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Special Report: How to Fund Your Travels - Day 4

A practical guide that would show you the fastest and surest route from amateur to pro -- so you could be making more money, faster, and enjoying the freedom and perks of this lifestyle sooner than you ever imagined possible.

Special Report: How to Fund Your Travels - Day 2

Travel writing is just one of the get-paid-to-travel skills we're focusing on here at our Lucrative Traveler's Conference in Fort Lauderdale this weekend. But, as it happens, it's something you don't have to get on a plane to practice. In fact, in today's Free Special Report, below, freelance writer Jennifer Stevens makes the compelling argument […]

How to Read an Editor's Mind

Knowing what an editor is really looking for... that's the secret to selling your story. Knowing. And then delivering exactly that. Often, you may think you know. After all, you've read the guidelines. You've flipped through a couple of back issues. But, often, your understanding falls just short (or maybe well short, but I'll give […]

Steenie's Dirty Little Secret

Can you write under a pen name and if so, how do you get paid? Steenie Harvey's answer ... her run-in with lunatics... and a confession... below... Lori Appling Director, Great Escape Publishing STEENIE HARVEY'S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET: DEALING WITH LUNATICS... AND HOW TO GET PAID IF YOU'RE USING A PEN NAME One question that […]

How to Write About a Popular Destination

Editors love articles about the world's most popular tourist spots -- Orlando, Paris, San Diego, San Francisco, New York among them -- because they are a sure bet when it comes to attracting readers. But even though there's an extremely large market for articles about popular destinations, the secret to selling them lies in coming up with a unique angle.

How To Increase Your Fees By Adding Sidebars

By Roberta Beach Jacobson, in Karpathos, Greece Study writer's guidelines for just about any travel publication and you'll discover editors like sidebars. I like sidebars, too. Since I'm usually paid by the word, I try to add a sidebar to increase my earnings. We all know we can list resources in a sidebar (like contact […]

Make Your Own Honey and Other Hands-On Adventures

A NEW TREND IN TRAVEL: HAND-ON ADVENTURES MAKE FOR GREAT TRAVEL ARTICLES AND PHOTOGRAPHS By Toymeika Braithwaite for The Right Way to Travel People say you learn more by participating and experiencing things hands-on than you do by reading about them in a book or watching them on TV.  This seems especially true for children, […]

Travel Tip: Free International Calls

Today: *** Free International Calls, Here's How... *** Success Story Contest: Win a Trip to Florida this Winter *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Your Favorite Restaurant for Travel Post Monthly *** Writers Wanted: Copyeditor and Copywriter Dear Reader, Here's a tip for you if you ever need to call outside the U.S... There's […]

Swap Coffee For Plane Tickets

Cut out the venti lattes and you can easily pay for a hotel room in a good-value destination or for your next European plane ticket...

The Hidden Truth Behind Articles that Sell

Positive coverage sells. That's the bottom line. When you're defining your articles and when you're deciding what to include in them, think positive. There are two simple reasons for this: ** 1.) People don't buy travel magazines to find out where NOT to go. They buy them because they want to learn about wonderful and […]

Chickens and Travel Writing

Today: *** Michelle vs. the Chicken: Where Can You Sell this Story *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Writing about Your Misadventures *** Reader Feedback: How to Sell Yourself to an Editor (or Photo Buyer) with Little or No Experience Dear Reader, Michelle Sedita is a very lucky woman. Or maybe it's not luck. […]

Two Higher Paying Niche Markets...

Blessed with travel-writing perks, you can find yourself gallivanting around the world like a millionaire... an invite to a luxury resort here... complimentary theater tickets there... And, of course, if you're writing about your travels, many of your expenses are likely tax-deductible -- savings that can add up to a fine stack of greenbacks at […]

How to Write about a "Discovered" Spot

A few tips from freelance writer and editor Jennifer Stevens, how to write about a "discovered" spot.

How to Sell More by Making Your Articles Balanced

Granted, writing marketing sales copy and travel articles may seem like two very different things. But they're not as far apart as you probably think. Both need to be persuasive and well-balanced. And that's exactly what applying "The Four-Legged Stool" will do for your writing -- whether its intent is to sell somebody a product or service (as a marketing piece does) or sell somebody a destination (as a travel article does).

How To Do Article Research Before You Leave Town

No matter where you're headed familiarize yourself with your destination before you pack your bags. Learn how to do article research before leaving town.