Travel Writing Tips

How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Lede

Read some tips from Editor Kyle Wagner on how to keep your readers hooked on your articles.

Ask this Question to Craft a Strong Article Intro

Read tips from Denver Post Travel Editor Kyle Wagner on what will 'hook' readers to your article.

Seven Travel Stories You Can Find in Your Hometown

Denver Post travel editor Kyle Wagner shares a few simple hometown topics that travel editors like her are buying right now. Here are seven ideas for travel stories you can find in your hometown..

How Anybody Can Turn into a Successful Travel Writer

Read about three travel writers who succeeded, even without having a writing background.

Five Travel Writing Predictions for 2012

Read Jennifer Stevens', the International Living Magazine Executive Editor, advice and predictions for this years travel writers.

The only men I let spit in my face

Read freelance travel writer Steenie Harvey's tips on how to write an eye-catching headline!

What’s Selling Now: Travel Writing in 2012

Travel Writer Roy Stevenson attended the Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop in 2007, and since then, has published over 700 articles. See what story ideas Roy thinks will sell well in 2012.

Top Seven Trips in 2012

Check out the top 7 destinations that freelance travel writer Steenie Harvey is hoping to travel to and write about in 2012.

Writing for Food, Wine and Beer Magazines: Have Fun and Dine on Gourmet Food (It’s Your Job)

Are you interested in eating good food and drinking fine wine for free? Click here to see how travel writer Roy Stevenson gets these great perks.

How One Travel Writer Travels Like a King and Rarely Pays for It

See how Roy Stevenson gets all the perks of being a travel writer. Click here to read how you can travel in style, too.

Where Can I Sell My Travel Stories? Roy Stevenson Will Tell You...

Where can you sell your travel stories? The answer in today's interview with Roy Stevenson -- a classic from our archives -- may surprise you. Click here to read more...

How Lucy Brown Got Her Start in Travel Writing

Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop attendee Lucy Brown landed a gig writing a travel guide and several bylines in International Living Magazine. Click here to see how she did this, and now lives on her own terms.

English Teacher Turned Travel Writer

Read how Great Escape Publishing Workshop Attendee Lucy Brown became a successful travel writer. Click here to read more..

Reader Success: Get Published for the First Time

Chava attended the AWAI Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop in Chicago earlier this month and has already seen her first travel article published. With no experience whatsoever, Chava followed every bit of advice she picked up from the workshop and it worked! Click to see how she did it, and get her two most valuable pieces of advice...

Visiting Cemeteries for Travel Articles, Strange Travel Tip #8

As part of our Strange and Bizarre Travel Tip Series, I’d like to encourage you from now on to visit cemeteries every time you travel. It’s a great way to examine local culture, religion, art, and history. They make for good photographs, too. Great fine art prints. And if there’s a story behind the gravestones, great editorial shots, too. Click here to check out these strange and unusual cemeteries around the world…