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Dear Adventurous Spirit,

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You could think of this as a "job" –
but there's really nothing
in the world like it …

Hello. Cynthia Morris here.

I'm someone who loves to travel … and it's even better when I can share the thrill of travel adventures with new friends.

In particular, I adore French culture – the romantic language, the mouth-watering pastries and artisan cheeses, the gorgeous boulevards, the fields of lavender … the leisurely living …

When I graduated from college, with a French degree in hand, I vowed to spend as much time as possible in France.

But, you know how it is …

Everyday life quickly got in the way of that dream. Trips to France seemed out of reach on my budget …

Then, back in 2005, I had this idea about a way to return every year to Paris and the beautiful countryside of France …

Ever since then, I "vacation" every year in France, trying out different experiences from cooking classes to learning about French cuisine and wines … all for free … with all my expenses paid.

This includes several days to simply relax and enjoy Paris, and I get a profit on top!

My profit is as much as $10,000 per trip. I'm sure it could be more, if I chose to take more trips, or make them for longer …

But the big thing for me is I'm doing something I love.

I'm happy simply to return each year to the boutiques, cafés and cobblestone streets of Paris … soaking up the pleasures of France … the rolling landscapes, vineyards, and fine meals …

And you can do the same.

Whatever your dream destination and adventure …

I'd like you to enjoy the same incredible opportunity to experience all the wonder our world has to offer … so you can explore those places in the world you have always felt drawn to … and lead a richer, fuller, more exciting life …

Literally any interest you have – any travel destination you can name – becomes possible for you, using the simple plan I'm about to share with you.

You can travel this way, too.
No special skills are required

You don't need to be a pro at anything or have any special experience already.

No college diplomas or degrees are needed.

You won't be asked to provide a resume.

It won't take months of study or preparation.

There are no hoops to leap through. (Though you will need a current passport if you want to enjoy international travel … )

Actually, if you've ever arranged an excursion for yourself, family or friends … such as a trip overseas, a wedding anniversary party, a big family dinner, or an event like a local fundraiser …

You can probably do this … and I'm happy to show you how, here today.

I let Greg Anderson in on my secret to free travel … and he took it to Thailand!

A visit to Bangkok's bustling Chinatown … and the night flower market

In Thailand, one sultry evening a few years ago, Greg and his group took a tour of bustling Bangkok, whipping around the city in tuk-tuks.

Picture a three-wheeled motor scooter weaving through traffic, while you and a friend cling to the two small seats behind your driver.

They stopped often to sample pad thai, spicy curries, tender noodles with shrimp and other delicacies … said to be the world's best street food.

Then it was on to the night flower market, where you can buy a bouquet of fragrant and exotic blooms so big, you can barely get your arms around them … all for about what you'd pay for a cup of coffee back home.

The first trip was so satisfying and such a success, Greg says, he arrived home eager to do it again.

And he has. This year, he had eight trips lined up, going back to Bangkok, and also to cities in Europe.

The most fulfilling part for me is seeing people's lives change … you might think it's a cliché, but it's true

– Greg Anderson

Greg loves to add unexpected activities (as well as the expected) to his trips.

In Bangkok, he went to a "local's favorite" to sample the best pad thai ever. Nobody spoke a word of English, but the food was great! And his group of travelers got to go behind the scenes into the kitchen, too …

When you travel this way, immersing yourself in the culture … you grow as a person.

It's fulfilling– and it's a lot of fun!

Galloping with wild zebras
across endless grasslands …

Not long after Bayard and Mel Fox met, they discovered that they'd each always dreamed of a foreign adventure on horseback.

Their first trip was ambitious – they wanted to tour a part of Kenya few North Americans ever visit … where the sun-baked plains are the home of the semi-nomadic Masai people.

And they did, with unforgettable experiences, such as the day when a herd of wild zebras suddenly joined their group, galloping beside them across the grassland towards the distant horizon …

Or the times when the Masai … usually wary of visitors … were happy to welcome them because they arrived on horseback. It was an unforgettable experience for their guests.

On other trips, Bayard, Mel and their guests rode from palace to palace in Rajasthan in India … climbed from Chile to Argentina on horseback … and crossed the sand dunes, visiting oases at the edge of the Sahara.

This adventurous couple have now led more than 100 horseback riding tours on six continents.

We eat well, we drink well, we associate with great people and we travel frequently,"

Bayard says.

