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How To Do Article Research Before You Leave Town

No matter where you're headed familiarize yourself with your destination before you pack your bags. Learn how to do article research before leaving town.

Turn Your Pictures Into Postcards

Today: *** Turn Your Pictures into Postcards *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Dear Reader, I'll never buy another postcard again. The United States Postal Service has a cool feature you might not know about... If you go to: http://www.usps.com/createmail/welcome.htm, you can upload a picture and they'll create, print, and mail a postcard for […]


UPSCALE NICHE OFFERS ARTICLE-PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES By Roberta Beach Jacobson Pathfinders Travel Magazine, published five times a year, is geared to people of color (not only African Americans, but also Native Americans, Hispanics, and Asians). You can glimpse what they cover by visiting www.pathfinderstravel.com, but be aware that not everything in the print magazine is displayed […]

How To Fight The Clutter Bug In Your Photographs

LESS CLUTTER = BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS = MORE SALES By Carol Shields, in Atlanta, GA Dear Reader, For today's practical photo tip of the week, I'd like to offer you some advice you can use no matter what kind of picture you're taking - from family photos at a birthday party... to city escapes... to pictures […]

How To Fake Morning Light

HOW TO FAKE MORNING LIGHT By Michael Ray in Pittsburg, PA. In my opinion, one of the toughest things to do in food photography and professional photography is to translate the client's words into the photographic medium. For example, "I want this to look like it's 7:00AM on a Sunday morning in the month of […]

Old, Expensive, Impractical... and Entirely Worthwhile

Today: *** Greece: Old, Expensive, and Impractical -- Yet Worth Every Penny *** Photographs Sell Articles; Here's How... *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: How to Turn Those Coffee Photos Into Saleable Articles Dear Reader, People keep asking me: How was Greece? My reply: It was a lot like this bedspread I bought when […]

How to Add Action to Your Photographs

HOW TO ADD ACTION TO YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS By Carol Shields, in Atlanta, GA Dear Reader, It's my mission each week to offer you practical tips you can use to immediately improve your photos. To find ideas, I've been looking through the photo-contest entries (this month's theme is Cuppa Joe -- all things coffee-related), and I […]

From Health Care Professional to Travel Writer

From Health Care Professional to travel writer, how Wendy VanHatten landed her first few assignments and how she continues finding work today.

Photo Lessons Relearned in Greece

Today: *** Cloudy weather doesn't have to mean poor photos *** Everything you need to know about the business of writing *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: What to do when it's raining Dear Reader, We started this, our third day of the Ultimate Travel Photographer's Expedition in Greece, on the water. The wind […]


[EDITOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately this site no longer exists.] IDEAL FOR YOUR GREEK TRAVEL IDEAS AND PHOTOS By Roberta Beach Jacobson Editor Odysseas Psarris wants everybody to know about Greek travel! He launched a new travel e-zine in September 2006 dedicated to highlighting travel to and vacationing in Greece. The website, www.igogreece.com, has been profiled in […]

An Easy Way to Add Interest to Your Photographs

COMPOSITION TIPS YOU CAN USE FOR BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS By Carol Shields, in Atlanta, GA Dear Reader, A typical problem with photos is that nothing in them grabs a viewer's eye. Take a look at this image submitted in October's photo contest here. See how the colors in this shot are all basically a monochromatic blue? […]

Sell Everything But This..(A Lesson on Buying Rights)

MONEY FOR NOTHING: DON'T GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT TO BE REPETITIVEBy Steenie Harvey in Ireland $100. Is it worth getting out of bed for? Well, it might sound utterly paltry. But you shouldn't reject low-paying markets out of hand. You see, it's possible to sell the same story an infinite number of times. Effectively it's […]

A Straw, a Pillow Case, and a Garbage Bag Twist Tie

Three must-have travel tools every traveler should have.

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Living Aboard Magazine

HAVE A COASTAL TRAVEL IDEA OR A TALE OF THE BOATING LIFE? By Roberta Beach Jacobson, for The Right Way to Travel Living Aboard is a lifestyle magazine for people who live on their boats -- or dream of doing so. Don't be surprised if you haven't heard of it. It started out as a newsletter published by the HomafloteAssociation. […]

How Travel Writers and Travel Photographers Can Best Break into Stock Photography

The most important thing to think about when you're shooting for the stock-photography market is the word "useful." You want photos that buyers will find "useful." Having said that, "useful" can be anything from photos of a textured wall or TV static (graphic designers buy these to use as backgrounds for their designs) to pictures […]