Earn $2,000 - $3,000 per deal
importing products from overseas… in your spare time… without ever leaving home.

No matter what your interests –
electronics, toys, clothes, games, jewelry…

You Can Import a Fortune
from Right there at Home …

And Fund a Live-Anywhere,
Travel-Anytime Life

If you have an Internet connection, a little bit of free time, and a desire to bank a couple thousand dollars before the end of next month, then I’d like to send you a new report. And when you respond in the next 5 days, I’d like to send it to you for FREE.

If you aren’t familiar with the booming import/export business, you should know it’s an ideal way to create a new or full-time income for yourself.

By importing goods in bulk at low prices and then selling them on at higher prices, you can make a nice profit for yourself. And, you don’t even have to leave home, or get dressed to get started. In fact, as long as you have an Internet connection, you’re in business.

If you like to travel, chances are, you’ve already seen an item in one of those import stores like Pier 1 or World Market and thought, “Jeez ... $23 for that? I saw a nicer one in a market in Ecuador for only $3 ...”

Well that $20 could be money in your pocket. And you import products like these without ever touching them. Without maintaining inventory. And without selling them door-to-door.

What’s more, you can do it all, no matter where you are in the world right now.

The challenge of course, is simply getting started on your first deal.

That’s why this free report is the perfect solution. It’s called The Fast-Start Guide: How I Made $2,997 on My Very First Deal and How You Can Too!

And, inside you’ll learn:

I guarantee you’ll make $2,000- $3,000 in your very first transaction, simply by following the tried-and-trusted steps detailed in this exclusive report or your money back. And it’s yours free when you agree to try our newest product, Importing Fortunes: How to Start Your Own Internet Goldmine.

The truth is, everyone knows there’s money to be made on the Internet. But not everyone knows how to make it.

Jeff makes $12,000 a month selling chakra beads and a few other products detailed in our program. Reed and Riley have sold over $21,000 worth of wooden watches. And Bob makes up to $25,000 a month selling yoga mats. These people aren’t doing anything you can’t learn to do. In fact, the business model they follow is one that online retailers have been following for ages. It’s easy to understand. And it’s a fun and fast way to make money.

How much money? And how quickly?

If you start today, there’s a good chance you’ll make a couple thousand dollars in the next 30 days or less. Take Marc C., who I told you about earlier. He saw sales within 8 days! So I asked him to outline how he did it for you in your FREE report: The Fast-Start Guide: How I Made $2,997 on My Very First Deal and How You Can Too!

Follow his lead and your first deal will turn out profitably, too. You’ll see -- in real time, in real world situations, HOW to make up to $3,000 now!

But as exciting as three grand is, it’s only a small taste of the lucrative profits that exist. And getting those bigger profits is as easy as following a simple formula...

Ordinary People Are Using this Simple Formula
to Make Extra Cash Online

This Is for You if …

You’re looking for a way to make extra money to fund your travels or finance your retirement.

You have EVER dreamt of what it would be like to set your own hours and work wherever you want in the world.

This opportunity could be a full-time endeavor if you wanted it to be. But it’s also an ideal sideline. You can work as much – or as little – as you want to. And make money from home.

Jane Ivanov loves lingerie, so she was shocked to see there were no attractive bras or panties for expecting and nursing moms when she got pregnant. She got the idea of selling pretty maternity and nursing lingerie online. And on a shoestring budget she started a small business in her back bedroom office. Today her company is booming. She generates more than a million dollars in sales annually.

Brad Fallon sells wedding favors online. He gets his products at deeply discounted prices (from where? I’ll tell you in a minute) then he sells them at substantial markups. He, too, started small but in a few short years his sales were just shy of $3 million – giving him a net profit of about $600,000.

And Jason Holland used this plan to import kids’ costumes to sell with his wife’s children’s books. Before long they realized there was way more profit to be made on the costumes than the kids’ books so they expanded their orders and used the money to help pay for their move to Costa Rica.

The Incredibly Simple Formula
Behind All Successful Retailers

How did Jane, Brad, and the Holland’s do it? How did they turn something they were interested in into a cash cow?

It’s very simple …

They did (and still do) what all successful retailers do:

Walmart, Best Buy and Macy’s
Use this Secret, too …

The Secret to Getting Rich: Find a popular product that is selling for $100. Find someone to knock it off and sell it to you for $10. Then sell it to the market at half price.

The Walton family used this formula to make Walmart the biggest retailer in the world. It is also the formula that Target, Macy's, Rooms to Go, Amazon, Best Buy, and just about every other major retailer in the U.S. has used.