In addition to excitement and adventure, their travel touring lifestyle – now a successful family business - brings them a good income.

'I'm in the fun business!'
says Doug T.

Doug T. can't think of a job he'd rather do …

"I'm in the fun business," he declares – and this includes driving army tanks … diving in the Bahamas … skiing in Aspen … playing golf at exclusive clubs … attending movie premiers … sailing yachts on the sparkling Caribbean …

The list of thrill-seeker activities he and his guests enjoy goes on … all the interests Doug himself is most passionate about!

What makes it all possible for these folks – and many more like them – to enjoy these fantastic travel adventures?

That's the secret I discovered … and it led me to create …

The world's first complete A-Z blueprint for turning your love of adventure into a lifetime of free travel … and a great income

The key is simply in taking others with you.

By inviting paying guests to share your travel adventures … leading them to the special places they've always wanted to visit and making sure their experience is unforgettable … you get to take the bucket list trips of your dreams without any of the expenses.

And I'm not talking about traipsing about with a folded umbrella held above your head, a gaggle of 40 camera-toting tourists in your wake, and just 10 minutes until you all have to line up for the bus … Forget that.

It's NOT the way I like to travel, and my guess is that it's not your preferred way to see the world either.

I'm talking about getting paid to travel the way you want to …

… on a motorcycle or a camel – the style is up to you …

… to the far ends of the earth to see the grandest of grand palaces or deep in the raindarkblue to meet tribes untouched by civilization or time …

… at a pace that allows for pleasure, discovery, and enjoyment …

The authentic, meaningful, personal experiences travelers long for …

It's about imaging the perfect travel destination and activities.

Share these experiences with others who also have these interests and a passion for travel and adventure.

They could be friends or acquaintances – people you already know and like.

Or it could be that your travel guests will be people you haven't met yet – but who will become friends as you share your interests …

The key lies simply in taking advantage of hotel discounts for groups, tour leader discounts for you (your hotel rooms and your meals), creating once-in-a-lifetime itineraries, and coming up with a budget that earns you a tidy profit for experiencing all the things you love most.

Perhaps you'll choose to follow your own interests, like Greg Basco, who leads his groups to the best places to spot colorful toucans and jewel-toned hummingbirds in Costa Rica.

Or Mitch Seavey who leads dog-sled tours and shows his guests how the husky puppies are trained in Seaward, Alaska.

You can read their stories in my blueprint for free travel below …

Or creativity tours – like I do to France, and also to places near my home in Colorado.

These are tours that give my guests the space, time, and inspiration to get in touch with the side of themselves that so often gets "lost" in everyday life.

To stop and smell the roses … taste the wines … breathe in the country air … enjoy the city buzz of art, architecture, and museums …

… time to explore, relax, and enjoy life … in splendid surroundings …

Your trips can take you and your guests to exotic destinations, like Greg, who loves the food, culture, and friendly people of Thailand and visits every year … all for free.

Or you can stay closer to home like Dave Mack, who takes his guests digging for gold in Siskiyou County, California

These two guys share details of their tours with you, in my blueprint for free travel below … along with Judy Gilbert, who took her guests cave tubing on a river in Belize, timing their adventure for later in the day. They had the river almost entirely to themselves – after the usual tourist crowds had departed.

Perhaps you'll want to lead just one or two trips each year. This is easily manageable using vacation weeks from your current job.

Or you might opt to make this adventure and income opportunity your ticket to an entirely new lifestyle, traveling frequently … even choosing to live abroad.

This is an opportunity that lets you live anywhere … enjoying the lifestyle you choose.

And I'll give you plenty of ideas … trips that I know people will happily pay to join …

I can't think of a more fun way to travel than to travel with your best friends … give it a try!"

Judy Gilbert - Tour leader

Yes, I'm going to share with you all the insider secrets and simple tips for creating successful tours that I've picked up in my 10 years of experience:

In my paint-by-numbers system, Leading Tours For Fun and Profit, you'll getabsolutely everything you need to plan and profit from your first bucket list trip or your money back.

Here's just some of what you'll pick up:

… and so much MORE!

Take it from someone who has led tours for the past decade … I've covered absolutely everything you need to know to fund more bucket list trips through leading tours – in this A-Z guide: Leading Tours For Fun And Profit.

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Already Employed?
You Can Still Do This!

