I’d like to get started as a travel writer. Where do I begin?

Your best bet to get the wheels in motion is to read through the articles on this site and then sign up for this free video on how to try it out.

I recently purchased your Ultimate Travel Writer’s Course. Now what?

If you own our course on travel writing, The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program, we would suggest reviewing Lesson 7 of that program, which contains all the major travel writing templates for articles. You might also review: Lesson 9, on coming up with the best story ideas; Lessons 13 and 14, on writing well; Lesson 22, with sample query letters you can model; and Lesson 24, with letters of introduction you can use to cash in on travel writing’s perks.

How can I learn about your other get-paid-to-travel ventures?

We publish a free weekly newsletter, The Right Way to Travel, where you can also learn about other exciting get-paid-to-travel ventures like photography, blogging, import-export and creating your own tours. You can sign up here.

You’ll get more travel writing tips inside it too, in addition to articles like: how to come up with story ideas for your travel blog… pinpoint the best places to sell your photos... get started importing a product from overseas…  plan your first tour abroad… and more!

As a new travel writer, can I write for you?

Please note: we publish articles on the craft of getting paid to travel, whether through photography, writing, leading tours, or other means. We do not publish “straight” travel pieces. Our regular contributors are typically professional photographers and/or writers who have had success selling their photos and/or travel articles. We also publish articles from other freelancers who have had success with these same ventures and want to share how they did it with our readers. Here is a link to our Writer’s Submission Guidelines.