Nobody can resist a bargain. And that's how these retailers stay in business. By selling in-demand goods at discount prices.

And now you can, too. Quickly and easily from a home office anywhere around the world.

Even if you’re ready to retire … this can be ideal. Because you don’ t have to build an empire. This is something easily done on the side … so you’re earning a nice income from your kitchen table. And that leaves plenty of time for golf, travel, lunches out with friends, volunteer work, photography, writing, reading … your time is your own.

“Buying Low” and “Selling High” …

Let’s say you love tea. You like drinking it, exploring different ways of brewing it, and trying every brand you can get your hands on.

Now imagine buying your favorite tea (or tea kettle) for cheap in bulk and then selling it at a high mark up … over and over again.

That’s what Jane does, only she sells lingerie for expecting and nursing mothers. Brad sells wedding favors. And the Holland’s sell children’s costumes.

And you, too, could bring the same formula into your living room and import fortunes by selling simple products online.

That’s why I’m writing to you today …

We’ve found an easy, proven way to make it happen. A way that’s already been tested by everyday people like Jane, Brad, and the Holland’s. A way to turn simple product ideas into cash machines.

It’s a step-by-step system for buying your favorite products for super-cheap and then selling them for a high price online.

It’s called, Importing Fortunes: How to Start Your Own Internet Goldmine.

Whether you’re interested in pet organics … art supplies … the latest workout equipment … kids’ toys … electronics … golf equipment … or cashmere socks, Importing Fortunes shows you, step-by-step, how to make good money by selling the products you love online.

Take a Full 90 Days to Put it to the Test!

I feel so confident this program can work for you – that within 30 days you could easily be earning at least $2,000 at home (from virtually anywhere on the planet) – that I’ll actually give you 90 days to test it out, risk-free.

That’s right. If within 90 days, you haven’t earned at least $2,000, I’ll give you a refund. No problem. No questions. That’s how strongly I believe this opportunity can work for you.

Keep in mind, the exclusive report, The Fast-Start Guide: How I Made $2,997 on My Very First Deal and How You Can Too! is yours to keep FREE! And, since it shows you how to make nearly $3,000 on your first deal – you’re going to come out winning – simply by acting now on this amazing risk-free offer!

Read on for details – and a special, limited-time offer on the table today that’ll save you money and accelerate your success.

It helps you discover …

Selling online is a perfect, no-headache way to make money no matter where you are or what you’re doing. And it’s a skill you can use on as small or big of a scale as you like, depending on how much money you want to make with it.

That’s because this step-by-step system gives you full access to …

A Members-Only $6 Billion
Online Clearinghouse

As a member of Importing Fortunes, you’ll be able to access a $6 billion “Internet Goldmine” immediately.

What’s this “Internet Goldmine” all about?

It's a clearinghouse and meeting point where buyers and sellers from all over the world can make deals on every kind of good you can think of …

… without ever leaving home!

This immensely powerful website:

It’s even won Forbes “Best of the Web” … seven years in a row!

It’s where you can buy Turkish scarves for $3-$5 a piece (that regularly sell in stores and on eBay for $30) …

Electronics from China that always sell at a premium online …

And leather handbags from Italy that routinely sell for hundreds of dollars online, even though you’ll pay less than $20 each.

Not long from now … with the information you’ll have at your disposal with this system …

… YOU could be funding a live-anywhere, travel-anytime life just like many others who are taking advantage of this phenomenal members-only, money-making website.

And you can do it with super-small start-up costs!

In fact, your free report, The Fast-Start Guide: How I Made $2,997 on My Very First Deal and How You Can Too! jump-starts your success because it focuses on making you money right away! Once you complete your first deal, you’ll begin to see new opportunities, new markets, and new possibilities … and that’s where Importing Fortunes comes in. It takes you further into the market and abundant possibilities.

Let me show you another real-life example…

Passion for PJs Leads to Big Profits

Valerie Johnson is one of thousands of everyday people who use this formula to generate a huge income.

Valerie was a Las Vegas college dropout with zero experience in the textile industry, product sourcing, and Internet marketing. But she wanted to start an online pajama business. And when she discovered this $6 billion trading website, she knew it could really help her succeed.

Today, Valerie is the founder/CEO of the Big Feet Pajama Company (BigFeetPJs.com).

Thanks largely to this special website, Big Feet Pajama Company grew like crazy.

