Cheaper/Better Ways to Travel

Avoiding Hotel Surcharges and Nine Odd Uses for Toothpaste

Hotels love to add surcharges onto every long-distance call you make from your room. And I love to sneakily avoid them. Here's how: When you've got more than one long-distance call to make from your hotel room, don't hang up between calls. Instead, wait for the person on the other end of the line to […]

Rule 240 might save you hours when you travel.

On one side, folks argue that if you're stranded at an airport for any reason other than weather, you can ask your airline to invoke Rule 240, which states that they'll fly you on the next available flight (whether that flight is through their airline or another). On the other side, however, airline employees, reporters, […]

10 Travel Hot Spots for 2008

Some people salivate at the phrase "luxury travel." But what is luxury? Ramping prices to exclude the proletariat doesn't indicate desirability to me. Even with a lottery win, I wouldn't want to ski at Gstaad, play roulette at Monte Carlo, or blow $400 in a Michelin-starred restaurant. I get my share of travel writer freebies, […]

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