Photography Tips for Writers

Selling People Pictures without a Model Release

I didn't bother to bring model releases with me on our trip around the world -- and it won't make a lick of difference when it comes to selling my photos.

Photo Tip: A Quick Warning about Shadows and Reflections

HOW TO (AND HOW NOT TO) USE SHADOWS AND REFLECTIONS While shadows are an excellent creative tool in photography, they can also be a nuisance. Take, for instance, these two pictures submitted for this month's photo challenge.... Do you see the shadow of the photographer in the first picture? And I think that's a bystander […]

How to Send Your Photos to an Editor

What Kinds of Photos to Send an Editor... and How, Exactly, to Send Them By Riley Caton in Portland, OR An editor of a local bi-weekly newspaper called me the other day looking for a picture. He wanted to use an image of mine shot at a local professional theatre company. The company had already […]

Photo Tip: How to Use Lines to Improve your Photos Fast

Last Sunday's New York Times Travel Section is devoted to travel photography. If you haven't yet happened upon it, go give it a read. The images are breathtaking -- both in their quality and their variety. I'd point you to two pieces from that issue, in particular: ** 1) Read the thoughtful article by Howard […]

May Winners: All Things Edible

I found no shortage of good photos entered in last month's challenge, the theme of which was "All Things Edible." In part, I suppose, it was because everyone had easy access to the subject matter -- after all, we all eat. But beyond that, I feel as if the caliber of the photos we receive […]

June's Photo Challenge Theme: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Wherever you're headed this summer -- be it an exotic destination or someplace more tame -- be sure to pack your camera. Focus in on the way you travel to your destination and how you get around once you are there. The theme for June's Photo Challenge is: "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles." Of course, we […]

Try the French Food Method...

Photography... The French Food Way Though our workshop in Paris has come to a close and I'm back home, I am still struck by the connection I noticed between the way the French slowly savor their meals (and come away truly satisfied) and the way -- when you take that same approach to photography -- […]

Should you Insure your Camera Equipment?

Should You Insure Your Camera Equipment? By Sue Wright in Paris, France "What sort of price tag do you put on your livelihood?" That's the question I usually ask readers that call me to register for one of AWAI's live workshops when they ask me whether or not they should ensure their camera equipment before […]

April Winners: Hospitality and Welcome

Choosing the winning photos for last month's theme, "Hospitality and Welcome," was difficult. In the end, after narrowing my favorites down to six, I had to choose based on the captions each photographer wrote under their pictures. Photo captions are important. Professional photographer Rich Wagner will tell you that the caption alone puts this picture […]

3 Cool Camera Tricks You Can Try this Weekend...

Three Cool Camera Tricks You Can Try This Weekend By Cheryl Bigman in San Ramon, CA On the second night of the Charleston Photography Workshop, after the sunset shoot, professional photographer, Shelly Perry, and I decided to take a leisurely walk back to the hotel rather than take a cab. We wanted to see the […]

May's Photo Challenge Theme: All Things Edible

Paris -- the site for our upcoming photography and travel writing workshops -- makes me think about decadent chocolates, unusual cheeses, croissants, wine, and wonderful street cafes serving rich coffee (my favorite). Since food is on my mind... I challenge you to turn your camera toward exactly that this month. And when I say food, […]

How to Get Workshop-Quality Pictures

Today: *** Pictures from Charleston... Portraits in Paris... and How I Met Professional Photographer, Rich Wagner *** Introducing: Workshop-Quality Pictures without Attending a Workshop *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Good-Value Sells *** Reader Feedback: Announcing the New Wall of Fame Dear Reader, On the last day of our photo workshop in Charleston, SC […]

Unique = Saleable, Here's My Advice...

How to Use Framing in Your Composition to Capture More Memorable Images It's true -- if you can make your photographs more distinctive, you'll make them more saleable. There are millions of pictures of the Eiffel Tower for sale, for instance, so if you want yours to stand out among them, you'll have to find […]

How to Make the Most of Motion

Expressing Motion in Photographs By Riley Caton I have had the opportunity to shoot a number of sporting events, from professional basketball to skiing, even the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. During these events, I have used a number of TIPS FROM RILEY C. Panning is one of them. Panning is a photographic technique that […]

Legs and Necks and What to Do about Them

Today: *** Cutting Off Legs and Necks *** Special Reduced Press Rate on Two Summer Trips *** Practical Writing Prompt of the Week: Turn a News Item into a Travel Story *** Reader Feedback: You Helped, and I Landed a By-line (and a Check) Dear Reader, I learned a lot today. I'm in Charleston, South […]

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