A Legal Way to Write Off Your
Travel Expenses … How I Deducted $26,987 

Dear Travel Writer,

Excuse me for asking, but … when was the last time you were able to deduct $26,000 from your taxes for travel and photography gear? Can’t remember?

Well then, let me ask you this: How would you like to have savings like this come tax time every year—starting this year?

Just think what you could do with an extra $500 or $1,000 in your pocket—run away on vacation to a sun-drenched beach or go on a blowout shopping spree … or if you’re feeling a little more responsible, maybe pay down your mortgage or put it toward your kids’ or grandkids’ college education …

If you’re like me, it’ll take you about one minute to come up with a hundred different things you’d love to do with that extra cash.

There are writers who are saving money like that time and again – simply because they learned a few tricks and took advantage of a few provisions (all legal of course) that allow them write off thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in taxes from their writing business.

In fact, $26,987 is the amount I was able to take in deductions on my taxes last year – employing just those techniques.

Sound intriguing?

What If We Could Teach You an Easy
Way to Do This Yourself?

As a freelance writer, nothing beats the feeling of walking out to your mailbox and discovering a long-awaited check among the usual bills. Whether it’s for $75 or $10,000, it’s always a high to open it up, see your name, and know your hard work is being rewarded.

Then reality hits …

“Oh yeah,” you think, “I’ve got to give the government their share too.” As much as 50% in some cases … and suddenly your check doesn’t seem so big anymore.

If only you could keep a little more of your hard-earned money for yourself …

Well you can. In fact, A LOT more of every check you earn can go into your pocket instead of going to the IRS. How? Simply by taking advantage of certain tax provisions, which might as well have been created for writers …

They can save you TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, if you know how to:

These Tricks and Strategies
Can Easily Save You
Thousands of Dollars … Legally

My name is Susan Clark. I’m a freelance copywriter, and like most writers, I run my business from home. It’s a great way to work … except for the taxes.

On top of the 15.3% self-employment taxes every freelancer pays, you can wind up paying up to another 33% on income taxes. And that doesn’t count all the other taxes you might pay your state like property tax, sales tax, and what have you.

I live in California where everyone gets taxed to the hilt. I could easily pay 50% or more of my earnings in federal and state taxes. But not this year …

For The First Time Ever,
I’m Actually Looking Forward To Tax Time!

Guaranteed to be 100% Legal

When you read this program you might begin to question the legalities of some of the strategies. However I assure you that they are not only 100% legal, they can also help to save you thousands on your tax bill …

–Eric Taylor CPA

I know that sounds crazy, but I’ve got a really good reason.

This year, instead of handing over all of that money to the IRS, I’m keeping a big chunk of it—thousands of dollars, in fact—and it’s going right into my pocket!


I’ve discovered some simple and completely legal tax provisions that will let me take advantage of deductions I never even knew existed.

These provisions allow me to deduct more from my home office, health care, and auto expenses—even fun stuff like travel, meals, and entertainment. Nothing illegal mind you, every single deduction is on the up and up …

Uncle Sam is Not Going to Tell You
About These Provisions

It's unfortunate, but in many ways the government hides this information from people – at least, they don't run around advertising it. As a matter of fact, an organization called Tax Recovery of America reports that every year as many as 73% of Americans overpay taxes an average of $6,000 to $10,000!—and 48% of those have professionals prepare their taxes.

With those odds, what are the chances you’ve been paying too much—year after year after year?

And what happens when you overpay?

Your money’s gone. Poof. Never to be seen again. The government keeps it and they never breathe a word about it. When was the last time the IRS sent you letter to inform you that you overpaid your taxes?

So bottom line: You can’t trust the government to give your money back.

And as hard as CPAs work for their clients, you can’t even trust the pros to do everything right on your behalf. It’s really on your shoulders to make sure you hang onto all the money you’re due. And now you can do that more easily and effectively than ever before.

You Can Even Write Off Vacations!

It’s true, with a little inside knowledge, you could take hundreds or thousands of dollars off your taxes … even for your vacations.

For instance, there’s a simple provision that allows me to turn a common business trip into a mini-vacation and deduct the WHOLE thing as business.

I travel to Austin, Texas one or two times a year to do the marketing for a friend’s European import business. By using one simple scheduling strategy, I can nearly double the length of my stay in Austin, spend the extra time vacationing with friends, and deduct the whole sha-bang as work.

I’m talking about deducting everything from the extra nights at the hotel, to the extra days with the rental car, to food, you name it … On a recent trip I put more than $890 back into my pocket and had a great time to boot! And it’s all completely legal …

“I saved well over $500 using these tax strategies during a writing trip to Monterey Bay. Not to mention the thousands of dollars I put back into my pocket from a trip to Zimbabwe, Africa.” --Tom Schueneman, Writer/Editor The Traveler,

As a writer, you too can take advantage of this same loophole during writers’ conferences, or just about any trip you take. Not to mention the dozens of other techniques just like it …

You’re About to Discover
to Make More Money as a Writer

Whether you’re a copywriter, a novelist, a freelance journalist, or any kind of writer, you can turn the “necessary evil” of taxes into another way to put more money in your pocket. All it takes is a little inside knowledge. The question is: Do you have it?

