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January Winners: “Blood, Sweat and Tears”

Each month it seems like the entries we receive for our online photo challenge get better and better. It’s getting more difficult to pick the winner… especially with last month’s theme --Blood, Sweat and Tears. It encompassed such a wide variety of subjects, that there were a half a dozen shots I would have loved […]

How to Read an Editor's Mind

Knowing what an editor is really looking for... that's the secret to selling your story. Knowing. And then delivering exactly that. Often, you may think you know. After all, you've read the guidelines. You've flipped through a couple of back issues. But, often, your understanding falls just short (or maybe well short, but I'll give […]

More Cool Gadgets and Discounts for Travelers

A cool new gadget for photographers, the Gorillapod, it's lightweight, works absolutely everywhere -- you can attach it to a street sign, balanced it on rocks, and even wrapped it around tree branches.


WANT TO WRITE SOMETHING EDGY? SEND YOUR ARTICLES TO CURVE. By Toymeika Braithwaite, in Alexandria, Virginia Curve is the nation's best-selling lesbian magazine. Now admittedly, this is not a market that may spring to mind immediately when you're researching a place to sell a travel story. But just like other magazines that are not only […]

February's Photo Challenge Theme: Paint the Town Red

February's photo challenge theme is Paint the Town Red. You could give that a Valentine's spin, in which red might symbolize love or passion -- maybe a romantic evening with red roses on the table. Or, you could take an entirely different approach. After all, red is a strong color with a broad range of […]

Steenie's Dirty Little Secret

Can you write under a pen name and if so, how do you get paid? Steenie Harvey's answer ... her run-in with lunatics... and a confession... below... Lori Appling Director, Great Escape Publishing STEENIE HARVEY'S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET: DEALING WITH LUNATICS... AND HOW TO GET PAID IF YOU'RE USING A PEN NAME One question that […]

The Best Little Light for Travelers

Today: *** New Passport Regulations You Should Know *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Oddities in Your Town *** Reader Feedback: The Best Little LED Light for Travelers Dear Reader, A new passport regulation goes into effect this week. Starting January 23rd (that's this past Tuesday) everyone traveling from the U.S. to the Caribbean, […]

10 Great Adventures for 2007

Until you're established as a freelance travel writer or photographer, your global adventures will likely be funded out of your own pocket. So use your time and money wisely. If you're planning a Big Trip for 2007, but can't decide where to go, take a look at the following destinations. All offer a plethora of […]

How to Write About a Popular Destination

Editors love articles about the world's most popular tourist spots -- Orlando, Paris, San Diego, San Francisco, New York among them -- because they are a sure bet when it comes to attracting readers. But even though there's an extremely large market for articles about popular destinations, the secret to selling them lies in coming up with a unique angle.

FEATURED PUBLICATION: The Christian Science Monitor

AN OPPORTUNITY TO GET PUBLISHED IN A NATIONAL DAILY NEWSPAPER By Roberta Beach Jacobson, in Karpathos, Greece The Christian Science Monitor is a national daily independent newspaper, published in Boston. Approaching a national daily newspaper to publish your articles may seem like a bold step... but CSM has a section called Home Forum, which is […]

In The Beginning There was Light

Way back when, before the dawn of the digital age and "auto everything" cameras, learning the art of photography was a bit more complex than it is today. Today’s digital cameras automatically adjust for lots of things you once had to understand and adjust for manually. That's nice. But there is a downside: When you […]

How To Increase Your Fees By Adding Sidebars

By Roberta Beach Jacobson, in Karpathos, Greece Study writer's guidelines for just about any travel publication and you'll discover editors like sidebars. I like sidebars, too. Since I'm usually paid by the word, I try to add a sidebar to increase my earnings. We all know we can list resources in a sidebar (like contact […]

Why You Don't Have to Buy Our Programs or Attend Our Workshops

Today: *** Why You Don't Have to Buy Our Programs or Attend Our Workshops *** Success Story Contest: Win a Trip to Florida this Winter *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Hands-On Adventures *** Reader Feedback: Thank You for Providing Us with the Tools to Help Our Dreams Come True Dear Reader, One of […]

How to Pay for Your Next Trip

People write to me all the time asking if it really is possible to get paid to travel. My response? YES, IT IS! In fact, armed with a few simple secrets, you could be doing it in a handful of weeks. That's all it took for Bonnie Keough, a fellow reader, to launch her new […]

Make Your Own Honey and Other Hands-On Adventures

A NEW TREND IN TRAVEL: HAND-ON ADVENTURES MAKE FOR GREAT TRAVEL ARTICLES AND PHOTOGRAPHS By Toymeika Braithwaite for The Right Way to Travel People say you learn more by participating and experiencing things hands-on than you do by reading about them in a book or watching them on TV.  This seems especially true for children, […]