Kathy Scopin
Nurse & Travelwriter

Kathy Scopin, a hard-working nurse, really looks forward to her European vacations every year in Italy.

Her guests enjoy olive oil tastings … an afternoon cooking with a luxury Tuscan villa's renowned chef … stopping in at the workshop of an artist who demonstrates how to make marbled paper … visits to medieval hill towns … and immersing themselves in Italian culture … They even get picked up by a gondola at the airport.

If these trips were pure vacation, they could easily cost her $4,000 or more for two weeks – but she travels for free.

"Cynthia Morris suggests using her program like a mini-coaching session, which I did, and it paid off for me. In fact, all of her tips were extremely valuable in planning my Italian Sampler," she says.

And when Jacqueline Douglas told friends about her travels, they were eager to join her.

Using Leading Tours For Fun And Profit, she says …

Now, I find it very easy to put these adventures together … I love every minute of it!

And I've been able to afford to travel to many places I otherwise wouldn't have, due to the cost of travel.

Just some of the wonderful places I've traveled to are Costa Rica … Malta, Capri, Tulum in Mexico … Wales … California … Turkey … and I have repeat customers now, which is wonderful!

You can lead amazing adventures and make a good living, too …

How much money will YOU make?

That's up to you.

I like to plan tours that last about 10 days for eight people, and I've made money on every one of them … anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000.

I do this anywhere from two to four times a year.

I could earn more or lead eight trips like Greg – but a week or so with a small group is what gives me the most pleasure. And I don't like feeling like it's a full-time job, so this is what works for me.

I also like to arrive early and stay late and wrap that cost into my trips. So again, I could make more by limiting my stays and spending less. But that's not why I do this.

I do this to enjoy life and see the world. I'll sometimes stay a week or more in Europe, after my tour, exploring Amsterdam, Berlin, relaxing on an island in Italy … and I'll still bring home a sizeable profit.

That to me is one of the biggest benefits of this kind of business. But again, the choice is entirely up to you …

Whatever way you'd like to work it, you'll get everything you need in Leading Tours For Fun And Profit.

And I think you'll be surprised at how affordable it is …

For less than the cost of a week's groceries and a nice dinner out, you'll get the exact A-Z Plan to fund your next dream trip – and pay for more travel the rest of your life!

You could spend months on travel agent training and still not know the first thing about actually creating a bucket list tour. But I think you'll be a lot happier with my formulas and blueprints at a tenth the price and doable in a single weekend!

It will cost you far less than a week's worth of groceries and a nice evening out with wine. And it's money you'll earn back on your very first tour.

The secrets and formulas I share inside Leading Tours for Fun and Profit are the exact plan I use to experience the world. And since I started publishing this program with Great Escape Publishing, many others (including most of those mentioned here in this note) have used it, too.

Imagine how this could change your life, just as it has changed mine …

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100% Risk-Free Guarantee

You can wisp through the entire Leading Tours For Fun And Profit program in a single weekend. But to ensure you make back your investment on your very first trip, you can take up to 90 days to look it over. That's three full months to dream up a bucket list vacation and follow my plan for getting others on board.

If, in that time, you think it's not quite right for you, no problem. I'll buy it back from you with no hard feelings.

I know this system works. Those who have used it to profit from dream trips they may or may not have been able to afford on their own know it works. But if you need that extra insurance to know that if it's not right for you, you can return it, I'm happy to oblige. And I'm happy to take the pressure off of a 30-day guarantee, too. Take a full three months to mull it over. I know you're going to love it!

A Special Fast-Reply Bonus

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Thanks for joining me!

Leading tours for fun and profit isn't just a "job" to me - it's been one of the most exciting, fulfilling, and JOYOUS things I've ever done …

I hope you'll take this opportunity to use your unique combination of skills, interests, and passions … gather some new friends … and Just Do It!

Take ALL the dream trips on your bucket list – starting right now.

Cynthia Morris
Creator of Leading Tours For Fun And Profit
For Great Escape Publishing

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P.S. Whether it's a motorcycle trip across South America … a history tour of England and the Cotswolds … a bead and button tour of Wisconsin … watercolor painting in Greece or Tuscany … or simply a bucket list trip to see the Taj Mahal in India, the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the waterfalls of Hawaii, the steps are laid out for you in Leading Tours For Fun And Profit. The only way this program won't work for you is if you never give it a try.

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