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Dear AWAI Member,

No one likes to start off on the wrong foot…

You know, like going on a first date and calling your date by the wrong name right at the door… or trying to eat soup without a spoon…

Well, if you’re a travel writer or photographer and you don’t have this member card, I hate to say it, but that’s likely where you are. You’re not using all the “tools” available to you.

This member card can be essential in helping you land that first published clip… or that first photo sale. But beyond that, it does a whole lot more…

The owners of this card are members of a unique, very special alliance, and they have access to resources and industry contacts that open doors for them across the globe. With this card, they have the ability to contact the right people… the people who give you complimentary meals, accommodations, spa treatments, and more.

Take one of our members, Mary Townsend, for instance…

Mary spent a week in the snow-capped mountains of Norway… all at no charge. It was a pretty swank deal. Just put yourself in her shoes for a second…

You could be floating on your back, limbs outstretched, in a Dead Sea mineral pool… staring up at a mural of the Nordic sky, stars sparkling down at you…

 …unwind, immediately upon arrival, with a specially designed facial, aptly named the “gold treatment,” that’s combined with a harmonic massage… balancing your mind and body after your travels…

…indulge in a private dinner on a crisp, white linen tablecloth at one of the oldest, most breathtaking hotels in Trondheim, glancing out the frosted window to see a majestic horse trotting through the blanketed snow…

…return to your luxurious suite, a two-floor palace of its own… with gorgeous hardwood floors, a lounge and wet bar, a curved staircase leading up to your romantic canopy bed, oversized Jacuzzi, and terrace looking out over the twinkling city and gently winding Nidelva River…

Sound like a fairy-tale?

Well, that’s exactly how Mary spent her time in Norway – and that was the pampering at just ONE hotel.

She enjoyed amazing meals, fabulous hotel stays, celebrity-worthy pampering, and all the best activities Norway had to offer… from sled rides to traveling the Aquavit Trail, a route that winds through Norway’s picturesque countryside… taking her to farmhouses, hotels, and old distilleries along the way (and of course, sampling the region’s world-renowned spirits all the while)…

And… it was entirely free.

On top of that, she has been paid over $1,000 from articles she sold to travel magazines and websites. And that’s just the beginning; she’s still selling her experiences from this trip…

Now, perhaps you’re thinking, “I could never land a sweetheart deal like that… that’s for the travel elite and VIP celebs.” Not true. You most certainly can – faster and with a lot less footwork than you probably imagine.

What helps is this card.

Card-carrying members of the International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance (ITWPA) get access to free trips like this on a regular basis (and tips on selling the stories they write about their experiences).

And she’s not the only one…

ITWPA Member Patti Morrow enjoyed an 8-day trip to the Mexican state of Oaxaca where she stayed in the most unique and beautiful boutique resorts right on the beach … indulged in the ultimate pampering, and all the best activities Oaxaca had to offer… She even enjoyed an amazing meal of tasty shrimp empanadas, coconut shrimp and tender beef medallions at what has been dubbed “the best restaurant in all of Mexico”…

And while this trip would have cost at least $3,000 if Patti paid for it herself - it was all on the house!!

Patti’s upcoming trips include the Azores, an adventure cruise to Alaska’s inside passage, exploring Sweden’s castles and archipelago, and an impact cruise to the Dominican Republic… Member Tim Cotroneo recently went island hoping in stunning St Croix, with free accommodation, and a free tour of the island in a four-seater airplane – all thanks to his credentials.  Next up, he’s off to Myrtle Beach for a six-day golf trip.

Martin Fumarola used his membership to gain access to the VIP Lounge at the Guarulhos Airport in Brazil… arrange a free ride on the “Teleferico” in Caracas, … and even land free overnight accommodation at a lovely hotel.

These card-carrying ITWPA members aren’t doing anything you can’t do, too.

They used their membership to jump-start their travel writing careers. And today they’re traveling like VIPs.

Take a look at where these 8 ITWPA members have been this year—with this card in hand.

Smooth the way to perks and privileges

Now, to be fair, flashing your membership ID badge won't automatically make every museum entrance fee melt away or every cranky ticket-taker suddenly smile and wave you through for free.

It can, however, "grease the wheels" when you travel. And in countries where bureaucratic formalities are the norm and your language skills might not be up to snuff, credentials like your ITWPA membership card can help smooth your way as you travel.

But that's not all. It’s not just a card.

