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2005 Year in Review -- Successes Abound

SPECIAL EDITION: 2005 YEAR IN REVIEW -- SUCCESSES ABOUND SANDRA KENNEDY (Tualatin, Oregon) Sandra's been racking up press trips and by-lines this past year, most recently a five-day stay at the Eco Tulum Resort and Spas in Mexico, including comped accommodations overlooking the Caribbean, meals, massage, and renewing her marriage vows with a Mayan Shaman... […]

Little White Lies and The Travel Writers Who Tell Them

Once you start trotting the globe as a travel writer, you'll find that locals are always eager to talk to you. They'll want to know what you REALLY think of their country...its people...the food...the culture. Should you tell the truth and risk causing offense - or should you smile and lie? No question about what […]

Five Opportunities for a Quick By-Line and Check

Here are five sure-fire ways you can get your writing or your images in front of the public, from freelance travel writer, guidebook author, and photographer, B. Howard.

How Much Can You Really Earn As a Travel Writer/Photographer?

Read from freelance travel writer, guidebook author, and photographer, B. Howard in Cleveland, TN, How much can you really earn as a travel writer/photographer?

Nine Truths About Editors and Photo Buyers

Read about Ilise Benun, Marketing Mentor, a few truths about editors and photo buyers that will help you land your next assignment.

The Travel Writer's Life: An Interview with Workshop Attendee

THE TRAVEL WRITER'S LIFE: AN INTERVIEW WITH WORKSHOP ATTENDEE, SANDRA KENNEDY TWWTT:  Sandra, before we get started, tell us a little bit about how you developed your love for travel and, in particular, travel writing. SANDRA:  The travel bug bit me hard during a trip to Europe when I was twenty and inspired me to […]

Two Famous Copywriting Tricks You Can Use to Get an Editor's Attention

By Tom Schueneman, Editor, The Traveler in San Francisco, CA I'm writing from Florida City, near the southeast entrance to Everglades National Park, where I'll spend the day exploring before I move on down through the Florida Keys. This next week I get to do what I love -- explore new places, write down my […]

Quick and Easy Credibility - Yet Another (Super Fast) Way to Establsih a Track Record

By Freelance Travel Writer and Photographer B. Howard, in Cleveland, TN In "The #1 Easiest and Fastest Way to Get a By-line and a Check: Writing Short Articles," Jen Stevens teaches that the short article - the "postcard" - pitched to your local newspaper, really will get you into print fast. And I fully concur. […]

The Truth about Online Stock Agencies: What They Pay and How to Break in

A few pointers from freelance photographer, Terry Allen in Washington D.C., how and where to break in into stock photography.

SPECIAL SECTION - Bahama Workshop - Day Two

Bahamas Report: Day 2 -- Lori has lost her mind Dear Reader, I'm pretty sure Lori has completely lost her mind. Here I am, sitting in the back of our conference room on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, and the young blond woman has just announced to me that a third of the attendees are […]

SPECIAL SECTION: Bahamas Workshop - Day One

Bahamas Report: Day 1 -- Don't Go Fishing Dear Reader, I can see palm trees and blue sky through the windows. It's a travel writing perk you can't underestimate, particularly if you live in a place where it's already snowing, this time of year. Our first-ever photography and guidebook writing workshop is underway on Paradise […]

How One Reader Discovered Her True Artistic Passion: An Interview

An Interview with Sue Wright in Carmel Valley, CA TWWTT: Sue, it's obvious that photography has become a real passion for you. We've already told our readers many of your stories - $150 here, an upgraded hotel room there, trips to Vegas, Vancouver, etc. You even said that you've already sold enough photos to more […]

What Editors Want: Rule #1 - People Sell Pictures

PEOPLE SELL PICTURES! By itself, it will enable you to sell more pictures than you ever thought possible.

Editors Buy Practical Advice: Sell Your Insights on the Art of Travel

Surely you've learned some lessons in all the travel you've done. No doubt you've picked up a trick or two along the way that make your trips more enjoyable or efficient or affordable now than they were years back -- before you were so wise. I'm certain you've got ideas, advice, and guidance to share […]