Increase Your Article Sales

Travel Writer: Which of These Story Ideas Will Sell Best…

How to Turn a Ho-Hum Story Idea into a Brilliant (and Salable) One.

Assignment Letters, Here's How to Get One...

Advice from freelance travel writer Jennifer Stevens. Why do assignment letters open doors and how can you get them?

Three Ways To Turn Your Free Trips Into Money-Making Articles

Read from Steenie Harvey and how you could sell an article about a place when you’ve received free stuff -- hotel rooms, theater tickets, meals.

How to Use Buying Rights and Copyright to Your Best Advantage

Advice from Lori Appling, what rights is a publication buying. When you agree to sell your travel article, you grant a publication the right to use it. But you don't have to give away the right to use it exclusively. Sometimes you can reserve the right to sell it again and again.

Halloween Articles: Where To Find Fodder For Frightful Tales

  Today: Summer: Time to Think about Pitching Halloween and Holiday Articles Where to Find Fodder for Frightful Tales More Opportunities and Resources for Writers     Dear Reader, I just signed up for a gargoyle tour in Washington, D.C. at the National Cathedral. When I think of D.C., I don't think of gargoyles. In […]

Target Your Readers' Emotions...and Sell More

No matter how good an idea you have for your article -- even if it speaks, without question, to a current trend -- if you don't approach your piece with this simple truth in mind, it's going to be difficult to sell.

8 Must-Review Tips for Telling your Story without Boring your Reader

Tips from freelance travel writer Jennifer Stevens for telling your story without getting your readers bored.

Double Your Income by Selling Special-Interest Pieces to Niche Publications

Tips from Jerre Repass, how selling special-interest pieces to niche publications can double your income. There are hundreds of not-so-obvious places to get published along the way to big-time success

How to Turn a Profit on a Feel-Good Trend

Advice from Jennifer Stevens -- a primer on some trends you may not be aware of and about how you, as a travel writer, can capitalize on them, starting now.

Writing Reviews: Trash the Checklist and Look for What's Unique

Tips from freelance writer Steenie Harvey on how to write better and unique reviews.

Want a Few Dollars More on Every Article You Write?

Want to earn an extra $300-$1,300 on every article you write? Here are two things you can do with practically no added effort.

Think Like a Spy... And Sell More Articles and Photos

In previous articles, I've waxed on about the importance of including specifics in your stories. To review, briefly... Don't say a place is hot. Say it's 96 degrees. Don't say a hotel is nicely appointed. Say two terry robes hang in the closet... next to the Bose CD player on the desk sits a stack […]

What Editors Want: Rule #1 - People Sell Pictures

PEOPLE SELL PICTURES! By itself, it will enable you to sell more pictures than you ever thought possible.

Two Ways to Pinpoint Your Audience and Sell Your Story

Not only do you need to sell your destination... whether a hotel, restaurant, or rarely visited beach... you also need to sell your article, whether to a reading audience or, more importantly, to the editor who will accept or reject it.

The Right Way To Use "Rights" -- So You Can Sell Your Article Again and Again

When you're submitting an article for publication, the kinds of "rights" you sell with it will make all the difference in your ability to resell that same piece, word-for-word.

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