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Featured Publication: Spirit Magazine

Spirit Magazine is the only in-flight entertainment offered on Southwest Airlines and, as a great source of distraction for passengers, it doesn't limit itself to articles about travel. This month's issue covers stories on Detroit and Las Vegas, as well as tidbits about TV characters, country music singers, facts about submarines, and recipes for coffee […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: San Francisco Chronicle Magazine

The San Francisco Chronicle Magazine (http://www.sfgate.com/magazine) is a twice-monthly publication that goes out with the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, the largest newspaper in Northern California. At first glance, the stories on the magazine’s website seem to cover a hodgepodge of topics. They range from restaurant reviews to breast cancer information to a story about an […]


Matador Travel is a hub of nine different e-zines wrapped into one online travel community. Each separate arm of the site has its own writer's guidelines and each is on the lookout for fresh content. There's a travel article style for everyone here, from trip ideas to traveling and studying abroad, travel tips, nightlife, travel […]


Orion was founded in 1982. Since then, its focal point has been nature writing. But while nature and environment issues remain its main focus, the magazine has evolved into a larger, wider-reaching publication. Today, topics range from people and places to stories and memoirs to our favorite topic as of late... food. Not your typical […]


If you’ve ever lived in the Western United States, you probably know Sunset Magazine. It’s colorful, glossy, and full of stories and photos of picturesque homes and gardens across the West. But did you know that Sunset Magazine has an active travel and food section, and they’re looking for freelancers to fill it up? Turns […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Photographers Direct

Photographers Direct is an online photo marketplace that can help you sell your photos in four ways. First, like microstock agencies, it has a searchable online database of photos so buyers can find what they’re looking for easily and buy directly from you. However, unlike microstock sites, with Photographers Direct you negotiate the price with […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Washingtonian Magazine

Washingtonian Magazine's no-nonsense, no-fluff style wins over the hearts of 150,000 highly educated, well-paid readers each month. It's been around since 1965, and ever under the same editor, Jack Limpert. Through over 40 years of publication, the magazine brings Washington-area residents and visitors meaty articles about art, culture, food and dining, travel, news, politics, jobs, […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Executive Travel Magazine

Executive Travel, a subscription print and online magazine, is tailor-made for the business traveler. Inside, you'll find airport round-up articles, business profiles of major international cities, and style tips for looking sharp at your next meeting. It even runs adventure articles, like "Heliskiing: The Ultimate Chairlift," in case you have an extra day or two […]


by Roberta Beach Jacobson OffbeatTravel.com is a fun e-magazine to read, so it's not surprising to see it gathering media attention. Editor/publisher Neala Schwartzberg runs the entire monthly magazine herself, pegging it as "Your travel guide to offbeat places and unusual destinations world-wide, with a fresh look at old favorites." Right now, she's in need […]


by Roberta Beach Jacobson in Karpathos, Greece MyMidwest Magazine (http://www.mymidwestmagazine.com) is the lively and colorful bi-monthly in-flight magazine for Midwest Airlines. Most of what you find in its 116 pages is written by freelancers, which means your story stands a good chance of getting in. That said, be sure that any travel story you propose […]

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Microsoft's Easy Website Builder

Overall, I really like this new tool from Microsoft (http://smallbusiness.officelive.com). It's easy. It's free. And, it's great for people with no web experience. If I had one gripe, it'd be that you can't name your own links. The system decides your URL ...and it's not pretty (or easy to remember). The site I created is […]


http://www.signspotting.com by Roberta Beach Jacobson in Karpathos, Greece How many times have you laughed over the ridiculous signs you've encountered on your travels? Well, keep that camera at the ready...because next time you spot a funny sign, you can send your photo to Signspotting.com. If they decide to publish your photo, they'll pay you $50... […]


http://www.intheknowtraveler.com by Roberta Beach Jacobson in Karpathos, Greece In The Know Traveler, also known as ITKT, is a small, online travel magazine that focuses on the positive aspects of travel. Its writers share practical advice, using interesting and unique story angles. ITKT celebrates world travel in a big way -- with hundreds of articles (and […]


Wanderlust is a British travel magazine with eight issues per year (http://www.wanderlust.co.uk). They cover independent and semi-independent travel, as well as special-interest travel. They love local culture angles… and want writers to go soft on adventure.

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