Where to Sell Your Stories

Press trips and the travel writer’s life

Great food, wine, fun, and company are just some of the benefits of the travel writer's life -- thanks to free press trips.

How to sell your stories: write for local publications

Getting your first clips is easy (and will lead to more travel eventually) when you stick with local publications and follow these steps...

The Benefits of an ITWPA Membership

Tanya Montgomery has had over 150 articles published in two years and taken some amazing free trips. Here she shares what ITWPA membership can mean for you...

The Numbers Behind Our Boston Travel Writing Workshop

We opened registration in our Loyalty Club yesterday to the first 15 people who’d like to attend our upcoming travel writing workshop in Boston without charge. Here are some numbers on the event...

Travel Mishaps Often Produce the Best Travel Articles

The best travel articles often come from those problems we experience on the road. As Stan Sinberg explains, there's always a way to cash in on disaster.

Where Can I Sell My Travel Stories? Roy Stevenson Will Tell You...

Where can you sell your travel stories? The answer in today's interview with Roy Stevenson -- a classic from our archives -- may surprise you. Click here to read more...

Two Publications Where You Already Have a Foot in the Door

Two places where mentioning that you’re a reader of this newsletter will give you a leg up with the editor. Click here to read more...

How to Get Paid Twice for the Same Story

Repackaging your travel articles is a great way to sell the same story to different publications—and it’s a lot easier than you might think. There are a few simple rules to follow in order to make sure your articles are different enough to submit to multiple publications. Read what Steenie Harvey has to say, here...

How to Sell Travel Articles: The Key to Finding an Editor Who's Looking to Buy

If you haven’t yet sold your first travel article, perhaps you’re sending it to the wrong editor. Today's tip from Jen Stevens (architect of our Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop and author of The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program) will help you find the buyer you're looking for. Click here for more details...

How to Sell a Photo Essay to Newspapers and Magazines

Kyle Wagner, Travel Editor of the Denver Post, gives her advice on how to sell a photo essay to newspapers and magazines. She gives five key pieces of advice that everyone should hear!

Ecuador, Day 4: How to Sell Your Articles to Editors

Jackie Gray writes from Ecuador one last time. She shares freelance writer, Steenie Harvey's, advice on how to sell your article to an editor.

How and When to Follow-Up with an Editor

Travel Writer, Steenie Harvey, gives her advice on how to follow up, and when, with editors after submitting an article for submission. Read her insights here!

Five Hot Online Travel Trends You Can Write about in 2011

Looking for new places to sell your travel stories? Travel Writer Roy Stevenson gives us the top travel trends for 2011 and a list of publications where you might sell your articles.

How to Publish Travel Stories about Unsafe, Less-Traveled and Sometimes Unruly Destinations

Travel writer Steenie Harvey explains that you can write great travel articles no matter where you are. Some locations are more desirable than others, but you can still write saleable stories about places most people don't want to visit.

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