How to Fund Your Travels and Do What You Love

Doug is not a celebrity.

And yet, he can go to the Bahamas any time he wants. He can sail yachts and stay in private island homes.

Doug is not a pilot... but he can fly in fighter jets. He can go skiing in Aspen... and play golf at exclusive clubs.

How does Doug get paid to travel on a whim and play with millionaires’ toys? Well, he’s in the “fun biz” I mentioned yesterday.

In this newsletter, we usually talk about funding your trips with travel writing and photography. But this opportunity is so easy to do in your spare time that I thought you might like to know about it, too.

Plus, it’s something you can easily combine with your writing and photography pursuits.

Here’s how it works...

If you’ve ever arranged an outing for yourself, friends, or family -- such as a trip to the movies, dinner, or an event like a car show -- you can do this.

You can get paid to travel to the places that interest YOU -- and do things that interest YOU.

And it can be any interest: golf, music, cooking, vintage cars, hiking, painting, fishing, spirituality, bird-watching, gardening, writing, art, yoga, fine wines...

Whatever it is that you love, you can use it to fund your travels by creating a “fun biz” around it.

It’s fun. And it doesn’t take a bunch of business savvy. More details here.

Is this truly something you can do? Yes. I’ll tell you why tomorrow.

[Editor's Note: Yesterday, I asked you to share your biggest travel dream in 2013 with me on Facebook or on our website. Here's where some of our staff wants to go...

Allison wants to go to Bali to scuba dive.
Annie wants to go to Curacao for some sun and Argentina for a wine tour.
Bonnie wants to study art in Paris and then explore the Himalayas, Patagonia and the white sand beaches of Southeast Asia.
Kacyn wants to go to the Greek Islands to eat and shop.

If you have a travel dream in 2013, find out how to turn it into a “fun biz” with profits of $3,000-$10,000 plus free travel, here.

Learn more about opportunities to profit from your travels (and even from your own home) in our free online newsletter The Right Way to Travel.]