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Tips for Selling Your Travel Stories to Glossy Magazines in 2011

Al Bonowitz, editor of Westways magazine, gives professional insight into what makes a saleable magazine article in 2011. The magazine market continues to change but Al offers tips and advice on how to sell a great magazine article.

Never Forget a Power Cord When You’re Traveling

Never forget a power cord again. Here's how one reader duplicated her laptop power cord, iPhone/iPad/iPod charging cables, and wireless hotspot charger for $13.33...

How to Get the Stink Out of Smelly Travel Shoes

How to Get the Stink Out of Smelly Travel Shoes

Learn how to get the stink out of smelly shoes after trekking around the world.

Five Odd Uses for a Mascara Brush

Learn how to tame static while you're on the go!

Battle Static When You Travel with Aluminum Foil

Learn how to use aluminum foil as a replacement for dryer sheets in this great travel tip! They're also good for removing static when you're traveling.

Use a Temporary Credit Card Number for Safer Travel and Online Shopping

Some banks and credit card companies now offer temporary credit card numbers you can use for online purchases separate from your typical bank card. But they don’t show any of your personal information, so hackers can’t see (and then steal) your information from unsecure sites.

Five Hot Online Travel Trends You Can Write about in 2011

Looking for new places to sell your travel stories? Travel Writer Roy Stevenson gives us the top travel trends for 2011 and a list of publications where you might sell your articles.

Reader Lands Published Articles and Cover Photos

Bonnie Caton interviews Great Escape's travel writing workshop attendee Caroline Maryan about her recent success as a travel writer and photographer.

How to Publish Travel Stories about Unsafe, Less-Traveled and Sometimes Unruly Destinations

Travel writer Steenie Harvey explains that you can write great travel articles no matter where you are. Some locations are more desirable than others, but you can still write saleable stories about places most people don't want to visit.

Thailand Report: Are they eating bugs?

Thailand Report: Are they eating bugs?

Can you guess what our workshop leader, Rich Wagner is eating in Thailand? Here are photos from Thailand at the AWAI photo expedition in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Gift Ideas for Photographers, Writers and Travelers - 2010 Staff Picks

After reading our gift guide for writers, travelers and photographers, take a look at the items on our staff wish list where you'll find even more ideas for what you can get someone on your list that loves taking pictures, loves to write or simply loves to travel...

Holiday Gift Guide for Writers and Travelers

Not sure what to buy your friend, spouse or loved one? We asked our writer and traveler friends for their top gift picks this year and here's what they said...