Cheaper/Better Ways to Travel

Travel Writing Food Adventures

Travel writing isn’t only about taking luxury trips. It’s also about adventure... living life to its fullest... and food!

Beyond Spas: The Perks of Being a Spa Writer

Travel writer Melissa Broughton, for example, spends her days relaxing in luxury spas and her nights sleeping in the best hotels in the world... and she gets PAID for it.

Follow These Guidelines, Cruise for Free, then Sell the Story

Roy took his wife on a 5-day luxury wine cruise and then sold articles about the things they experienced to magazines for a nice profit.

How to Get a Free Cruise

Cruise companies offer free guest rooms, dining and entertainment on board their ships to folks with all sorts of talents and professions including...

Hate Your Job? Here’s an Income Opportunity that Works, No Experience Necessary

I’m going to call this our Take That Job and Shove It Week because unlike any other opportunity I’ve written about or seen online, this one has crazy income potential.

Spa Writing and Its Perks: The Couples Massage

A couple of days at a spa works wonders for relationships.

One Spa Writer’s Top Four Most Unique Spa Experiences

Scroll down for a list of spa writer Melissa Broughton’s most unique spa experiences. Just imagine getting paid to visit places like this…

Earn a New Income Stream From Anywhere in the World

This week we have focused on freelancing -- giving you the opportunity to offer your individual expertise to the world through job networks who are looking for freelancers online.

Use Your Unique Skills to Discover New Income Opportunities

Here are two more opportunities for turning your current career into something you can do from home (or from your travels).

More Freelance Jobs for People Who Want to Travel

Most of us think about “jobs” as confined to a location: office, store, hospital, school… some building that you commute to every work day. But the Internet has changed the rules of earning an income. And today, you can use the web to make money from anywhere—and gain the flexibility of an extra income that suits your life.

Zip-Lining in Pennsylvania: One Travel Writer’s Tale of a Trip Turned into an Adventure

Zip-Lining in Pennsylvania: One Travel Writer’s Tale of a Trip Turned into an Adventure

Her travels took her to Pennsylvania where she thought the highlight would be a trip to Valley Forge. But instead, she found herself on a tree-top platform willing her body to step out into thin air and fly through the trees.

Here’s One Way Travel Writers Travel Free: Free Trips to Singapore, Patagonia, and the Galapagos

Stan’s best all-expenses-paid trips were in Singapore, Patagonia, and the Galapagos. But it wasn’t the free stuff that made these trips so valuable. It was the “super perks” he got on the side.

Travel Writing for Pay and Other Perks (Hershey, PA)

Everyone has to start somewhere. And reader Tanya Montgomery got her start as a travel writer with our Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program. See her story below about how she trades travel writing for free trips, chocolate and more…

Travel Like a King… Without the Royal Budget

Read from Roy Stevenson about his travels from one spa to the next, reviewing accommodation at some of the nicest lodges in the U.S., spa treatments, meals, and more.

Gain Financial Freedom Through Travel Writing Or Photography

If writing’s your passion, take the first step toward financial freedom and join us next month in San Francisco for our only travel writing event this year.