Check out Valerie’s revenue numbers for her first five years in business:

Year 1: $360,000
Year 2: $800, 000
Year 3: $1,200,00
year 4: $1,700,00
Year 5: $1,800,000

And, there’s no stopping you from having the same success...and even more...

Of course, apparel isn’t the only thing you can sell …

Whatever You’re Interested in …
There’s a Market for It!

Earlier on in this letter, I mentioned Bob, Jeff, and Caroline. They all use this business model to follow their passions—and it dramatically changed their lives.

When Bob got fed up with how inadequate the typical sized yoga mat was, he designed an oversized one that measures 6’ x 6’. He then used the “mega site” recommended in this program, (the best portal out there for international traders)—to find a company overseas to manufacture his mats and ship them to the States super-cheap.

Today Bob makes $10,000 to $25,000 every month importing his simple “square 36” yoga mat from China and then selling it online.

Jeff told me he’d been through a lot of the “how to make money online” ideas and he found his fair share of things that didn’t live up to the hype. Then he used this program, and had the idea of selling to different niches. Today he sells jewelry and e-books to chakra enthusiasts, and torches and tools to survival enthusiasts. He’s his own boss and brings in nice $12,000 a month.

“I now have 4 Shopify stores and I’m making around $12,000/month. There are people who make a lot more money than me. But the great thing about this business is that it’s scalable to the amount of time you want to spend, and the amount of money you hope to earn.” - Jeff Carley

“It’s never been so easy to get into this market. My wife and I kind of stumbled onto the opportunity. But now you can try it out for yourself and make a profit from home.”

– Jason Holland

And, when Caroline Lau noticed that several of her friends were avid scrapbookers, she did a little research and found that a full-fledged scrapbooking trend was sweeping the country. But nobody was selling high-quality supplies for a good price.

So Caroline tapped into the same opportunity that put Bob, and Jeff in business. Her first year, she brought in more than $100,000 … and her profits are now over $1 million annually.

You Won’t Find ANYTHING Like It (Online or Offline) ANYWHERE ELSE in the World!

Importing Fortunes is a unique, private “virtual community” in which you can check in online … at any time of day … and get:

It’s called Importing Fortunes because it’s about finding the world’s richest sources of inexpensive, high-quality, in-demand products …

… and reselling them for HUGE PROFITS!

Importing Fortunes is designed to help ANYONE … regardless of education, experience, or income level … make as much money as he or she wants from buying low and selling high online … fast.

How, exactly, does it work?

Before I get to that, I’d like to introduce you to your new “mentor.” He’s the one behind this system.

He’s the one who created it.

And he’s the one who can help you reshape your financial future almost immediately.

Take Advantage of His Years of Hard Work …

His name is Marc Charles.

And if you like the idea of having a world-renowned business expert “hold you by the hand” and show you – STEP-BY-STEP – how to master the art of “buy low and sell high,” you’re going to love this program.

When it comes to helping people make money (even in difficult economic times), Marc is simply the best. He has launched more than 40 successful businesses over the past 29 years (and advised on many more). One business he helped start produced more than $6 million in sales in 36 months with a start-up budget of less than $2,000.

Marc began his Internet adventure in 1993 by reviewing websites for Yahoo! Unplugged, which became a bestselling book, online resource, and interactive CD.

It’s safe to say that when it comes to making money online, Marc knows what he’s talking about …

And, when you become a member of Importing Fortunes, Marc will lead you step-by-step to a lucrative business that you can take anywhere …

You can use it to create a nice side income to support your travels, or it could be a completely new career for you to replace your existing day job.

Here’s how it all begins…

Step 1:
Find the Ideal Product(s) to Sell

Valerie, Bob, Caroline, and the others I’ve mentioned so far have something in common … they all sell products that they like and that are in high demand.

So, what are you interested in? Maybe you enjoy hiking, gardening, golf or cooking.

As you’ll soon see, anything you enjoy doing is a possible candidate for this kind of business.

In Importing Fortunes, you’ll learn:

Thank you so much for the Importing Fortunes manual. It is invaluable.

I have been trying to figure out how to use the computer and Internet to make money for three years now. Your manual opened the door to me in just a few minutes!

Thanks again for the wonderful program and bonus materials!

– Michael Caffey

Step 2:
Buy Your Product(s)at an Incredibly Low Price

Next, you’ll use Importing Fortune’s The Cheap Supplier’s “Blue Book to get the right products at the right price.

You’ll get updated contact information on exporters in 22 categories including toys … gifts & crafts … health & beauty products … sports & entertainment … apparel … computer hardware … and energy-related products.