Don’t bet on it.

I certainly didn’t. In fact, the provision I just told you about—and a lot of others I’m using this year—didn’t come from my accountant. (And this guy came highly recommended by a Los Angeles writers’ union no less!)

And I certainly didn’t pour through hundreds of pages of complex IRS documents to find them either. The fact is, I wouldn’t have known about these money saving strategies at all if it wasn’t for a man named Eric Taylor …

Eric is a CPA and an Enrolled Agent—but he’s not your ordinary accountant. Eric’s specialty is business taxation and development. Recently, he went over the tax law—including the latest changes—with a fine-toothed comb to find every provision we writers can use to save money. (Including the ones the IRS would rather we not know about!) Then he created a guide specifically for us …

"It's true what they say … the American tax system is set up to benefit the very rich and the self-employed. From self-employment taxes and retirement plans to home office, health care, meals, and a host of other legitimate deductions, this is the most comprehensive tax guide I've seen for anyone considering becoming a freelance writer. After a decade as a small business owner I still learned new ways to hold onto more of my hard earned cash."

– Valerie Young, Dreamer in Residence,

Inside Eric explains how you can keep dollar-upon-dollar more of your writing fees for yourself, instead of handing them over to the IRS.

It’s called The Freelancer’s Tax Guide. The pages are filled with details about all these provisions – and the simple strategies you can use to apply them to your writing business. You’ll learn to maximize deductions from all of your travel, your meals, your car, your home office … even health care and entertainment.

Can you make more money? You bet.

I have to tell you, the strategies Eric reveals are saving me from overpaying the IRS and the California’s Franchise Tax Board. And when you skim this guide just once you’ll likely find …

It’s Almost Certain You’re
Paying The IRS More
Than You Have To!

Don’t worry, many skillful writers pay too much. Take Lori Allen for instance, after reading The Freelancer’s Tax Guide she realized she could save a bundle on her tax bill by using just one of the provisions Eric talks about.

All it took was making some simple schedule changes in her travel writing trips. In fact, when she learned just how much money she could put back into her pocket, she reworked her itinerary for a trip to Belize and was able to deduct a much larger percentage of it than she would have otherwise.

You really can save a lot of money with just a few simple changes in the way you do your taxes.

Then there’s Jen Stevens. After years of writing copy, honing her business skills, and growing her writing business, Jen picked up a copy of The Freelancer’s Tax Guide and discovered she still was paying more in taxes than she needed to. Now, she’s using a handful of Eric’s strategies and she tells me they’re saving her THOUSANDS of dollars this year!

“We recommend a number of freelance businesses to our readers as a means to a better lifestyle and greater income. This book could save them thousands of dollars and keep them out of trouble with the IRS. I highly recommend it to all freelance professionals"

– Will Bonner, Executive Director of
Agora Learning Institute. Publishers of Early to Rise

Now YOU can do the same when you learn how to take full advantage of these tax provisions suited perfectly for writers. In The Freelancer’s Tax Guide you’ll discover more than 35 strategies that can shave THOUSANDS of dollars off your tax bill. For instance, Eric reveals:

You’ll have every resource you need to make your writing career more profitable. After all, you’re in business now—even if you’re just working part time—and the shrewdest business owners always know how to get the most bang for their buck.

But, unlike many of those business owners, you won’t have to spend a lot of time and money on financial advisors. The Freelancer’s Tax Guide is YOUR INSIDE TRACK to BIG tax savings as a writer. And every deduction, technique, and strategy in this guide costs nothing to implement.

What’s more, the program includes write-offs designers and photographers can take, too.

There’s NO Complicated Tax Talk
or Financial Jargon

If you'd rather not have to think about taxes – much less about how to file or pay them – then you’ll appreciate the straightforward, practical strategies in The Freelancer’s Tax Guide. They’re easy to understand and easy to use.

You see, Eric doesn’t throw page after page of complicated tax law at you, in fact he has a real knack for making difficult ideas accessible—downright simple really. And he never uses dry financial jargon (like most accountants) so you won’t be confused, or worse, bored out of your mind!

"Eric Taylor has done a masterful job of making a forbidding (and dare I say dry?) subject easily accessible. He knows his stuff inside and out … and he writes with a flair that belies his considerable accomplishment as a CPA. The Freelancer's Tax Guide is not only an easy, user-friendly read, it's downright funny at times. But best of all, it's full of advice I've relied on to save myself thousands of dollars this year alone."

