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How to get something published for the first time

Once you know how to go about it, it's easy for a new travel writer to break in. Here are tips for how to get something published...

How Much Can You Make as a Travel Writer? How One Trip Turns into $2,800

How much can you make as a travel writer? Travel writer, Roy Stevenson outlines how he made $2,800 on one trip.

Why good corn should inspire you to travel with purpose

When you travel with purpose, you write a better, more focused story -- and encourage others to travel in a more fulfilling way.

Delayed gratification and success in travel writing

Delayed gratification is something that can ultimately make you more successful. In travel writing, the best rewards come after you follow the right steps…

Take a lesson from a bird and trust yourself

Take a lesson from a bird and trust yourself -- even after a rejection -- to just keep writing and trying again.

Overcome fear of failure with travel writing

Anthony Burgess (writer of A Clockwork Orange) wrote five and a half books in one year. It's amazing what you can achieve when you overcome fear of failure.

How to plan a tour in Italy

Leading a tour to your favorite places is another great way to fund your travels. Below are some tips on how to plan a tour -- and have fun in the process.

Press trips and the perks of blogging

It doesn't take long to start realizing the perks of blogging (including free weekend trips) -- once you set yourself up the right way...

The travel blogger’s life in Costa Rica

This travel blogger started a new life in Costa Rica. Inspired by the natural beauty of the beaches and jungle around her, she's never stuck for a blog post.

Ever wonder why children learn faster than adults?

The reason it seems children learn faster than adults is because they approach new things with play. Try playing with your camera and see the difference...

Press trips and the travel writer’s life

Great food, wine, fun, and company are just some of the benefits of the travel writer's life -- thanks to free press trips.

ITWPA Membership: Why I love my badge

ITWPA Membership: Why I love my badge

Read how Patti Morrow has been enjoying her ITWPA membership. From day one, her badge has opened a lot of doors into the writer’s life.

How to sell your stories: write for local publications

Getting your first clips is easy (and will lead to more travel eventually) when you stick with local publications and follow these steps...

Movie stars vs. travel writers on press trips

You don't have to be a movie star to enjoy some red carpet treatment. But travel writers on press trips shouldn't let the "fame" go to their heads...

Couple uses online gigs to replace lost income

Only seven weeks after registering with a microgig site, this couple has had 43 orders for their various online gigs. All for just an hour's work a day...