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My microgigs funded a trip to Northern California

You can make a healthy side income from microgigs that take less than 30 minutes (and often a lot less) of your time. More details below...

Teaching English in South Korea is very rewarding

It's pretty easy to start teaching English in South Korea. Read on for the benefits of living in this extraordinary part of the world...

Why I love to teach English in Korea

Ever considered using your own language skills to pay for adventures abroad? As a real-life example, here's how you can start to teach English in Korea...

Travel Hacking Cartel Review and the best rewards programs

Travel is never a rational thing. We don’t travel because it makes sense.  We travel because we love the adventure. We love exploring new places, meeting new people, tasting new foods, and experiencing the world the way others live it. And if you’re like me, traveling without paying for it sounds even better. On the […]

Travel for free in 2014 with the Travel Hacking Cartel

You can get one free flight every three months with this travel hacking cartel. Read on for more ways to travel free in 2014.

How about a social experiment for a blog idea?

Looking for a blog idea that will motivate you to keep writing? A social experiment might work. Here are some examples of what's working in the blogosphere.

Over $5,000 a month: How to make money with a blog

You don't have to be an experienced writer to start a successful blog. Here's how to make money with a blog by incorporating another of your interests.

Three Steps: How to make money with your blog this year

Blogging requires some other skills from writing for other media. Here are three steps on how to make money with your blog from the first year.

How I earned six figures with my money-making blog

You can have a money-making blog that can pull in six figures -- and in a number of ways. Paula Pant explains how she got her own blog to this income level.

Unique travel destinations to go in 2014

Sometimes the most interesting photos and stories lie in places less traveled. To inspire you, here are some unique travel destinations to think about visiting this year.

A travel writer’s analysis of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”

There's an important lesson every travel writer can take from an analysis of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Stan Sinberg reveals it below...

Traveling after 50: Why you should do more of it

It's never too late to start this travel writing gig. And traveling after 50 is just as exciting and full of benefits as Theresa St. John reports below...

Traveling after divorce: One reader’s story

From memorable family trips to making his own memories today, here's how one writer is traveling after divorce and making money while seeing the world

Make a new habit this year: travel more

For 2014, don't make a new resolution. Make a new habit -- and travel more!

Unique ways to charge a cell phone in your hotel

Unique ways to charge a cell phone in your hotel

There are more ways to charge a cell phone than you might have imagined. Here's a unique way to charge from your hotel room...