The Cheap Supplier’s “Blue Book” gives you all the contact information of the world’s most successful, reputable, and most affordable suppliers of CHEAP products that buyers will pay BIG BUCKS for back home.

I know it may seem intimidating to think about importing products from countries all over the world.

You may think … as others have … that only “the big bad corporations” like Wal-Mart can really make money from importing furniture or jewelry or computer hardware.

But … the truth is … with the Importing Fortunes program, you’ll quickly see how easily these techniques can be brought into your living room …

And can earn you anywhere from a couple thousand dollars a month to six or seven figures a year, depending on how big you want your business to become.

Just think about what happened to Jeff when he started selling chakra related products, something he knows nothing about. Now, he’s pulling in $12,000 a month, and while it’s not millions a day – it’s a pretty nice income for something that requires only 3-4 hours a day!

My point is that when you apply, you’ll discover in Importing Fortunes …how you can EASILY make enough money to travel, make it a full-time income, or achieve any other goal you might have.

Yes! I want to become a Member of
Importing Fortunes NOW!

Step 3:
Sell Your Product(s) Online

“Thank you for developing Importing Fortunes... I’m importing and selling bird feeders because of your tips for locating hot products. Thanks.”

– Renee Osterand

As you know, Google is one of the most … if not THE most … powerful search engines on the Internet.

And if you want swarms of buyers to discover your products, you’ll need to know how Google works.

Importing Fortunes will show you … in a simple, easy-to-understand way … how to make money online by leveraging savvy search engine tactics.

By the way, it doesn’t matter if you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Internet marketing before you lay your eyes on this part of the program.

It spells it out … in plain, simple English … exactly what you need to do to market your website on the Internet …

Plus, Jeff Carley has agreed to work with us, and share all the tactics, tips and selling secrets he figured out along the way, as he went from zero to $12,000 a month selling his products online. As part of this weeks’ special offer, you’ll get free access to Jeff’s brand new Facebook Marketing Secrets video.

More Help to Guide You
Every Step of the Way

Starting an online business can be intimidating when you don’t have any experience. So, we’ve made arrangements for Marc to help you every step of the way.

When you get stuck or need inspiration, you’ll find him and other members on the Importing Fortunes ONLINE FORUM.

Here you can ask questions about ANYTHING related to your new online business … and Marc or other members will promptly answer (sometimes in seconds!).

Marc also makes regular posts about what’s happening RIGHT NOW in the Internet import/export world. He adds insightful thoughts … hot ideas … business-building suggestions … links to relevant articles and videos … and all sorts of new resources to help you grow.

You’ll never be left alone. Someone will always be there to help.

And, to help keep you even more up-to-the-minute with what’s happening in this fast-moving marketplace, here’s what else you’ll get …

Marc stays on top of what’s selling now and who’s selling it. And he’ll gladly pass that information on to you. You’ll discover which import/export websites are KILLING IT online right now. And why Marc believes these websites are doing so well (HINT: One of the EASIEST ways to make money online is to simply find out how others are doing it … then do the same! And that’s EXACTLY what you’ll find out how to do with this resource.)

Plus …

Become a Member of Importing Fortunes TODAY, and You’ll Receive these SPECIAL BONUSES

creator of Importing Fortunes

This is a real whopper of a resource. Here’s why …

In this in-depth interview, you’ll find out:

… and much, much more.

The $50 Import Secret

In this brand new bonus guide, you’ll learn how you can get started in this industry in a single afternoon for as little as $50.

You don’t have to have a website, be good on the computer… even know how to start a business. Amazon.com has a simple program that handles all that for you and they’re one of the largest retail sites in the world. They’ll handle your advertising, order fulfillment, customer service, returns… everything. All you have to do is shop and find the right product.

Four “Quick Start” Cheat Sheets

With just four one-page “cheat sheets” you’ll be up and running in no time with a simplified, step-by-step process for how to make money in this business.

This isn’t something that will take you months of time or research to start.

With these quick cheat sheets, you can be up and running, making your first deal in 30 days or less.

“I got in on Importing Fortunes a couple of weeks ago. The promotion was exciting but I wondered in the back of my mind if the program would actually deliver. It did! I’ve completed three deals to date … .and they were as easy as you described. I sell imported products online. I’m also helping other entrepreneurs and retailers import products. Thanks a million.” – Tom Gentry

This is the Easiest, Fastest
(and Cheapest) Way to Make Money Online

As you can see, the Importing Fortunes program is packed with all the information you need to get off the ground quickly and start turning a profit in your very first month. Let’s recap, quickly, on what you’ll get when you sign up for this special offer, today:

And it gets better …

Consider how much money can be made in this business. Even if you opted to keep your slice of the pie small and create a modest income that could augment your retirement.

