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Wanderlust is a British travel magazine with eight issues per year (http://www.wanderlust.co.uk). They cover independent and semi-independent travel, as well as special-interest travel. They love local culture angles… and want writers to go soft on adventure.

Five quick fixes for a slow PC computer

When your computer is running too slowly -- taking forever to do what you've told it to do -- you can make it work faster by "cleaning it up." How? If your computer runs on Microsoft Windows, "free up some space" on your hard drive. Here's what to do:

FEATURED PUBLICATION: The Artilleryman Magazine

If you have an interest in, or have visited fortresses, museums, or fortified castles that have lots of old cannon lying around, you could easily send a story about them to The Artilleryman Magazine.

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Microstock: 3 Places to Sell Your Photos

If you've been following this eletter and the weekly photo tips, you're probably familiar with the term "microstock photography."
But just to quickly clarify: Microstock photography refers to royalty-free images that people can search for and buy on what amount to photo-broker websites. For a buyer, it's a quick and easy way to find images for brochures, websites, album covers, and more. And it usually costs only a dollar or two per image.

I asked for a bed in our meeting room

It's fun to know that we're the first company in Marriott history to ever ask for a bed in one of their conference rooms. I can only imagine what they thought we might be doing with it. (I sensed they were relieved to hear that we're using it for one of our studio shoots. The […]


No more waiting. No more thinking about it, talking about it, or dreaming about it. If you want to be a published writer or photographer, now is the day to do it. Because it's not going to happen on its own... And today I'm going to make it very easy for you. You see, we've […]

Photoshop is Fair Play - Sometimes

I've offered tips on editing your photos in Photoshop before, but if you want to sell your photos for editorial, you should know a few things, first, before you go fiddling with your images.


If you’ve ever secretly yearned to become a photo journalist, (or even if you haven’t) now’s your chance. Using a site called Scoopt.com, you can sell your photos to magazines and newspapers without having any experience or connections. You just need to be in the right place at the right time… and have your camera handy.

Commercial vs. Editorial: What you need to know about model releases

Professional photographer Shelly Perry details when and why you need a model release.

9 Hometown Things You Can Get Paid to Write About...

When you're trolling for story ideas near home, it pays to look past the obvious. Sure, you can sell articles about the best restaurants to eat in or the best hotels to stay in. But you'll be going head-to-head with similar pieces submitted by other writers.
Editors are always in the market for articles that focus on subjects a little less-obvious. For instance, you could get paid to write about any of these more-unusual topics:

101 Things You Can Get Paid to Photograph

I want to redesign our website. We actually have two websites: http://www.thetravelwriterslife.com and http://www.thephotographerslife.com and I'd like to combine them into one. That's where you come in... I need to buy a URL and come up with a website name that says "fun." And I'm hoping you can help. You see, we've called ourselves the […]


"A passion for living well" -- that's how the editors at Vezeo.com define the word "vezeo." This online guide to "'superior' restaurants, hotels, resorts, day spas, and wineries" around the world doesn't offer star or dollar-sign ratings like other guides. Instead, as the editors put it, "If it's on Vezeo, it's worth making the journey."

December Winners: "Traditions"

Last month's photo challenge theme was "Traditions" -- and everyone must have been very busy with their own as we didn't have many entries. Nevertheless, there were great shots among those who did submit entries. Here are the winners... **First Place goes to dwphoto for "Thai Festival in Sydney" **Second Place goes to pencraft for […]