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Avoid dementia with a language learning program

Speaking more than one language is thought to protect from the onset of dementia. Another reason to try our fast and fun Spanish language learning program.

New language learning memory techniques

Studies show that our memories are far better than we think they are. We're going to try new methods to prove this in our new language learning program.

New way to learn Spanish quickly

It's a lot easier to get around--and pay local prices--on your travels when you speak the local language. We've got a new way to learn Spanish quickly...

Learn a new language with the 50,000 People Project

With the 50,000 People Project, you can help test a new approach to language learning that's fast, easy, and fun, so you can speak Spanish confidently.

Start a travel blog and make your dreams come true

If you want to make your dreams come true, start a travel blog. It's one of the fastest and easiest ways you'll start earning income from your writing.

How much can bloggers earn?

How much can bloggers earn? Yes, the best bloggers can make six figures, once they build a true following. Here's how it works...

Ride the wave: Be another Alibaba success

If you'd like to be another Alibaba success, now is the time to get started in import/export. Here's what you need to know about the wave of success...

Find the right product with Alibaba trade alerts

Alibaba trade alerts help you to find the right product to make a profit on. It's really never been easier to start an import/export business...

Finding the right Alibaba product

The first step to creating a successful import/export business (and replacing your day-job with something more fun) is to find the right Alibaba product...

What is Alibaba?

If you'd like to replace your day job by earning income in a fun way, you need to know about Alibaba. What is Alibaba? Here's all you need to know...

Three ways to get free cruises

You can tap into your own skills to provide entertainment and/or education to cruise passengers and earn yourself free cruises around the world...

How to work on a cruise ship: 8 tips

If you love to travel, you can use your own skills or knowledge to score cruises for free. Here are tips on how to work on a cruise ship.

Ways to generate article topic ideas

Sometimes it's hard to come up with strong ideas. So here's an info graphic to help with ways to generate article topic ideas that that are unique and specific.

How to write the headline for your article

In travel writing, the best ideas are: specific, unique, and targeted to a defined audience. It helps to work this into the headline for your article.