How to Sell Travel Articles: Step Four

Bonnie here, again, with your last simple step to getting your travel article published, so you can enjoy the perks and paychecks that go along with being a travel writer.

Over the last few days, you’ve learned:

STEP 1: How to pick the right publication for your story.

STEP 2: How to read the publication to be sure it’s a good fit.

STEP 3: The importance of following the Writer’s Guidelines.

Now it’s time to take the final step that stops most people in their tracks. Even if you do all of the other steps perfectly, you’ll never get published if you don’t complete...

STEP 4: Send your article to an editor.

Here’s how.

First, proofread your article before you send it in, and have a friend read it, too. Ask him or her to look for misspellings or awkward spots that you can quickly fix.

Then, go ahead... send in your story. Some editors prefer that you query first, others want you to send the entire article. I always make sure to figure out how the editor wants my story before sending it in.

Hint: Check in the Writer’s Guidelines.

You might just get lucky. In my case, the editor of the publication I was targeting for my first travel article wrote back the very same day. He even told me how excited he was that the story followed all of his specifications, fit in with the other articles on the site, and didn’t need any extra work. He paid me, and asked when I could send him another story.

And last, if you don’t get published the first time, don’t worry.Just ask yourself: Does my story fit in with the style of this publication?Have they already published something like it? Where else can I submit it?

And then go back to STEP 1 and repeat. It’s as simple as that!

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Bonnie is the Editorial Manager for Great Escape Publishing, a regular contributor to The Right Way to Travel, and Editor of the online newsletter Breakfast Stock Club, which focuses on selling your photos in online stock photo agencies. She got her first travel articles published after attending the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop five summers ago in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. Before joining Great Escape Publishing, she taught English for two years in the South of France and vagabonded through South America and South East Asia.

2 responses to “How to Sell Travel Articles: Step Four”

  1. karen

    I have travelled in groups, with one person and alone to 5 continents already. I have wrote a true story of my mothers life and am now writing a novel on travelling for middle aged women who have become divorced like me and have grown up children. It is a comedy and I have received some great reviews from critics. I continue to travel for my book and want to make some cash as I go along. I know I can do this well but dont know where to start. I think I should buy the book travel writers guide and get on with it.
    Thanks for your inspiration. I am happy today. :-)

    1. The Travel Writer's Life

      Hi Karen,

      I am glad that you have been enjoying our articles. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.


      Lacey Reeves
      AWAI Travel Division