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Profitable products importing: a list of what’s selling

The trick to profitable products importing is to find popular items at a low cost to sell at a higher price for a profit. Here’s a list of what’s selling.

The simple idea behind importing goods

Importing goods has gotten a whole lot simpler and easier than it used to be. It’s something you can easily do from home or on the road.

Why blogs need photos

If your blog posts only have text, you’re probably going to put your readers to sleep. Here are three reasons why blogs need photos.

How to keep readers on blog: develop a relationship

How to keep readers on blog: develop a relationship

The secret to how to keep readers on blog is to develop a relationship wit them. People connect with you, the person behind the story.

Blogging lessons from fairytales

Anyone can write a blog -- you have to approach it in the right way to make money. Here are some lessons from fairytales to get you off to the right start.

Start a blog for extra or full-time income

It's easy to start a blog for extra or full-time income once you approach it the right way. Here are two tips to get your started with your money-making blog.

Unique freelance opportunity: microgigs

The micro gig is probably the easiest freelance opportunity out there for anybody to get started with. You can even do it during down-time on your day job.

What are micro jobs? One traveler explains…

What are micro jobs? Micro jobs or microgigs are quick ways to supplement your income--making $5-$250 often in as little as 5 or 10 minutes.

Micro jobs that pay the bills and fund travels

Micro jobs can pay as much as $50 a pop…and often for less than 30 minutes of your time. If you want a way to fund more travels in 2014, this could be it...

Are please and thank you necessary?

In South Korea, respect is implied. You don't need to say please and thank you because they are always in the heart.

Being a travel writer is one of the most satisfying careers

Being a travel writer is one of the most satisfying careers

Free massages at five-star resorts...wine tastings…luxury cruises…seeing your name on magazine covers… Travel writing is one of the most satisfying careers

Write unique stories; get great trips

Editors like stories that provide readers with off-the-beaten-path destinations, characters, and events. Write unique stories to increase your saleability

Score free trips with travel writing and blogging

Scoring free trips with travel writing is one of the best perks of the "job." Here are some tips to get you on the path to more income and free travel...

How to write a travel article: keep it practical

Want to know how to write a travel article that will sell? Skip the lengthy narratives, go practical, and follow these three tips...

What’s the why statement in your article?

Many writers neglect to give their reader (early on) a strong reason why he should continue. Here's how (and why) to include a why statement in your article