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How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Lede

Read some tips from Editor Kyle Wagner on how to keep your readers hooked on your articles.

Ask this Question to Craft a Strong Article Intro

Read tips from Denver Post Travel Editor Kyle Wagner on what will 'hook' readers to your article.

How to Sell Your Hobbies for Profit

Learn how you could start your own business working from home spending just a few hours a month, selling things you are already interested in.

Fund Your Vacations by Selling Imports

Fund your vacations by selling imported goods on a small scale from home!

Import a Fortune from Home

Always wondered how you could start your own import/export business? Read about Jane Evanov and how she got started selling lingerie for pregnant women.

How to Sell Imports for a Profit without Leaving Home

How to Sell Imports for a Profit without Leaving Home

Read about how you can get started making some income from your own house, whether you're interested in ponchos, electronics, or anything inbetween.

Seven Travel Stories You Can Find in Your Hometown

Denver Post travel editor Kyle Wagner shares a few simple hometown topics that travel editors like her are buying right now. Here are seven ideas for travel stories you can find in your hometown..

How Anybody Can Turn into a Successful Travel Writer

Read about three travel writers who succeeded, even without having a writing background.

Five Travel Writing Predictions for 2012

Read Jennifer Stevens', the International Living Magazine Executive Editor, advice and predictions for this years travel writers.

How to Book a Free Vacation in Three Easy Steps

Read some tips from Roy Stevens on how to go on an expensive trip for just a few bucks!

The Luxurious Lifestyle of a Spa Writer

All week I’ve been telling you about our newest program, The Pampered Traveler: How to Take Luxurious Trips and Turn Them into Paychecks… … and about the great trips and perks your fellow readers have received when they travel like a Pampered Traveler.  Below, you’ll find Diane Covington’s story. Sure, I hope it entices you […]

Break Into Spa Writing for Fun and Perks

We’re introducing a new product this week, The Pampered Traveler: How to Take Luxurious Trips and Turn Them into Paychecks, so I asked a few of your fellow readers who have landed really great travel perks – like free spa treatments, room and board at expensive luxury hotels and free meals – to tell us […]

How to Break into Spa Writing and Cash in on Perks

Read about a few of our reader's success travel writing and how they were able to get great perks, they are living their dreams!

The only men I let spit in my face

Read freelance travel writer Steenie Harvey's tips on how to write an eye-catching headline!

What’s Selling Now: Travel Writing in 2012

Travel Writer Roy Stevenson attended the Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop in 2007, and since then, has published over 700 articles. See what story ideas Roy thinks will sell well in 2012.