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How One Never-Before-Published Travel Writer Landed a Bi-Weekly Travel Column

 HOW ONE NEVER-BEFORE-PUBLISHED TRAVEL WRITER LANDED A BI-WEEKLY TRAVEL COLUMN An Interview with AWAI student Judy Ruck by Lori Appling LA: Before we get started why don't you tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? JR: I am "from" a variety of places. I was raised in the Midwest, spent 17 years […]

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Get a By-Line and a Check

One of the best ways to break into the travel-writing business (and to get repeat clips, too) is to write short articles -- 250-600 words in length, typically.

The Best Advice on Handling Rejection

By Freelance Travel Writers, Steenie Harvey, Michael Harvey, and Jennifer Stevens FROM STEENIE HARVEY The first piece I ever submitted to an editor got published -- but I also gathered a fair few rejection slips in my first couple of years of writing. If your first queries or completed articles get rejected, don't sink into […]

How to Edit Your First Draft: What to Keep, What to Cut

It's a rare writer who can crank out perfect copy in a first draft. The rest of us rewrite. But here's a dilemma for you... what should you keep and what should you cut?

How to Get Started and What You Can Expect to Get Paid

Interview with guidebook writer, Andrew Sanger: How to get started and what you can expect to get paid.

From Music Writer to Travel Writer: An Interview

Interview with Kevin Wierzbicki, how he went from being a music writer to a travel writer.

The One Simple Truth Behind All Published Travel Articles - Know Your Audience

Your goal as a professional travel writer is to sell the articles you write. But doing that -- selling your stories -- requires more than simply writing "good" or even "great" articles.

Putting the Internet to Work For You: 18 Must-Have Links Every Travel Writer Should Know About

By Karen Pevenstein Pre- and post-trip research doesn't have to be (and shouldn't be) painful. The trick is knowing where to look. The internet makes this a piece of cake. I used many of these links in preparing for my trip to Yorktown, VA, and suggest you do the same before your next trip. Here […]

Travel Writing From a Motorcycle

Interview with Travel Writing Student F.Larosse

Those Pesky Negatives: How to Be Honest and Still Sell Your Story

Target your audience correctly and your negatives will mostly disappear.

How and When It's Ok to Lie In Your Articles

You don't want to go completely over the top. If your story starts reading like a plot-line for a Jaws remake, there's a danger you'll lose credibility with your readers (and your editor).

Three Travel Articles and a Free Lunch, All in a Day's Work: 7 Steps for Turning Your Next Family Visit into a Travel Article

Karen Pevenstein turned a family visit into three travel articles and a free lunch. Here's how you could turn your next family visit into a travel article.

How to Turn Your Previous Travel Experiences into Checks

Read some tips from Steenie Harvey on how to turn your previews travel experiences into checks.

Work Habits that Speed You Up

Learn a few tips from freelance writer/author Robert Bly on what kind of work habits can speed you up.

Pre-Trip Research 101: Finding the Best Places to Publish Your Articles

Get a few tips from Lori Allen, on how to find the best places to publish your articles.

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