Travel Writing Tips

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Travel Editor at the Denver Post, Kyle Wagner, gives 6 inspirational and helpful tips on how to get published as a travel writer in 2011.

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This week Lori Allen interviewed travel writer Jennifer Stevens to get her advice on the fastest and easiest way to turn your travels into paid vacations this year.

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Al Bonowitz, editor of Westways Magazine, gives four great pieces of advice on how to pitch travel articles to editors in today's market.

Tips for Selling Your Travel Stories to Glossy Magazines in 2011

Al Bonowitz, editor of Westways magazine, gives professional insight into what makes a saleable magazine article in 2011. The magazine market continues to change but Al offers tips and advice on how to sell a great magazine article.

Five Hot Online Travel Trends You Can Write about in 2011

Looking for new places to sell your travel stories? Travel Writer Roy Stevenson gives us the top travel trends for 2011 and a list of publications where you might sell your articles.

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