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How to Fund Your Travels and Do What You Love

Whatever it is that you love, you can use it to fund your travels by creating a “fun biz” around it.

The Best Travel Experience of 2015 Awaits

Take a minute to dream big. If money were no object, where would you go? And what would you do there?

A chart of the best shoulder season destinations

A chart of the best shoulder season destinations

We love shoulder season: hotels are cheap, crowds are thin, and the weather is mild. Here's a chart of the best shoulder season destinations

$770 (plus perks) from one inflight magazine article

Getting your article inside the pages of an inflight magazine is a dream of many writers. Here's how you can get the most out of your trip.

I love my new travel writing job

Travel writing is one of the most fun and rewarding jobs in the world. Here's how Theresa St. John landed her first travel writing job...

How to create a micro job gig video at home

A lot of the gigs you see advertised online require a video element. Here are tips on how to create a professional-looking micro job gig video at home.

Microgigs helped me buy a new truck

Microgigs are a way to earn a nice side income for just a few minutes of your time--while waiting in line or over breakfast. Best of all, they're lots of fun.

Online microgigs: earn money with a hamster

This hamster has something to say…and he’s earning money from it.

Avoid dementia with a language learning program

Speaking more than one language is thought to protect from the onset of dementia. Another reason to try our fast and fun Spanish language learning program.

New language learning memory techniques

Studies show that our memories are far better than we think they are. We're going to try new methods to prove this in our new language learning program.

New way to learn Spanish quickly

It's a lot easier to get around--and pay local prices--on your travels when you speak the local language. We've got a new way to learn Spanish quickly...

Learn a new language with the 50,000 People Project

With the 50,000 People Project, you can help test a new approach to language learning that's fast, easy, and fun, so you can speak Spanish confidently.

Start a travel blog and make your dreams come true

If you want to make your dreams come true, start a travel blog. It's one of the fastest and easiest ways you'll start earning income from your writing.

How much can bloggers earn?

How much can bloggers earn? Yes, the best bloggers can make six figures, once they build a true following. Here's how it works...