I’m talking maybe $2,000 or $3,000 a month …

Of course, as I’ve said … this website you’ll gain access to is a largely-untapped, $6-billion Internet goldmine …

And other importers following the very same model you’ll get in Importing Fortunes are cashing in with a bottom line in the $600,000 range. Often more.

Considering that Importing Fortunes hands you EVERYTHING you need to move forward at lightning-speed toward pocketing a new part-time or full-time income as a successful online seller …

We could quite reasonably charge as much as $5,000 for this program.

… and it would STILL be a bargain.

But it won’t cost you that much

Become a member of Importing Fortunes today,
and you can do it for a modest investment
of just $399.

Right now, for just $399, you can start a fun and easy business that could easily generate thousands of dollars for you within just a few weeks.

A business that can quickly eliminate your debts … give you the freedom you deserve … and allow you to live your life completely on your own terms.

It’s sure difficult to put a price on that.

And when you order today, remember, you’ll also get Marc’s special report …

Act NOW and Receive a
HUGE Fast-Reply Bonus
How to Make Your First $2,000 - $3,000 in
30 Days or Less!

As I mentioned above, we’re so convinced you’ll have absolutely everything you need to start making money fast (in as little as 8 days!), we’ve created an extra special bonus for people who are ready to take action right away.

It’s called The Fast-Start Guide: How I Made $2,997 on My Very First Deal and How You Can Too!

You don’t need a huge amount of start-up capital, a physical storefront, or experience. With this business, you can start making money just as soon as you get products.

Order Importing Fortunes today and we’ll send this huge bonus that will show you how to turn your $399 investment into ten times that amount in just one month!

Yes! I want to become a Member of
Importing Fortunes NOW!

And if … you’re still “on the fence” about whether becoming a successful online seller is for you, here’s something that will give you some extra peace-of-mind.

You Can Take a Look at this Groundbreaking
Program for a Full 30 Days … without Risking
a Single Penny! WE GUARANTEE IT!

Here’s what I encourage you to do:

Take it all in. And TAKE YOUR TIME.

And if … within 90 days … you haven’t made your first $2,000 …

… just let us know and we’ll promptly refund your entire investment in this program.

No problem. No quibbles. No questions asked.

Our Best Deal EVER!

I truly believe this is an extraordinary opportunity for anybody looking for ways to augment a retirement income – or create a whole new livelihood that can provide the income and freedom you need to live anywhere, travel anytime and enjoy life to the fullest.

And it’s quite simple …

Not only that, but this amazing bundle of resources that comes – right now – as part of the full Importing Fortunes program could pave the way for you to earn $2,000 or $3,000 a month … starting immediately. And way, way more if that’s what you want.

But today it’s yours for an incredibly modest investment of just $399.

And, you’ll not only receive the full Importing Fortunes program, plus three powerful bonuses …

But you’ll ALSO receive The Fast-Start Guide: How I Made $2,997 on My Very First Deal and How You Can Too. This guide is a blueprint you can use to make your first big check in just weeks, and it’s yours free when you order in the next five days.

So don’t delay. Get the program today!

You have nothing to lose. You can try the special website and look through all the materials risk-free for 90 days.

To become a Member of Importing Fortunes, simply click the link below and follow the instructions.

Yes! I want to become a Member of
Importing Fortunes NOW!

To your future,

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

P.S. Not only is this our best deal ever, but it comes with a spectacular guarantee …

You can take a look at this groundbreaking program … and its marvelous bonuses … for a full 90 days—without risking a single penny.

So you can become a member of Importing Fortunes, access EVERYTHING you’ve read about just now, explore the $6-billion members-only website, and take your time about taking it all in.

And if … within 90 days … you haven’t made a deal that makes you at least $2,000, just let us know and we’ll promptly refund your entire investment in this program—with no questions asked.

But I guarantee if you use your fast-reply bonus, you’ll pull in $2,000 to $3,000 in the next 30 days. This invaluable report focuses on simple action steps: what you need to do right now, to get moving now, and turn profit around quickly on your first import. But hurry! This exclusive report, The Fast-Start Guide: How I Made $2,997 on My Very First Deal and How You Can Too! is only available, free, when you order today!

Yes! I want to become a Member of
Importing Fortunes NOW!

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