellow readers, Caren Abdela, how she walked away from a six-figure income and how she got started as a travel writer right after she attended our Ultimate Travel Writers workshop in Chicago last year.

An Alternative to Retirement: How Travel Writing Can Breathe New Life into Your Retirement

Read from one of our past attendees Wendy VanHatten, and how she went from being a health care professional to a travel writer.

How to Write about Your Hometown for Free Perks and Profit

Read from Jennifer Stevens, start thinking about your hometown and articles you might write about sights and attractions near you, it’s easiest to get started when you start locally.

How I Got My Start in Travel Writing

Read about Terri Marshall, how she went from preparing taxes to travel writer.

Live the Dream… Become a Travel Writer

Read from Steenie Harvey, learn a few things you could do in a town near you with story ideas you can sell to magazines editors, newspapers, and websites.

Travel Like a King… Without the Royal Budget

Read from Roy Stevenson about his travels from one spa to the next, reviewing accommodation at some of the nicest lodges in the U.S., spa treatments, meals, and more.

Gain Financial Freedom Through Travel Writing Or Photography

If writing’s your passion, take the first step toward financial freedom and join us next month in San Francisco for our only travel writing event this year.

How Much Money Does It Take to Start Your Own Import/Export Business?

Learn how you could sell low-priced goods from home, and sell them for a fat profit.

How To Make $1 Million With An Import/Export Business

Read about Kevin and Lisa's story, how they started their own online business from home.