How to Fund Your Travels and Do What You Love

Doug is not a celebrity.

And yet, he can go to the Bahamas any time he wants. He can sail yachts and stay in private island homes.

Doug is not a pilot... but he can fly in fighter jets. He can go skiing in Aspen... and play golf at exclusive clubs.

How does Doug get paid to play with millionaires’ toys and take exotic trips around the globe? He’s in the “fun biz.” And it doesn't involve travel writing or photography.

It works like this…

First, you arrange a trip you really want to take – something cool that others will want to do, too.  This can include fun things like taste-testing fine wines, hiking big mountains, seeing the Northern Lights from glass-top igloos, to name a few.

Then you find a market of people interested in the same thing.  (Lots of niche websites offer free advertising for trips that include things like golf, music, cooking, vintage cars, hiking, painting, fishing, spirituality, bird-watching, gardening, writing, art, yoga, and fine wines.)

You put a tour together that includes the things you want to do and the places you want to stay. Then you use those free outlets to advertise your tour, marking up the price so that YOUR trip is completely paid for and you’re making a tidy profit for your efforts in securing the locations and all the tour guides you’ll need on the ground.

Whatever you like to do when you travel… whether it’s to relax, golf, motorcycle, sail or hike, there are others out there right now searching the web for tours they can take that include these fun things.

You don’t have to create a need or a desire for your tour.  People are already out there looking for someone else to do all the planning.

And as long as you’re offering a complete package deal – they’ll be happy to come along for the ride.

You’ll find examples of fun tours your fellow readers are already leading, here.

Is this something you can really do? Yes. I’ll tell you why tomorrow.

[Editor's Note: Yesterday, I asked you to share your biggest travel dream in 2015 with me on Facebook or on our website. Here's where some of our staff wants to go...

Bonnie wants to put her stuff on a yak and drink butter tea in Nepal.  She wants to test her physical limits and climb as close to the stars in the sky as possible.

Christina wants to hike through the rainforest of Belize and tube through the country's intricate cave systems.

My trip to Alaska is coming up and it’s put snow and glaciers in my mind so I’d like to see Antarctica next.

Cecy thinks whales and penguins are cool but she’d like to add some adrenaline rush experiences like cliff jumping, snorkeling, and shark swimming.  She’s got her sights set on the Philippines.

And Kacyn and Jackie both want a relaxing escape to a small beach town in Greece.

If you have a travel dream in 2015, find out how to turn it into a “fun biz” with profits of $3,000-$10,000 plus free travel, here.

Learn more about opportunities to profit from your travels (and even from your own home) in our free online newsletter The Right Way to Travel.]

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Over the past eleven years, Lori Allen has worked personally with more than 3,000 budding travel writers and photographers to help them meet those same goals – to hone their writing and photography skills and to better market themselves to prospective clients and editors.
Over the past ten years, Lori has worked personally with more than 1,500 budding travel writers and photographers to help them meet those same goals -- to hone their writing and photography skills and to better market themselves to prospective clients and editors.

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