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Stock Agencies: What They Pay and How to Break In

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "TRADITIONAL" AND MICRO STOCK PHOTO AGENCIES: WHAT THEY PAY AND HOW TO BREAK IN A radical shift is underway in the world of stock photography today. Some argue it represents the death of professional photography as we know it. Others are embracing the changing market and finding ways to thrive in it. […]

Turn Your Family Into Cash

Today: *** Turn Your Family into Cash (without Selling the Kids)... Plus, Budget Travel Magazine Wants Your Family Pictures *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Walking Tours *** Reader Question: Do I Need a Release to Quote Someone in an Article? Dear Reader, In Wednesday's issue, I asked you: Which of these family members […]


[EDITOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately this site no longer exists.] HAVE A TALE TO INSPIRE AN URBAN-MINDED ADVENTURER? HERE'S THE PLACE TO SELL IT... By Roberta Beach Jacobson in Karpathos, Greece Wend magazine wants first-person stories about adventure travel in the Pacific Northwest -- and they define the area broadly: Northern California, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington […]

February Winners: "Paint the Town Red"

Every month, I tell Lori that these photo challenges are getting harder and harder to judge. I've noticed that the caliber of photographs has improved tremendously and I hope that's because you're starting to apply what you learn here in these weekly photo tips. January's winner, Judy Guffey, had the privilege (and challenge) of being […]

Writer's Diarrhea -- And Six Ways to Cure It

Sometimes the problem isn't constipation (writer's block), it's writer's diarrhea. The first drafts of my articles are often as messy as an encounter with a broken sewer pipe. Writer's diarrhea? At times it's more like dysentery. When faced with a 2,500-word assignment, I'm powerless to prevent at least 5,000 words from cascading forth. If my […]

Low-cost, International Airfares: You Can Find Them Here...

Last month I gave you a few recommendations for finding low-price international airfares (More Cool Gadgets and Discounts for Travelers), and several readers wrote in with even more suggestions...


California... Mexico... Bali... those are the destinations where Broughton Hospitality manages its collection of chic boutique hotels. Naturally, those are the places the editors tend to focus on in Broughton Quarterly, the firm's glossy magazine.

March's Photo Challenge Theme: Communication

Keep in mind that though Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, that is but one tool we have for communicating in our modern world. The term "communication" can refer to a wide variety of verbal, visual, and written connectedness. Equipment like the telephone itself can illustrate communication. Your photo could include telephones, alarms, computers, cell […]

You Could Never Make a Living Doing That

Can you make a living traveling? Barbara Winter, author of Making a Living Without a Job, says yes. "Why are we so certain that love and money cannot coexist?" she asks. (And I have to say, if the guys she tells you about here below can turn THEIR passions into profits... YOU most certainly can!) […]

Combining Import-Export with Travel Writing and Photography

This time, armed with all the secrets our experts divulged this past weekend, I hope Bonnie incorporates both writing and photography into her shopping trip and transform it into a truly lucrative one. Remember: Three times the income, but not three times the work. I think she'll do it... we'll keep you posted...


YOUR LOCAL KNOWLEDGE PAYS AT WCITIES By Roberta Beach Jacobson, in Karpathos, Greece WCITIES, founded in 1998, publishes travel information on 1900 cities in over 70 countries and makes for the content available for syndication. The end-users are travelers -- both business and leisure. Douglas Madey (the content department contact) is looking for short reports […]

A 3-Step Camera Set-Up Everybody Needs to Know

The basics of a camera are really very simple. Ever heard of a pin-hole camera? It's nothing more than a light-tight box with a small hole on one side. Opposite the hole on the inside of the box is a piece of film that captures the light coming in through the hole. And on the […]

Special Report: How to Fund Your Travels - Day 4

A practical guide that would show you the fastest and surest route from amateur to pro -- so you could be making more money, faster, and enjoying the freedom and perks of this lifestyle sooner than you ever imagined possible.

Special Report: How to Fund Your Travels - Day 3

Our last two special reports have focused on import-export and travel writing -- two of the three get-paid-to-travel skills we're learning about here at our Lucrative Traveler's Conference in Fort Lauderdale this weekend. Today, we turn our attention to photography. Below, professional photographer Rich Wager shares his practical formula for launching a photography business that […]

Special Report: How to Fund Your Travels - Day 2

Travel writing is just one of the get-paid-to-travel skills we're focusing on here at our Lucrative Traveler's Conference in Fort Lauderdale this weekend. But, as it happens, it's something you don't have to get on a plane to practice. In fact, in today's Free Special Report, below, freelance writer Jennifer Stevens makes the compelling argument […]