Travel Writing Tips

Five Ways "Professional" Behavior Can Earn You More Bylines... and Perks

Hear Jennifer Stevens, Executive Editor if International Living Magazine, give great tips on how professional behavior can increase your article sales, and better your relationship with editors.

Ecuador, Day 3: "The Only Men I Let Spit in my Face" - How to Create a Great Title

Ecuador, Day 3: "The Only Men I Let Spit in my Face" - How to Create a Great Title

Jackie Gray from Ecuador writes about the importance of creating an eye-catching title.

Ecuador, Day 2: Even at a Five-Star Spa, It’s Not about You

Jackie Gray, from Cotacachi, Ecuador gives some advice about how to get out of the way when you're writing a travel article. You're not the star of the show, the destination is.

Travel Writing Expedition in Ecuador, Day 1: Are You Being Descriptive or Just Lazy?

Travel Writing Expedition in Ecuador, Day 1: Are You Being Descriptive or Just Lazy?

Jackie Gray gives advice on how to properly use description in travel articles, and to make them more attractive to editors. She writes to us from Cotacachi, Ecuador on our Travel Writing Workshop.

How and When to Follow-Up with an Editor

Travel Writer, Steenie Harvey, gives her advice on how to follow up, and when, with editors after submitting an article for submission. Read her insights here!

Where to Find the Power Words That Make Your Descriptions Rich, Sophisticated, and Professional

Jen Stevens gives great examples and advice on how power words can really increase the quality of your travel article.

5 Tips for Smart Digging: How to do Article Research Before You Leave Town

No matter where you're headed -- whether you're bound for a tourist attraction just a few miles from your home or an exotic locale halfway around the globe, familiarize yourself with your destination before you pack your bags. Even if it's a place you've been to before, don't skip this step. Things change. And you […]

Confessions of a Travel Writer: 10 Cool Trips to Take in 2011

Steenie Harvey, freelance writer and co-editor of International Living Magazine gives her top 10 picks on where to travel in 2011.

How to Get Published in 2011: 6 Tips from Travel Editor, Kyle Wagner

Travel Editor at the Denver Post, Kyle Wagner, gives 6 inspirational and helpful tips on how to get published as a travel writer in 2011.

Audio Clip: Why Now Is a Great Time to Get Paid to Travel

This week Lori Allen interviewed travel writer Jennifer Stevens to get her advice on the fastest and easiest way to turn your travels into paid vacations this year.

Advice on Pitching Travel Stories to Editors

Al Bonowitz, editor of Westways Magazine, gives four great pieces of advice on how to pitch travel articles to editors in today's market.

Tips for Selling Your Travel Stories to Glossy Magazines in 2011

Al Bonowitz, editor of Westways magazine, gives professional insight into what makes a saleable magazine article in 2011. The magazine market continues to change but Al offers tips and advice on how to sell a great magazine article.

Five Hot Online Travel Trends You Can Write about in 2011

Looking for new places to sell your travel stories? Travel Writer Roy Stevenson gives us the top travel trends for 2011 and a list of publications where you might sell your articles.