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The fastest and easiest way to get started as a travel writer if you've been following our newsletter and you already know a little bit about travel writing, is with our Lazy Man's Guide to Travel Writing.

The Lazy Man’s principle is simple: If it’s not easy, don’t do it.

With this guide, you’ll learn quick-and-easy shortcuts you can take to get your travel articles published in as little time as possible. This easy, no-stress guide will have you coming up with hundreds of story ideas and the know-how to pitch them to editors in no time.

You’ll learn: the easiest types of articles to get published and how to write them, lazy ways to generate ideas, how to get published right away, and how to write once and get paid twice (or more) – the true Lazy Man’s goal.

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Travel Writing for Beginners and Those Looking to Make a Little More Money

Where the Lazy Man's Guide skims, The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program fills in all the blanks. With easy-to-follow templates that tell you what to write first, what to write next, and what your last sentence should be, The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program covers all the bases when it comes to getting started.

You'll get sample query letters you can model and step-by-step instructions for getting on the invite lists of all the cool happenings in your town along with press release lists where you'll find offers of free trips and other perks available to travel writers.

This home-study program includes "live" assignments and also a list of publications looking to hire freelance writers.

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Start with our archived eletter issues here at We write about getting started as a travel writer on a regular basis.

Note: As always, all of our products come with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you can't come up with a publishable travel article idea in the first 30 days of taking any of our programs, simply let us know by phone, fax or email and we'll refund your money. It's that simple.