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Readers Weigh In on Their Top 5 Dream Trips

We asked our readers for their top 5 dream trips. Here are some of the most common -- and more unusual -- entries.

Copywriting Income: How Much You Can Make with Writing Jobs

It may not be as glamorous as travel writing, but if you're making six figures through copywriting income, maybe you don't care...

The Psychology of Copywriting: Use this Cool Trick in Your Next Article

This little trick, part of the psychology of copywriting, can help strengthen your travel articles...and improve your sales.

3 Quick Tricks to Sell Travel Articles

Stories are the best way of pulling in your reader. Here are some tips to enhance your stories and help sell travel articles.

Blogger Gives Her Top 5 Travel Destinations

As inspiration for your next trip, here are blogger Paula Pant's top 5 travel destinations -- all a little off the radar of most traveler's wish-lists...

Travel Mishaps Often Produce the Best Travel Articles

The best travel articles often come from those problems we experience on the road. As Stan Sinberg explains, there's always a way to cash in on disaster.

Island Hopping: The Travel Writer’s Work Commute

Island hopping is the ultimate dream of a travel writer. Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon shares her tips on preparing for your all-expenses-paid island trip.

Land Press Trips, Fam Tours, and Self-Guided Tours as a Travel Writer

How do you land press trips? As a travel writer, it's more a case of inviting yourself. Here are some tips...

Add It to Your List: The Five Travel Destinations You Can’t Miss

Travel writers need places to go. Keep these travel destinations in mind for your next, get-paid-to-travel vacation...

Four Days of VIP Treatment: Land Press Trips as a Travel Writer

When you've been writing for a while, you can position yourself to land press trips all around the world. Once you go about it the right way...

The Perks of Travel Writing...An Easter in French Polynesia

The Perks of Travel Writing...An Easter in French Polynesia

Patti Morrow lapped up all the perks of travel writing on her recent trip to Tahiti -- from white-sand beaches to a jungle safari to delicious food -- all on somebody else's dime.

Living Her Dream: How Terri Can Travel For Free With Her Writing

Travel writer Terri Marshall gets to travel for free to exotic destinations like the Peruvian Amazon, Belize, Norway, and Guatemala. Here she explains how she lands her assignments...

The Perks of Travel Writing: Tim’s Week in Turks and Caicos

Apart from all the perks of travel writing -- like landing fully paid-for assignments -- you can get more than one article per destination (and pull in more pay-checks for your vacation time).

Top Five Destinations To Vacation As A Travel Blogger

As a blogger, you can get paid to write about your vacations. Here are the top five destinations to vacation as a travel blogger, according to Caroline Maryan.

Travel Blogging: Make Six-Figures with This Online Income Opportunity

There are dozens of ways to leverage your blog into online income. Here's how Paula Pant went from $10.47 in her first month to as much as $7,500 a month.