“In three months of traveling, I have received thousands of dollars in comped activities and stays. I have also published 9 articles for three different publications and have been accepted to work with three more.” – Sally Pederson

“ITWPA has been an ice breaker when trying to get leads, trips and tours. It was also a boost in confidence when I was first starting as a travel writer.” – Donna Long

It puts all the information you need to succeed right at your fingertips. When you have a question about Travel Writing or Photography ITWPA has the resources to get you your answer. The training that membership gives you access to is top notch. No matter what level of training you have had you can still learn more. – Deborah Fitzgerald

Membership in the ITWPA has given me self-confidence and credibility, and helped me to move forward with my goal to become a published, and professional writer. – Chuck Warren

Write better, travel smarter, earn more

Twice a month, you'll receive via email the ITWPA Insider, an e-letter for members only that includes profiles of publications where you could get your work published… practical articles about how to write better, travel smarter, and earn more…and timely on-trend tips for what’s working in the industry right now.

The ITWPA Insider also includes listings of press trips on offer (a press trip is a way for you to travel for free while, in exchange, the location, lodgings, restaurants, and activities get a chance at some press coverage.) Whether it’s rafting in Pacific Northwest, playing golf in the mountains of Colorado, or enjoying a stay at a beachside spa and resort… there are all kinds of press trips on offer—and as an ITWPA Member, you’ll hear about them all.

Edited by Kyle Wagner, former Travel Editor at the Denver Post, you'll find this resource an invaluable tool that delivers both industry insights and how-to advice -- all designed to help boost your chances of travel-writing success many times over and have you enjoying amazing perks in no time.

There's something to be said for joining the club

"Membership in the International Travel Writers & Photographers Alliance helps you look like a pro, act like a pro, and sell like a pro. I mean, the advice you get from Kyle Wagner every two weeks in the member newsletter alone is worth the price of admission."

"I've been a professional travel writer for over 20 years now, and there's not an issue that I don't read and think, 'Wow, I should try that'."

"Plus I'm about as close as you can get to a Luddite. Yet even I can navigate the photo website members are given to maintain their portfolios. That's a really nice feature. And it's free with membership, I think ITWPA makes a very smart investment."

— Jennifer Stevens, Freelance Travel Writer

Get your articles published – fast – and
get exposure on the itwpa "travel wire"

As an ITWPA member, you're also invited to contribute articles to the organization's online travel magazine, called Travel Post Monthly. In it, you'll find top-quality travel articles and photographs produced by members – sound travel advice to save you time, money, and trouble when you travel. Plus riveting stories and extraordinary photos about destinations the world over.

This is a great publishing opportunity for you – an ideal way to land a by-line.

Plus at the bottom of each published article or photo appears contact information for you, the contributor.

That's great news, because the ITWPA sends its Travel Post Monthly to an ever-growing list of travel editors – editors who are looking for content to fill their own print and online publications.

Essentially, Travel Post Monthly serves as a free travel news wire service – a way to bring your top-notch travel articles and photographs to the attention of editors who can simply contact you directly to purchase your material.

This is a REALLY good deal for you – excellent exposure for your work – and, as an ITWPA member, it's a free service.

(Now, I do want to be clear: Travel Post Monthly is a serious travel publication and wire service, and the editors don't simply publish any old thing that comes through the door. The articles and photos must meet the publication's guidelines. And not every piece submitted will be published. But the best ones will. And ITWPA members get first priority. You'll find out more about how to get your articles published in Travel Post Monthly when you join the ITWPA.)

They say the best things in life are free…

I'd have to agree. In just one year, I've...

Come face-to-face with a huge wild water buffalo at a wilderness resort... with only the reinforced side of a Toyota Troop Carrier between us...

I've watched a majestic sea eagle dip into the ocean and flap lazily away, a huge salmon struggling in its razor-sharp talons… then I retired that night to a five-star villa after enjoying a six-course feast, washed down with ambrosia-like fine wines...

I've been parasailing, jet skiing, and then pampered at a luxurious island resort as a guest of the owner...

Enjoyed complementary meals at top-class restaurants...

Had people contacting me with offers of free trips to various cities and countries around the world...

Taken escorted tours of major tourist attractions, like Whaleworld – a completely restored whaling station – where those heavyweight gymnasts of the ocean cavort just an arm's length away, geysers of steamy water spouting from their blowholes...

I've cruised around a group of tropical islands in a motorized outrigger canoe and snorkeled through one of the world's largest and most famous barrier reefs...

I've done all this in just 12 months and I've done it all for free (or, at least, for next to nothing).

Let me explain.

My name is Brian Norris. I'm now into my second half century – more by good luck than good management. I've worked hard all my life, had good jobs and made good money... most of which I've spent indulging a passion for travel.

Now I'm turning my travel into an income-producing endeavor. These days, I get to explore the world on somebody else's dime, everywhere I go I'm treated like royalty... and then I actually get paid for my troubles.

