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Grabbed, Pinched, and Kicked: Turning Travel into Checks

TRAVEL THRILLS (AND CHILLS) By Roberta Beach Jacobson in Karpathos, Greece A notice in a recent newsletter of Budget Travel Online grabbed my attention. It was a simple request: "We're asking readers to scan or snap a digital photo of any evocative, thrill-inducing passport stamps from far-flung countries. E-mail the images to with the […]

Turning Social Issues into Travel Articles

TURNING SOCIAL ISSUES INTO TRAVEL ARTICLES On Monday I wandered into a dive shop in San Pedro, the main town on Ambergris Caye in Belize, but instead of signing up for a scuba trip I somehow dove into an animated debate with Gilbert, a tall, 30-something Belizean entrepreneur. You see, Belize is a poor country […]

How to "Localize" a Piece for More Profit

Add "Local" Flavor to Any Article, and You Can Sell It Here... and There Last week I talked about three ways you can improve the odds you'll land a newspaper by-line. (Missed that issue? You'll find it in the archives, here) As I explained in that piece, by "localizing" your article -- that is, tailoring […]

Not-So-Elusive Benefits of Travel Writing

If you simply learn a few important tricks of the trade about putting an article together and about dealing with editors -- exactly the sorts of things you'll find documented in our archives -- then you'll be well ahead of the majority of new writers (even seasoned writers) out there.

Three Tricks for Breaking into Newspapers

Three Smart Ways to Sell Your Story to a Newspaper's Travel Editor Open any newspaper's travel section and you're bound to see articles picked up off a wire. They're easy to spot. Under the by-line they'll say something like "Los Angeles Times" (though you're reading the Denver Post). It's not that editors don't want other […]

Bonus Report: Real-World Secrets to Fund Your Travels (Part 2)

Editors -- always looking for ways to keep their readers engaged -- like to publish articles that are timely and "current."  As a writer, one way to meet that need is to peg your stories to a trend. Jen Stevens spoke to this point here at our Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop in Paris and gave […]

3 Ways to Repackage (and Resell) an Article

Once you've invested the time and energy in researching, writing, and editing an article, it's a pity to get just one sale out of it. Now, if you maintained some rights to the piece, then you can resell it as-is in non-competing markets. (We've written about this option before. Go here for an article by […]

Graveyards and Ghost Tales

Today: *** April Means October: How to Turn Your Spring-Time Months into Saleable Articles this Fall *** Electronic Guide: How to Find the Best Story Ideas and Where to Publish Them *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Writing Funny Travel Stories *** Reader Feedback: Published in Common Ties Dear Reader, It's April, but here […]

Are You a Scaredy-Cat Writer?

Are You a Scaredy-Cat Writer? Four Steps to Conquer Your Fears and Set Yourself up for Success this Week If you have yet to find success as a travel writer, odds are, it's not because the three articles a week you're sending out are all ill-suited for the publications to which you're sending them. No, […]

Four Ways to Horrify a French Waiter

Today: *** Coffee, Cheese, Butter, and Substitutes: Four Sure-Fire Ways to Ruin an Otherwise Good French Meal *** Authentic Paris: Three Ways to Find It (see today's main article) and the Best Way to Write about It (see today's writing prompt) *** Leave Your Money at Home! If You're Still Paying for Your Travel, Let […]

Turning a Bad Hotel into a Good Travel Article

In yesterday's newsletter we answered this question from one of our readers: "If you're sent to do a piece on a specific location, such as a hotel, and it turns out to be terrible, do you still have to write the article as promised? If so, what do you say? If you don't feel you […]

Eating Guinea Pig...

Today: *** How to Turn a Bad Hotel into a Good Travel Article *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Eating Guinea Pig *** Reader Feedback: Writing for Other Markets Dear Reader, Before you scroll down to today's writing prompt (about eating guinea pig and drinking turkey-flavored soda), take a look at this question I […]

Writer's Diarrhea -- And Six Ways to Cure It

Sometimes the problem isn't constipation (writer's block), it's writer's diarrhea. The first drafts of my articles are often as messy as an encounter with a broken sewer pipe. Writer's diarrhea? At times it's more like dysentery. When faced with a 2,500-word assignment, I'm powerless to prevent at least 5,000 words from cascading forth. If my […]

Combining Import-Export with Travel Writing and Photography

This time, armed with all the secrets our experts divulged this past weekend, I hope Bonnie incorporates both writing and photography into her shopping trip and transform it into a truly lucrative one. Remember: Three times the income, but not three times the work. I think she'll do it... we'll keep you posted...

Special Report: How to Fund Your Travels - Day 4

A practical guide that would show you the fastest and surest route from amateur to pro -- so you could be making more money, faster, and enjoying the freedom and perks of this lifestyle sooner than you ever imagined possible.