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AWAI's $2,000 Photo Challenge

ANNOUNCING: AWAI’s $2,000 Photo Challenge Dear Reader, We just made it a lot easier for you to make your first $2,000! As a reader of The Write Way to Travel, you're invited to take part in the  AWAI $2,000 Photo Challenge.  This is a great opportunity to earn thousands of dollars and lots of cool […]

PHOTO CHALLENGE: October’s Theme is Cuppa Joe...

PHOTO CHALLENGE: October’s Theme is Cuppa Joe...

Travel Writer: Which of These Story Ideas Will Sell Best…

How to Turn a Ho-Hum Story Idea into a Brilliant (and Salable) One.

Pretend You're in an Egg

Today: Pretend You’re in an Egg: The Difference between Creative Writing Exercises and Practical How-to Tips Practical Writing Prompt Your Questions Answered: How to Land More Paying Assignments Dear Reader, “Pretend you’re in an egg…” said Jen Stevens in response to my suggestion that we start including "writing prompts" in our e-letters… “Pretend you’re in […]


Small Towns, Rural Values: A Place for Articles (and Photos) with Nostalgic Appeal By Roberta Beach Jacobson, for The Write Way to Travel Years ago, Capper's was the first print publication that paid me extra when they put my article, which had appeared in their print issue, on their website, too. Back then, I didn't […]

No Poodles...No False Teeth...No Travel Articles - Eight Reasons Why Good Articles Get Unwanted Rejection Slips

Eight Reasons Why Good Articles Get Unwanted Rejection Slips.

Rejection Letter Humor

Today: A Little Rejection-Letter Humor: Laugh Now… But  Don't You Make the Same Mistake Later What to Do With Those Travel Stories Editors Reject? Congratulations Sara Chute: Published in 10 Days   Dear Reader, I’m not mean. Okay, on occasion I hide my fiancés underwear so that he's forced to do the laundry himself if […]

How To Write A Bargain Travel Article

FOUR PROVEN "BARGAIN TRAVEL" ANGLES EDITORS LIKE Everybody likes to save a buck. Editors know that. And so writing about smart ways to travel for less makes a lot of sense. You'll see articles about saving money in just about every travel publication you pick up. Point is: There's a market for this stuff. How do […]

Fall Foliage Shots Needed

Today: Do You Have Any Fall Foliage Shots?  If Not, Can You Take Some in the Next Few Weeks? Dear Reader, In yesterday’s issue, our Featured Publication, Wendy VanHatten made a very good point when she said: If your goal is to write for big-name magazines like Budget Travel, you’d be well advised to have […]


If You'd Like Great Exposure in Weekly Canadian Papers... By Roberta Beach Jacobson, for The Write Way to Travel For TravelingTales.com, a weekly e-zine, Editor Vic Foster requires all stories to be between 900 and 975 words. He loves vivid, personal tales of travel experiences -- no matter if it's a weekend getaway in your […]

Assignment Letters, Here's How to Get One...

Advice from freelance travel writer Jennifer Stevens. Why do assignment letters open doors and how can you get them?

FEATURED PUBLICATION: The International Railway Traveler

A Place for Lively Writing and Full-Color PhotosBy Roberta Beach Jacobson, for The Write Way to Travel I enjoy getting published in The International Railway Traveler (Hardy Publishing Co., Inc. of Louisville, KY). It's a lively publication and full of color photos. Over the last decade, I've chalked up about a dozen sales there. This […]

Never Been Published? Don't Worry

Advice from freelance writer and editor Jennifer Stevens. If you're sure your article is perfect for a publication, then you should send it -- the full article, not just a query. Don't be deterred by the need for credentials.


Dear Reader, I just read the Writer ’s Guidelines for JustSayGo.com, this week's Featured Publication, and the following description grabbed my attention: “A key interest point of JustSayGo.com is the readability, conversational tone, and (where appropriate) irreverent humor.” “Irreverent humor” is what caught my eye. Writing humor can be challenging. It's just hard to know […]

Five Tips to Revolutionize Your Photos

Edited by Lori Appling in San Francisco, CA “Magazine photography is the mural painting of modern times.” – Gene Thornton Dear Reader, Just a quick note today as I'm about to board a plane bound for Hawaii. I'm sitting at my gate at the airport in San Francisco (typing… and drinking as much water as […]