All this is largely due to my ITWPA membership. It creates opportunities, opens doors, sparks immediate attention, and gets me respect like nothing I've ever seen before.

For instance, one of the last times I used it, and I got to take my wife on vacation for five days to an exclusive island resort off the coast of Australia. We were wined and dined. Relaxed on the sand. Enjoyed tremendous pampering. It was a trip that would normally have cost us $2,000. But we spent $50 for airport parking and $3.67 for a bottle of water and a bag of chips.

And you could be traveling like this, too...

Click here to join the ITWPA today.

Members save more than $300
on writing- and travel-related resources

In addition, ITWPA members also benefit from special discounts worth more than $300 on writing- and travel-related resources. Among the savings you benefit from are –

$200 off any of our Expeditions or Ultimate events, including travel writing and photography workshops in destinations like Tanzania, Bali, Brazil, Thailand, Texas, and many more…

Plus you gain Member Discounts on travel supplies, recommended books, and other practical resources for traveling writers, like reduced-rate magazine subscriptions, great deals on luggage, discounts on writer's supplies, and more.

Plus members also receive great discounts on apartment rentals and resort stays all over the world – from Montana to Panama, Paris to Oregon. This is a savings worth hundreds – even thousands – of dollars. And these discounts are yours, simply for being a member of the ITWPA.

Access to the Members-Only website
with resources to put you on the fast track

What's more, on the ITWPA Members-Only Website, you'll find a vast collection of useful resources to get your travel writing on the fast track.

Posted for members' use are helpful articles, and special reports.

Plus you'll also find on the password-protected site the full archives of the ITWPA Insider as well – years and years worth of travel-better advice geared toward boosting your income… plus how-to help for landing amazing travel perks, too.

Ask an insider: Get all of your questions answered

There's another excellent, interactive resource, too. It's the Ask an Insider section of the ITWPA members-only website.

It’s an excellent place to get answers to your questions and to share your ideas, opinions, and experiences. And your question will be answered by a professional editor or travel writer.

Confused about the best way to approach a publication? Not sure you're thinking about your article the right way? Simply sign in and ask an insider.

Members get their own, professional
online photo gallery to showcase their work

And because photography goes hand-in-hand with travel writing, the ITWPA also gives each of its members an individual photo website – and a masterful one at that.

It's the ideal place to send prospective clients who may be interested in purchasing your work.

You don't have to design it or maintain it or even pay for it. It's free with your ITWPA membership. You simply drop in the photos you want to display, and in less than 10 minutes, you've created an extremely professional "portfolio" of images.

Say you have shots of Madagascar you snapped while shopping at the open-air market in Antananarivo. They'd be perfect to accompany an article about the leather goods, hand-carved furniture, and intricately embroidered linens you found there.

With this special online gallery, you simply give an editor the link to your shots, and he can choose the ones that make your piece come most alive for his readers.

By offering editors article-photo packages, you can really bump up your income. And with this special, personalized online gallery, you have an easy, efficient – and extremely professional – way to do it.

To be honest, this service alone would be worth the cost of membership. But it's merely one of the many benefits ITWPA members enjoy.

Your jump-start to a dream lifestyle

When you join the ITWPA, you’ll have at your disposal everything you need to start living a truly enviable lifestyle.

Just think: Sooner than you ever thought possible, you could find yourself on some far-off tropical island… sipping a cold cocktail… enjoying the warm surf lapping at your toes… and getting paid to write about it.

Or maybe you dream, instead, about sailing across the Atlantic on one of the world’s most luxurious ships… nothing but clean air and sea breezes for days at a time, the wait staff at your beck and call…

Or perhaps you fantasize about spending time relaxing in a traditional Tuscan villa… exploring the antique markets of Paris… wandering through the vineyards of Argentina...

Whatever your travel dream, as a member of the ITWPA, you could live it… taking advantage of offers of hospitality and VIP travel perks… and getting paid to tell other people about your experiences…

Join the ITWPA today and get two more
special bonuses, FREE

Membership in the ITWPA used to be reserved for experienced writers and photographers only. But that changed a few years back when we realized how powerful this membership was for people looking to land their first byline.

So in recent years, we’ve opened it up to allow for beginners. We also added a special bonus:

The Best Job in the World: A Quick Start Guide to Becoming a Professional Travel Writer.

Written by Jennifer Stevens, it includes a 10-Day Success Plan for getting your articles published fast… six ways to find salable story ideas… seven habits of successful travel writers… the # 1 secret to writing travel articles that sell… and lots of real-world know-how that'll help shave months (if not years) off your learning curve and have you getting the most out of your ITWPA membership from the start.

