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SPECIAL SECTION: Paris Photography Workshop - Day 2

Get Up at Dawn: Photography News from Paris On-The-Ground Reports from the Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop in Paris Since you couldn't be with us in Paris for our workshop, I asked Dave Morgan -- a freelance writer and photographer -- to fill you in on what we've learned. You'll find his second report here below. […]

SPECIAL SECTION: Paris Photography Workshop - Day 1

Shoot Diagonally: Photography News from Paris On-The-Ground Reports from the Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop in Paris Dear Travel Writer, The Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop has just begun in Paris.  And I have to tell you, we sure wish you were here with us. We couldn't have asked for better weather.  After days of rain, the […]

Press Trip Etiquette: How to Get Invited Back

By freelance travel writer, Jerre Repass in Brinkley, AR It’s pretty much like your mother told you: “Act nicely so they’ll invite you back.” The first press trip invitation a new writer gets is a real milestone, but when you get the second one, well that’s something to celebrate. You must’ve done something right! Press […]

How to Make Real Money Writing Travel Articles: Part Three

Over the past two weeks, we've covered what I call the Photo Essay or Round-Up article and how to shoot the photographs to support it. But how, specifically, do I get from idea to article?

How to Make Real Money Writing Travel Articles: Part Two

Tips from B. Howard in Cleveland on the #1 Easiest Article to Resell… and How to Take the Pictures.

How to Make Real Money Writing Travel Articles: Part One

There are two secrets to making real money writing travel articles. The first is to write articles you can sell more than once. The second is to support your articles with stunning photographs.

What To Do About Gender...And 8 More Tips for Dealing with Editors

The question of how to address an editor of dubious gender can be tricky. I know an Adrian and a Micky who are both women... and a Jocelyn who is a man. Rather than go down the Ms/Mr. route, address the recipient by his or her full name, i.e. Dear Steenie Harvey.

Five Punctuation Tricks for Travel Writers

Punctuation, says one newspaper style guide, is "a courtesy designed to help readers to understand a story without stumbling."

Get Your Facts Right, Get Them Published, and Get Those Perks

Your article makes editors look good they'll file it. And they'll remember you. It's a smart way for you to stay on their radar screen -- and stay at the top of their "invite" list, too.

From High School Teacher to Travel Writer: An Interview with Freelance Travel Writer

An Interview with freelance travel writer,Gail Lambert in Roanoke, VA TWWTT: Before we get started why don't you tell us a little about yourself.   Where are you from?   What's your main profession? GAIL: I was born in NYC, grew up in Atlanta, and married a Roanoker.   I taught high school & middle […]

11 Ways to Kill an Editor

Strychnine...a stiletto dagger...an AK 47. Texas chain-saws...hit-and-run...the toxic liver of a Japanese blowfish. A noose dangling from cross-beamed rafters...manual strangulation...suffocation by plastic bag. Quicksand...cut brake pipes...hairdryer in the bathwater. Stampeding herds of wild elephants...poisonous spiders...man-eating Bengal tigers. When starting out, many writers experience rejection. Although it’s tempting to fantasize about the monster behind the editorial […]

A Week in The Life of Travel Writing Course Student

SIX FREE SAILING TRIPS AND FIVE DEEP SEA FISHING TRIPS: A WEEK IN THE LIFE OF TRAVEL WRITING COURSE STUDENT, GARY PEACH An interview with Gary Peach in Costa Rica TWWTT: Before we get started why don't you tell us a little about yourself?   How did you hear about the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course? […]

Can You Pitch Multiple Article Ideas in One Query Letter?

Pitching a whole bunch of article suggestions to an editor is definitely a bad ideas. For starters, a well-thought-out query letter shouldn't really be any longer than a page.

How One Never-Before-Published Travel Writer Sold 3 Articles in Less Than 8 Weeks

An Interview with Great Escape Publishing's attendee Maigii Sterling in Toronto, Canada. Read how a never-before-published travel writer sold 3 articles in less than 8 weeks. Get right down to it. Do not procrastinate.

VIP Access and Perks: Travel Like a Celebrity on a Backpacker's Budget

I just returned from Venezuela where I enjoyed the VARIG VIP Lounge in the Sao Paulo International Airport at no charge, landed a complimentary stay in a 3-star hotel in Caracas, and got a free pass to the "Telesferico," the longest cable car service in the world.