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Confessions of a Travel Writer: 10 Cool Trips to Take in 2011

Steenie Harvey, freelance writer and co-editor of International Living Magazine gives her top 10 picks on where to travel in 2011.

Three By-lines and a Travel Blog: Interview with Workshop Attendee Diana Russler

Bonnie Caton, Editorial Manager, interviews attendee Diana Russler about her road to success as a travel writer.

Interview with Santa Monica Workshop Attendee Bob Kelley

Christina Merchant, Product Manager, interviews Bob Kelley about his new found success as a travel writer. After attending the Ultimate Travel Writing Workshop in August of 2010, he has already had two stories published and has editor's waiting for more! Read the entire interview here.

How to Get Published in 2011: 6 Tips from Travel Editor, Kyle Wagner

Travel Editor at the Denver Post, Kyle Wagner, gives 6 inspirational and helpful tips on how to get published as a travel writer in 2011.

Breaking into International Living Magazine

Lori asked Executive Editor, Jennifer Stevens, for a few details about her publication, and how to break into International Living Magazine.

Audio Clip: How to Create and Sell a Travel Video

Lori Allen continues her series of interviews with International Living's Executive Editor, Jennifer Stevens. In this interview, they discuss how to create your own travel video and how it is becoming a great way to catch an editor's eye when selling a travel article.

Audio Clip: Selling Videos with Your Travel Articles

Lori Allen interviews International Living's Executive Editor, Jen Stevens about selling videos and photographs along with your travel article. Listen in on their conversation.

Audio Clip: Why Now Is a Great Time to Get Paid to Travel

This week Lori Allen interviewed travel writer Jennifer Stevens to get her advice on the fastest and easiest way to turn your travels into paid vacations this year.

Advice on Pitching Travel Stories to Editors

Al Bonowitz, editor of Westways Magazine, gives four great pieces of advice on how to pitch travel articles to editors in today's market.

Tips for Selling Your Travel Stories to Glossy Magazines in 2011

Al Bonowitz, editor of Westways magazine, gives professional insight into what makes a saleable magazine article in 2011. The magazine market continues to change but Al offers tips and advice on how to sell a great magazine article.

Never Forget a Power Cord When You’re Traveling

Never forget a power cord again. Here's how one reader duplicated her laptop power cord, iPhone/iPad/iPod charging cables, and wireless hotspot charger for $13.33...

How to Get the Stink Out of Smelly Travel Shoes

How to Get the Stink Out of Smelly Travel Shoes

Learn how to get the stink out of smelly shoes after trekking around the world.

Five Odd Uses for a Mascara Brush

Learn how to tame static while you're on the go!

Battle Static When You Travel with Aluminum Foil

Learn how to use aluminum foil as a replacement for dryer sheets in this great travel tip! They're also good for removing static when you're traveling.