Plus when you join the ITWPA today, you’ll also receive:

How to Bag the Best Freebies: 5 Real-World Tips for Scoring VIP Travel Perks.

Written by Steenie Harvey, a seasoned freelancer whose by-line has appeared in all the major British newspapers as well as the Washington Post, The World & I, International Living, and beyond, this report divulges all sorts of useful secrets, like –

Both reports are yours when you join the ITWPA now. If you’ve ever dreamed of living the romantic life of a travel writer... getting paid to explore the globe... enjoying the curious and magical respect writers and photographers enjoy...

… here’s your chance to turn your dream into reality… faster than you ever imagined possible.

“As a new member, I feel the credibility that the association provides will place me ahead of other beginning writer and photographers.” - Kevin Nesbit

A unique opportunity to travel the world on
somebody else's dime… and get paid to do it…

Members of the ITWPA – all people with a passion for travel and an interest in discovering the world – really are exploring the planet in a way no ordinary tourist could.

They know the insider tricks to landing fabulous perks – like all-expenses-paid beach vacations… reduced-rate African safaris… free passes to the Fireman's Ball in Paris, France… and more…

Those are all trips ITWPA members have enjoyed. And when you join their ranks, you'll learn how to land perks like those, too…

Amazing travel experiences that would cost an ordinary tourist hundreds and even thousands of dollars can be yours, as an ITWPA member, for next-to-nothing… or even free.

If, that is, you put the tips you'll learn as a member to smart use. It's easy. It's fun. And it's your ticket to a whole new world of privileged travel.

The catch? There isn't one. All you have to do in exchange for these amazing offers of hospitality is write up a short story about your experiences. Explain, or illustrate through photos, what you like about a place and then follow the advice in the Quick Start guide for getting your story to the right editor.

When you take advantage of this special opportunity to become an ITWPA member today, you’ll get every resource you could possibly need to deliver excellent, saleable accounts of your travels easily, quickly, and enjoyably.

One year of ITWPA membership, FREE!

What’s more, when you sign-up to join the club during this special offer, you can get a full year of membership without charge.

Join today. Pay the one-year $290 membership fee (plus shipping & handling), and your second year is free. Your membership ID badge and all the member benefits listed here will be valid for two full years.

And that $290 is money you can easily make back on your first trip traveling as a member of ITWPA. In fact, here are a few press trips recently on offer to members…

And these are just a handful of trips on offer most recently. In months past we’ve seen trips to the Patagonia, The Balkan Islands, Nicaragua, Argentina, Italy, The Virgin Islands, and more.

Joining today means you can gain access to an organization that will boost your confidence and give you the credibility to enjoy a new and exciting life as a card-carrying member. You'll have every support you need to get started as a travel writer or photographer, and enjoy one of the most exciting, romantic, and rewarding lifestyles there is!

Quick-Response Bonus: Order today and you’ll also receive a free report:

Travel Better for Less: 102 Secrets for Traveling Well
(And Even Getting Paid to Do It)

There’s nothing quite like insider intelligence to help guarantee a successful trip -- to save you time, trouble, and money. So inside this guide, you’ll find 102 worthwhile tips from savvy travelers across the globe to help ensure you get the most out of every trip you take. Tips like:

This report is not available for purchase on its own, but as part of this special offer it can be yours FREE when you join the ITWPA today!

Whatever your travel dream…
the ITWPA can help you make it happen

There’s no better time to become a member of the ITWPA.

You’ll join the ranks of accomplished travel writers and photographers and put yourself firmly on the path to a whole new life as a jet-setting freelancer with exclusive benefits including…

Plus three extra FREE bonuses when you reply now:

Together, these extra benefits of ITWPA membership add up to nearly $400 – and that doesn't count the value of complimentary travel perks you'll learn how to arrange.

What’s more, when you respond this week through this special offer, you’ll get one year free – two full years of ITWPA membership for the price of one.

Money you can easily save on your first trip traveling as a member.


Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

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P.S. I urge you to act now. At the risk of sounding hopelessly cliché, I simply want to say: Life is short. Don’t just dream of a more exciting existence, a life where you head off to far-flung locales, a notebook tucked into your carry-on and a camera slung around your neck. Go do it.

Look back, this time next year – perhaps from a corner café in Paris – and say, "Wow, now that was a smart investment."

I hope you'll RSVP to this special invitation now – and put yourself firmly on the path to a whole new life. There won't be a better, or more affordable, way to do it. And the perks, as other members will tell you, can be absolutely extraordinary. Click below to join.

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