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Featured Publication: Spirit Magazine

Spirit Magazine is the only in-flight entertainment offered on Southwest Airlines and, as a great source of distraction for passengers, it doesn't limit itself to articles about travel. This month's issue covers stories on Detroit and Las Vegas, as well as tidbits about TV characters, country music singers, facts about submarines, and recipes for coffee […]

How One Reader Scored Two Paid Vacations and 41 Bylines: Interview with AWAI Member Sandra Kennedy

BONNIE: Hi Sandra. I understand you've turned your travels into paid vacations. Can you tell us a little bit more about how you got started and how, specifically, you went from sitting in a chair at the Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop to sitting in an airplane seat on your way to an all-expenses-paid trip to […]

Avoiding Hotel Surcharges and Nine Odd Uses for Toothpaste

Hotels love to add surcharges onto every long-distance call you make from your room. And I love to sneakily avoid them. Here's how: When you've got more than one long-distance call to make from your hotel room, don't hang up between calls. Instead, wait for the person on the other end of the line to […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: San Francisco Chronicle Magazine

The San Francisco Chronicle Magazine (http://www.sfgate.com/magazine) is a twice-monthly publication that goes out with the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, the largest newspaper in Northern California. At first glance, the stories on the magazine’s website seem to cover a hodgepodge of topics. They range from restaurant reviews to breast cancer information to a story about an […]

Four Things I Thought I Knew About Travel Writing

I went to the Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop in Portland last July to see what I could do with a journal full (six months' worth) of travel stories and thousands of photos. I desperately wanted to be a travel writer but I didn't know where to start. I thought about it and read about it […]


Matador Travel is a hub of nine different e-zines wrapped into one online travel community. Each separate arm of the site has its own writer's guidelines and each is on the lookout for fresh content. There's a travel article style for everyone here, from trip ideas to traveling and studying abroad, travel tips, nightlife, travel […]


Orion was founded in 1982. Since then, its focal point has been nature writing. But while nature and environment issues remain its main focus, the magazine has evolved into a larger, wider-reaching publication. Today, topics range from people and places to stories and memoirs to our favorite topic as of late... food. Not your typical […]

Five Foodie Secrets

I write long. A 2,000-word article or even a 4,000-word article? No problem. What I have trouble with is saying everything I’d like to say in a limited space. That’s what I’ve been forced to do recently in two stories I’ve written, one on my hometown of Colorado Springs and one on Omaha, Nebraska. Each […]


If you’ve ever lived in the Western United States, you probably know Sunset Magazine. It’s colorful, glossy, and full of stories and photos of picturesque homes and gardens across the West. But did you know that Sunset Magazine has an active travel and food section, and they’re looking for freelancers to fill it up? Turns […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Photographers Direct

Photographers Direct is an online photo marketplace that can help you sell your photos in four ways. First, like microstock agencies, it has a searchable online database of photos so buyers can find what they’re looking for easily and buy directly from you. However, unlike microstock sites, with Photographers Direct you negotiate the price with […]