– Jen Stevens, Freelance Writer

Instead, Eric outlines every one of these money-saving strategies using clear, real life examples—some might even have you laughing out loud. It’s like he’s sitting right there with you, pointing out new ways to save, walking you through the tax secrets every working writer should know …

And once you know them, using them is even easier. Remember Lori Allen's Belize trip? She can use the same tax strategy that saved her money in Belize for every single trip she takes from now on. She just follows one simple guideline when she’s planning her adventures. It doesn’t cost her any extra money or time—yet it can save her thousands of dollars every year!

What’s more, Eric shows you how you can easily save lots of precious time too …

Pare Bookkeeping Down
To Just Minutes A Year

I don’t know about you, but to me the tax season always means wasted time organizing too many receipts and trying to help my accountant make sense of them. I don’t mind admitting I used to sit there in his office with envelopes splayed out on the desk in front of me, sweating bullets. What would happen this year? Would I have to write a huge check? Would I … hopefully … get money back?

Sometimes I got lucky, and sometimes I didn’t. But in my mind not knowing was still better than spending hours every month trying to track my expenses. Fortunately, that’s all ancient history …

In The Freelancer’s Tax Guide I discovered a simple record-keeping trick that takes so little time it’s almost embarrassing! In fact, if you’re spending more than 20 minutes 4 times a year organizing your books, receipts and deductibles, you’re doing more work than you have too.

Can it really be that easy? Yes …

You’ll learn the best way to track invoices, log payments, and validate receipts for the IRS—and you can do it all in minutes once a quarter instead of hours every month. Then you’ll get three customized worksheets to make tracking your deductions faster and easier than ever before.

It’s all part of Eric’s philosophy: “keep it simple and keep it up.” With this painless organizing system, every tax filing can be truly headache (and sweat!) free. You’ll learn all of this and more in Chapter 4 of The Freelancer’s Tax Guide …

But that’s just the beginning of the simple money-saving and time-saving resources Eric reveals. You’ll also discover page after page of valuable financial advice. For instance:

You’ll discover everything you need to know to make more money than ever before in your writing business—even if you’ve gone computerized …

That’s right, even if you use a program like Quicken or Turbo Tax, you’ll still save more time and get back more money in taxes with The Freelancer’s Tax Guide. Here’s why …

All of those computer programs are little more than plug-and-click systems. Sure, they’ll help you get your accounting and taxes done, but they certainly won’t show you how to put extra money in your pocket as a writer—and do it with virtually zero extra time and effort!

But The Freelancer’s Tax Guide will. And it doesn’t matter if you’re just launching your writing business or if you’ve been a freelancer for decades, you can start saving more money today …

“A tax guide for us writers! Why didn’t anyone think of this before? I’m shocked at what I could be deducting.”

– David L. Deutsch, top copywriter for Boardroom
and others, and author of the Million-Dollar Ideas System

Get Every Strategy You Need For Only $39

Under special arrangement with Great Escape Publishing, you’ll get Eric Taylor’s The Freelancer’s Tax Guide e-book for just $39 and as this e-book is delivered electronically … there aren’t any postage and handling charges. You’ll pay just $39 … nothing more.

What’s more, when you purchase our 2016 guide, you’ll get the 2017 edition free of charge. Two for the price of one. So this time next year, you’ll again be armed with the right tools for saving money and time with your business.

Implement just ONE of the dozens of simple, stress-free techniques inside, and you can write off more of your meals, travel, and auto expenses—even entertainment—as business!

Think about it this way … if you discover how to write off just one night’s hotel stay, or a posh dinner, you’ll have recouped the price of this essential guide several times over. And that’s just one deduction. Eric will show you how to write off many more—worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. And you’ll risk nothing at all by checking it out …

If You Don't Save Money
You Get a 100% Refund …
No Questions Asked

Give the The Freelancer’s Tax Guide a try. If you find you haven’t saved more money and time in your writing business, simply let us know within 30 days, and Great Escape Publishing will give you 100% of your money back. You can’t lose.

And like me, Lori Allen, and Jen Stevens, you could keep in your own pocket THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS you used to pay in taxes. Instead you'll have that money to spend on things that are important to you. You could pay bills, add to your savings and investments, or just pamper yourself a little. (What writer couldn’t use that?)

In The Freelancer’s Tax Guide you'll discover how you can use tax law to your advantage—quickly, easily, and legally—with insider's advice from business-taxation expert Eric Taylor.

They say knowledge is power. Well, in this case … knowledge is also money. Get "in the know" with The Freelancer’s Tax Guide and make this year the first you’ve kept more of your writing income in your pocket and out of the hands of the IRS! Click below to order now and start saving today.


Susan Clark
Freelance Writer

P.S. I assure you: This will be the best business investment you make this year. For just $39 you can gain an insider's expertise and straightforward, practical strategies that can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your taxes. If you want to keep more of your hard-earned writer's income in your own pocket, there's no better resource to help you do it. Click below to order now.

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