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How the Alibaba IPO could help your business

The Alibaba platform is helping small entrepreneurs around the world make money through import/export. Now the Alibaba IPO could help your business.

Travel writer information and tips for beginners

You don't need special qualifications to get paid to travel. To help get you started, here's some travel writer information and tips for beginners...

Why I started to sell articles to kids’ magazines

To sell articles to kids magazines won't make you rich -- but it's a good way to boost your income, sometimes simply by tweaking an old story.

Travel writer: one of the best flexible jobs

When it comes to flexible jobs, it's hard to beat travel writing. Few jobs allow you the freedom and fun of the travel writer's life.

Want to write for vacation rental travels?

Vacation Rental Travels is a publication that organizes free accommodation at their featured properties around the world in return for travel stories.

Before and after: my travel writer life

Some changes you have no control over. But you can choose the travel writer life and start a whole set of new adventures...

Want to start your travel writing career?

Want to give your travel writing career the best start? Learn from the experts in the industry how to write a great story and how to get it published...

What it took for me to become a travel writer

It can seem easier to stay doing what you're doing. But taking the leap to become a travel writer is a life changing experience with many rewards.

Starting an import export business in retirement

Beverly has enjoyed starting an import export business since retiring in Ecuador. You can read more about her story in this article.

Importing products from overseas

With some insider knowledge, importing products from overseas can be quite simple.

How to find top selling products online

Here are some tricks for finding top selling products online that you can import and sell yourself for a nice profit.

Profitable products importing: a list of what’s selling

The trick to profitable products importing is to find popular items at a low cost to sell at a higher price for a profit. Here’s a list of what’s selling.

The simple idea behind importing goods

Importing goods has gotten a whole lot simpler and easier than it used to be. It’s something you can easily do from home or on the road.

Why blogs need photos

If your blog posts only have text, you’re probably going to put your readers to sleep. Here are three reasons why blogs need photos.

How to keep readers on blog: develop a relationship

How to keep readers on blog: develop a relationship

The secret to how to keep readers on blog is to develop a relationship wit them. People connect with you, the person behind the story.