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December's Photo Challenge Theme

THIS MONTH'S PHOTO CHALLENGE THEME: THE TRUE MEANING OF THE SEASON By Carol Shields Because December is a special time of year, we decided on a photo theme that we think is special, too. It's "The True Meaning of the Season," and we're looking to see how you can express that as a story in […]

Four Tips For Selling More Photos

Hey, look at me! I'm a professional photographer! Just like a movie actor who yearns to direct, I, a life-long freelance writer, have always had a yen to see one of my photographs in a glossy magazine with a byline attached (and a check in the mail.) And now it's happened a few times, thanks […]

Finding The Best Hotel Deals

Tips on how to fund the best hotel deals. Here are four things you can do to uncover new gems with less risk...


GAIN GREAT EXPOSURE TO EDITORS THROUGH TRAVEL POST MONTHLY Travel Post Monthly, an online travel magazine, does double-duty as a travel content wire service. It means you get more than the usual "bang for your buck" as it were, when you land a by-line or photo credit there. Not only do you gain an attractive […]

Leaves, Clouds, PVC Pipes, And More: How To Turn The Everyday Into Salable Abstract Shots

Tips from Carol Shields, on how to turn the everyday salable abstract shots.

How to Sell More by Making Your Articles Balanced

Granted, writing marketing sales copy and travel articles may seem like two very different things. But they're not as far apart as you probably think. Both need to be persuasive and well-balanced. And that's exactly what applying "The Four-Legged Stool" will do for your writing -- whether its intent is to sell somebody a product or service (as a marketing piece does) or sell somebody a destination (as a travel article does).

Announcing: A New Place to Get Published - The Travel Post Monthly

Next week we're launching our very first issue of a new travel publication we're developing with the International Travel Writers & Photographers Alliance Members. I'll include the link below so you can get a quick sneak peek. The Travel Post Monthly, as it's called, essentially functions as two things: 1) an online travel magazine where […]


================================== Featured Publication: Disappearing Acts Website: http://www.disappearingacts.net =================================== WHERE READERS ARE INTERESTED IN TRAVEL, WEALTH, FREEDOM... By Siu-Yee Hicks Disappearing Acts is an online travel and investment newsletter that has been around for just one year. It goes out to 5,000 readers each week. And the editors are happy to take submissions from non-published writers. […]

October's Cuppa Joe Contest Winners...

OCTOBER'S CUPPA JOE CONTEST WINNERS... By Carol Shields, in Atlanta, GA Congratulations to the winners of our first monthly photo contest. And thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. We received an excellent selection and were really impressed with the quality of the images. So keep up the good work! You can take a look […]

Photos On Display At AWAI's Annual Copywriting Bootcamp


Zero to Hero With A Quart-Sized Ziploc Bag

Today: *** Being a Hero Takes Two Seconds and a Quart-Sized Ziploc Bag *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Side-Trip Articles Are Fun and Easy to Sell *** Reader Feedback: Congratulations Pat Jennings! Dear Reader, There I was... proud as punch that I remembered to put all my liquids -- including toothpaste and sunscreen […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: A Market That Pays Extra For Online Stories

A NORTHWEST FOCUS GETS YOU A BY-LINE AND EXTRA PAY FOR ONLINE CONTENT By Roberta Beach Jacobson If you enjoy traveling to the U.S. Northwest (or if you happen to live there), you should know about two bi-monthly publications focused on that region that are open to freelance article and photo submissions -- Northwest Travel […]

November's Photo Challenge Theme

ANNOUNCING NOVEMBER'S PHOTO CHALLENGE THEME... By Carol Shields Dear Reader, November's theme is Photos for All Seasons and it includes images that depict the anticipation of new activities, holidays, and temperatures. This is a great theme to bring in the holiday season, with lots of opportunities for you to submit your best images. Of the […]

How To Do Article Research Before You Leave Town

No matter where you're headed familiarize yourself with your destination before you pack your bags. Learn how to do article research before leaving town.

Turn Your Pictures Into Postcards

Today: *** Turn Your Pictures into Postcards *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Dear Reader, I'll never buy another postcard again. The United States Postal Service has a cool feature you might not know about... If you go to: http://www.usps.com/createmail/welcome.htm, you can upload a picture and they'll create, print, and mail a postcard for […]