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Make Your Own Honey and Other Hands-On Adventures

A NEW TREND IN TRAVEL: HAND-ON ADVENTURES MAKE FOR GREAT TRAVEL ARTICLES AND PHOTOGRAPHS By Toymeika Braithwaite for The Right Way to Travel People say you learn more by participating and experiencing things hands-on than you do by reading about them in a book or watching them on TV.  This seems especially true for children, […]

Travel Tip: Free International Calls

Today: *** Free International Calls, Here's How... *** Success Story Contest: Win a Trip to Florida this Winter *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Your Favorite Restaurant for Travel Post Monthly *** Writers Wanted: Copyeditor and Copywriter Dear Reader, Here's a tip for you if you ever need to call outside the U.S... There's […]


INTERACTIVE AND EDUCATIONAL: WHERE TO PITCH FAMILY-FRIENDLY DESTINATIONS By Roberta Beach Jacobson, in Karpathos, Greece GiftedTravel.com is a brand-new webzine project in need of entertaining travel articles of 400 to 800 words. More specifically, the GiftedTravel.com editors are looking for educational destination pieces about places families would enjoy. Query editor Shannon Hurst Lane (queries@giftedtravel.com) and […]

January’s Photo Challenge Theme: Blood Sweat And Tears

Dear Reader, January’s theme is "Blood Sweat and Tears" and it includes images that depict intense energy and emotional and physical commitment to a goal. Your picture can include people in any form of business, entertainment, or sports -- a student getting through a tough class or passing a big test… business people involved in […]

Swap Coffee For Plane Tickets

Cut out the venti lattes and you can easily pay for a hotel room in a good-value destination or for your next European plane ticket...

The Hidden Truth Behind Articles that Sell

Positive coverage sells. That's the bottom line. When you're defining your articles and when you're deciding what to include in them, think positive. There are two simple reasons for this: ** 1.) People don't buy travel magazines to find out where NOT to go. They buy them because they want to learn about wonderful and […]

Last-Minute Gift Ideas For The Traveler

Today: *** Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Traveler... Writer...Photographer... and Reader *** Practical Writing Prompts of the Week: Write about How Other Cultures Celebrate Holidays and Life Passages, or Your Own Family Reunions *** Reader Feedback: What to Charge for Your Article Dear Reader, Christmas shopping was particularly hard for me this year. Normally, […]


WRITE SHORT ARTICLES FOR THE MILE-HIGH MARKET By Roberta Beach Jacobson for The Right Way to Travel Denver, Colorado has a spunky monthly publication filled with freelance contributions. Started in 1993, the magazine was named after the elevation of the mile-high city itself - hence, 5280. When you're sending a query to 5280 for a […]

Gift Guide, Part 2: Pictures Everyone Loves to Receive

Everyone likes to receive a fine art print that matches a room in their house or a sentimental destination shot. Here are pictures everyone loves to receive

Chickens and Travel Writing

Today: *** Michelle vs. the Chicken: Where Can You Sell this Story *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Writing about Your Misadventures *** Reader Feedback: How to Sell Yourself to an Editor (or Photo Buyer) with Little or No Experience Dear Reader, Michelle Sedita is a very lucky woman. Or maybe it's not luck. […]


A PAYING ONLINE MARKET IDEAL FOR NEW WRITERS COLLECTING CLIPS By Wendy VanHatten, for The Right Way to Travel At TouristTravel.com, you'll find The Traveler, that site's monthly e-letter, which has been around since 1999 and is a great online travel resource.  Tom Schueneman, the owner, editor, and publisher, is also a freelance travel writer […]

How To Make Your Subjects Pop

MAKING YOUR SUBJECTS REALLY POP: 3 EASY TIPS FOR USING DEPTH OF FIELD By Carol Shields, in Atlanta, GA Dear Reader, One of the most effective ways to catch a viewer's eye with your photo is to put the main subject in sharp focus and blur the background. In technical terms, this makes use of […]

Gift Guide: How to Shoot the #1 Photo Gift

Framed photographs make great gifts for family, friends, and coworkers (just about anyone on your list).  They don't have to take much time to create and they're a wonderful expression of your love and creativity. This week and next, I'm going to tell you about the three types of photos that make the best gifts. […]

Five Hundred Bucks For A Photo... Fast

Today: *** Reader Feedback: How Shannon Earned $500 for One Photo *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: You're An "Insider" Where You Live - Turn Your Expertise into $$$ Dear Reader, She took her camera to Appalacia in September and sold two of her photos for $250 a piece... I just got this email […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Parenting Publications

How to increase your potential audience by breaking into parenting magazines. Here is the featured publication for this week: Parenting Publications.