Increase Your Article Sales

Breaking into Detective and Crime Magazines

A few suggestions on where to find a list of niches you could peruse for ideas.

No Poodles. No False Teeth. No Travel Articles.

Eight reasons why good articles get unwanted rejection slips. Don't be disheartened if you're still waiting to see your name in print. If you're both professional and persistent (and learn from your mistakes), your hard work WILL pay off eventually.

If It Bleeds, It Leads...

How to Submit Cover Stories and Break into Large Newspapers.

How to Win an Editor with Your Headline

Headlines are designed to grab your attention and draw you in. Yet most travel writers all but ignore this aspect of their stories when they send them to an editor. Here are a few tips from freelance writer Jennifer Stevens on how to increase your article sales.

How to Reach an Editor

You should always submit your story or your query for your story with a well-targeted headline on it. You want it to catch the editor's eye and show him, immediately, what your article is about. It's one of the most effective ways to distinguish yourself from the bulk of other writers also submitting material.

Your Next By-line: In-flight Mags and Alumni Pubs

What's interesting about in-flights is that while the major airline publications are hard to break into, the commuter airlines aren't as forbidding. And a by-line in one makes for a very attractive clip -- not only will it be full-color and glossy, but you can also bank the prestige of saying you were published by an in-flight magazine. Read how you could have your next by-line and break into in-flight mags and alumni pubs.

Three Tricks for Breaking into Newspapers

Three Smart Ways to Sell Your Story to a Newspaper's Travel Editor Open any newspaper's travel section and you're bound to see articles picked up off a wire. They're easy to spot. Under the by-line they'll say something like "Los Angeles Times" (though you're reading the Denver Post). It's not that editors don't want other […]

3 Ways to Repackage (and Resell) an Article

Once you've invested the time and energy in researching, writing, and editing an article, it's a pity to get just one sale out of it. Now, if you maintained some rights to the piece, then you can resell it as-is in non-competing markets. (We've written about this option before. Go here for an article by […]

Five Query Letter Strategies That Work

Arguably the most important writing you'll do when you're working on an article isn't your text at all -- it's the query letter you write to sell it. You've got about five seconds to catch an editor's attention. That means you must use your first two sentences wisely. Don't waste them by introducing yourself, telling […]

How To Increase Your Fees By Adding Sidebars

By Roberta Beach Jacobson, in Karpathos, Greece Study writer's guidelines for just about any travel publication and you'll discover editors like sidebars. I like sidebars, too. Since I'm usually paid by the word, I try to add a sidebar to increase my earnings. We all know we can list resources in a sidebar (like contact […]

The Hidden Truth Behind Articles that Sell

Positive coverage sells. That's the bottom line. When you're defining your articles and when you're deciding what to include in them, think positive. There are two simple reasons for this: ** 1.) People don't buy travel magazines to find out where NOT to go. They buy them because they want to learn about wonderful and […]

Two Higher Paying Niche Markets...

Blessed with travel-writing perks, you can find yourself gallivanting around the world like a millionaire... an invite to a luxury resort here... complimentary theater tickets there... And, of course, if you're writing about your travels, many of your expenses are likely tax-deductible -- savings that can add up to a fine stack of greenbacks at […]

How to Write about a "Discovered" Spot

A few tips from freelance writer and editor Jennifer Stevens, how to write about a "discovered" spot.

Leaves, Clouds, PVC Pipes, And More: How To Turn The Everyday Into Salable Abstract Shots

Tips from Carol Shields, on how to turn the everyday salable abstract shots.

How to Sell More by Making Your Articles Balanced

Granted, writing marketing sales copy and travel articles may seem like two very different things. But they're not as far apart as you probably think. Both need to be persuasive and well-balanced. And that's exactly what applying "The Four-Legged Stool" will do for your writing -- whether its intent is to sell somebody a product or service (as a marketing piece does) or sell somebody a destination (as a travel article does).